HyperX Cloud MIX Gaming Headset Review

The Cloud MIX headset is both wired and wireless with Bluetooth built in,but does it follow their lineup of great sounding headsets?

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Brock Underwood says:

That mic test was so crisp. I want a pair now.

Michael Do says:

Hyper X Cloud Mix vs Steelseries Arctis Pro + GAMEDAC?

SwimAP says:

Say what they say in airplanes while using the Bluetooth

The DOGE 420 says:

pubg bruh that game is dead

Phantom Tech says:

Didn’t you change your setup?

Igmar van Bergen says:

Get the cloud alpha, best headset for 100,-

Grizzly Bear says:

Nice back drop for the unboxing I like it!!

Amirul Ridhwan says:

Clean!!!!! Very Clean!!!

DoomsDAY says:

I mean I can do with 200 v bucks but holy shit

Cooper says:

dont take this a weird way but you have some pretty eyes frank… uh like if you agree i dont want to feel alone on this one, good review as always

TheOneGamingChannel says:

Should I get these or the hyperx cloud flight?

FPSArkham says:

Do you recommend these over the Hyper X Cloud Flight?

prunn says:

Compared to their own Cloud Flight? usb wireless dongle vs bluetooth

Armaan Bhangoo says:

Could you do a comparison video of the hyper x cloud flight and mix

Jaypher says:

Far too expensive for its offerings. HyperX continues to miss the mark on headsets over $100.

Agentrice says:

Could you do a review on the BenQ Celeritas 2 keyboard?

theo says:

can you do a review on the fifine k669 microphone? it’s really cheap and i’ve heard good things about it.

Nam Nguyen says:

This or hyper x cloud 2

xzshadowzx says:

great review can you do a review on the Hyperx Cloud Flights

Woo Lee says:

I realized that hardwarecanucks review on Hyperx Cloud MIX got deleted for some reason. That is very sus to me cuz why would Hyperx do that? Is it the fact that their headset is not as good as everyone expected? Or is it marketing reason? Not sure, but Frank liked it so far, despite hardwarecanucks getting the delete hammer.

Andrew Hernandez says:

Wish I could have a headset like that

Hashtag Animesh says:

happiness is watching this video while wearing hyperx cloud alpha pro

Mo Vdb says:

Is the headset surround sound or stereo?

Maximilian Z. says:

Tbh i would go for a Sennheiser Game Zero or One 10/10 over this.
At this pricepoint also the MMX 300 gets close.
The Sound and mic in Bluetooth sounds so bad that I wouldnt even use this Headset in Bluetooth mode

Cheahlala says:

Do a comparison video against HyperX Cloud Flight please!

Loves Bunnies says:

sadly i dont have 200$ laying around

Trinix says:

shouldi get this or the cloud alpha

zepcrazyfre says:


So no.

Hvvno Vainglory says:

Now this can be used on an iPhone 7

Anyone get this?

the amateur artist says:

Skullcandy venue?

Minhaj Shahriar says:

lookin’ T H I C C

Gigi Berlogea says:

Lmao 200… not for me!

Ian Pabillar says:

Listening on my cloud 2’s

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