HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset Review

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Let’s check out one of the best gaming headsets for under $50, this is my review of the HyperX Cloud Stinger!

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Products in this video:
HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset for PC, Xbox One¹, PS4, Wii U (HX-HSCS-BK/NA) – http://amzn.to/2e7gmqm


Nate Bienne says:

4:10 “you can feel and hear the reverb in the barrel of the gun” I get there good headphones but can you really feel it ?

NiNja says:

The mic sounds like a caster from ESL CSGO xD

Cameron Thomas says:

is it worth it to buy this or should i save up for the cloud 2?

Ilijas Ramic says:

I got this hyper x cloud about a month they are good but the cabel is complete shit the plastic / gum idk what material is on cabel started to break and i can see the wires like wtf i payed around 70 bucks for them 🙁

Daniel Andre Mortensen says:

my pc wont allow the mic becus it wont find it help!

Alfredo Mata says:

Is this good for hearing footsteps

Razvix says:

i can consider myself lucky because in my country this headset costs around 30-40$

Resolute Films says:

Could I use this with my Xbox 360?

Chief CookieZ says:

The next iPhone 7 comment I see… WATCH.


Xavier Ohuille says:

thanks man I was interested on buying on of those headsets and now I know it’s worth the price

Type_InsaneO_o says:

Can u hear footsteps?

SLiM SAuCE says:

Is it better than the Skullcandy Crushers?

Rock3t says:

jeez, lower the mic gain….

SecondaryCharacter says:

I can tell you that many of the comments are containing information regarding the Iphone 7’s headphone jack [ rather, no headphone jack], when they have some funky adaptor that would make this headset work. You played yourself

Social Person says:

He said $50 more then 50 times… 😀

Ramolm42 says:

anyone have any trouble with it breaking i have a big head and its hard to find a good headset

Walter Antonio Alba An says:

Wish the mic was removeable to use outside

Ruben Kristianto says:

Just if this headset has a great design like steelseries or razer . I’d buy this instead

OG Maniax says:

These have almost more bass hen beats headsets

purple boy says:

nice man, im definitly buying this product

Ozric40 says:

I bought these a month ago for my PS4. Prior to buying these headphones, I was using my Audio Technicas ATH-M50X, as I did not have a pair of gaming headphones. The Stinger is just superb for £50. I primarily play BF1, and these headphones provide me with directional audio awareness that my M50X ( I know they are not for gaming) simply did not provide. Bottom line, if you are after an exceptionally good headset for gaming and are on a budget, these are the puppies.

Swa says:

Cant hear game audio

BladeLution says:

I have these but after watching the Astros a10 video you just posted I realized what great company hyperx is they are not trying to rip everyone off

Rebel says:

EBay had these for 29.99 brand new right now. Item number: 172379875854

Prozy says:


Bailey Au says:

Great review I’m probably going to get it now thank you

TheHypozonian says:

Should I buy these over the Corsiar void sterio headset?

_Zosia_ says:

4:38 mic test

Potating Potato says:

laptop only has one 3.5 mm jack. RIP

Carlos Morillo says:

I need help, I have kind of a low budget and can only afford: Sades A6/HyperX Stinger/Logitech g230 or simillar, so far I’m inclined towards the sades a6, but I’m open to suggestions

Esko says:

HyperX Cloud Stinger or Corsair Void Stereo Gaming?

Jobin 9 says:

Thank you for the review

Cameron Thomas says:

should i get a DAC for this headset?

Bob123 Man says:

love the RT shirt man 🙂

Saabir Nuur says:

These or Astro a10

StreamCheese says:

sense my pc doesn’t have a audio jack ii used my old logictech usb dongle and the audio sounds gross idk what usb dongle to buy

ROBLOXOptic Base says:

I need to know if this works on Bandicam

Cody M says:

But how much do they cost?

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