HyperX Cloud Revolver Gaming Headset Review

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The HyperX Cloud and Cloud 2s were amazing headsets. Did HyperX continue the trend?

Buy HyperX Cloud Revolver Gaming Headset:
Canada: http://www.ncix.com/detail/kingston-hyperx-cloud-revolver-gaming-ae-128764.htm
US: http://www.ncixus.com/products/?sku=128764&vpn=HX-HSCR-BK%2FNA&manufacture=Kingston

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Episode Credits:
Host: Julia Zhang
Writer: Anthony Chow
Editor: Barret Murdock


Raptor Boa says:


Alexandru says:

GG 😀

OmniMutiny says:

I recently got a pair of beats mixr’s for Christmas. Do you think I should return them for these headsets? I will be doing gaming and listening to different types of music.

xArmaDeath says:

if any1 has both. which headset has a better microphone. hyperx cloud revolver or siberia 350?

Alin Vlaga says:

Cloud II still the best !

cvpxballer says:

I tried on the gears version and they felt and sounded amazing. I was also impressed by their noise canceling capabilities. That being said, I don’t want to be yelling through the mic if I am playing with friends because I can’t hear myself. Do they do the thing some Triton and Turtle beach headsets do that lets you hear yourself when you talk so you don’t get too loud?

Sm1rn0ff says:

Does anybody knows which gaming headset is better? Siberia 350 or Cloud Revolver and why?

Andre Gamer says:

i want it


i cant use the mic i need help

Mohammad Elnagar says:

I want it plz

sKyz000 says:

is the sound better then the cloud 2? are they more confortable then the cloud 2?

Work Out says:

Is it too late now to enter the giveaway

Xavier lazure bischoff says:

Do they work on xbox one?

Trent Whaley says:

Also, putting any time into discussing the soundstage of stereo headphones is a waste of time unless there is a problem like a current leak between the sides… It will always be the same as every other non-faulty pair of stereo headphones.

Raptor Boa says:


JWvdv says:

this realy helped me thanks 😀

BennyCasT says:

what is the width of the main cable of the hyperx revolver?

Jso's Productions says:

I like the cloud 1 and 2 design best. It’s so simple

Darth Revan says:

damn she has big planets

David Dyer says:

I bought a pair of the gears versions and will be taking them back. Worse sounding headphones i’ve ever heard. Quickly fatigued my ears. Horrible for music, completely ruins the tone of guitars. The highs are crunchy and the bass sounds like cardboard.

Dogerman says:

i have the cloud 1’s. should i get cloud 2’s or revolvers?

Opie Krumpus says:

Great sound i use for all my audio needs, and good soundstage.

Tim Karaki says:

amazing headphones, wish I had them!

Imabitch says:

HyperX Cloud Beyerdynamics _-_

Beccarex says:

omg i’ve watched soooo many videos comparing these two but I still can’t decide and im here sitting with broken headsets…

Brandon Dean says:

nice head sets

Ray Cocker says:

I saw plenty of other reviews listed but I couldn’t help but click on this review for some reason…

Jason Hugh Untario says:

I need this in my life

נדב רון ה5 says:

the mic is amazing!

Cam Callicoat says:

I want it ahhhhhhhhhh

Trent Whaley says:

I use a different gaming headset for my phone because I am often working in environments with a lot of background noise and need my hands free. It really isn’t anywhere near that awkward if you do it all the time – chances are the headphones are around your neck and phone already plugged in to it. I do at least 2 calls per location I visit (check in / check out, plus calls to helpdesk or level 2) for between 1 and 8 locations per day depending on my workload.

I was looking at this headset for use on my phone but I see the inline control is detached when you are using the 4-pole connector which rules out use as a phone headset – having the volume easily accessible is more important for phone use than gaming since you set the volume once per game (and it is easily accessible) but each phone call the connection may be a vastly different volume. Also the earcups are super bulky and don’t rotate which would make hanging it around my neck even more awkward.

David Ekstrom says:

lol, I could never understand why headphone companies insist on using leather on their ear cups.. nobody fucking likes them. doesn’t make any sense. It would be like a car company making their tires purple or something..

Rasmus B.I.A says:

Should i buy the Hyperx cloud Revolver or the Audio Technica ATH-M40x?

Freogeteknet says:

I would probably give 20 dollars more to get the cloud 2s, really dont like the design of the revolvers (disclamer: I own the cloud 2s and are verry happy with them!)

RonDawg50 says:

I need a headset very bad. mine broke and I can’t get anymore

Kr1zz says:

will the mic take up sounds from fans, mechanic keyboard etc?

Holmesy87 says:

I dislike the complain of “the headset band makes noise when you touch it”
Like, who the fuck sits there tapping the headband? xD

Ryan Tongs says:

Nice review


I’m buying the Gears version.

simon pham says:

Maybe i Will buy that

Dallas Prince says:

I prefer the older design but it’s all about how they sound in the end.

Hugable JewBear says:

Should I get the HyperX Cloud I, II, or revolver if I just use it for my Xbox one and iPad?

James Mcarton says:

should i buy it or naaa a??

Benanta Pradana says:

HyperX Cloud Revolver or Steelseries Siberia 350? which is better sound for CS:GO? please help me. thx a lot 🙂

Clin ick says:

just ordered the cloud 2’s xD

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