HyperX Cloud II Review – Best New Gaming Headset?

HYPERX CLOUD II: http://amzn.to/1CKhWUx

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Leo Golden says:

goddammit I don’t feel like spending over $50-70 on a pair of damn headphones but fuckin hell these are literally too perfect for me

looks like I’m spending more money than intended on peripherals lmao!!!

DBZayan says:

I just bought one because of this video! Thanks Kyle 😀

CL M says:

The bass is pretty bad.. I just got the headphones yesterday, ingame 7.1 is not very good imo, anything I can do to fix that? Thanks!

Zackery Toler says:

I’ve been using a $3 pair of headphones that you see at the check-out counter in any store. Can’t wait for the upgrade! I’ve never experienced 7.1 surround sound either…

roharro2 says:

For years to come? mine died out after 9 months and my current ones are also showing signs of failure (4 months old) 🙁 luckily their customer service is great!

OlivierQD says:

Bought them 2 days agoo✌

YK says:

Is it still worth buying in 2017?

Ye Olde Gameworke- Faile Trye says:

Alright thanks for the review.
Really well shot and your jokes where actually funny
You made me buy the headphones and i must say i love them
Keep up the good work <3

Jack A. says:

Your intro made my headset make some bass that made me feel violated, thank you.

Trevor Shoell says:

Great Review. However, I’m curious to what all comes with it.. This better come with an adapter to plug into my mic and headphone port on my sound card otherwise it’ll probably not work right and is pretty bullshit that they made these Specifically for that cheap ass sound card they include. my cloud ones broke. (my fault. Rage. pubg’ll do that to you) These are the only ones I can pick up from best buy and am wary on that single input.

That Fancy Reaper says:

Why did I feel like he wasn’t joking about the screaming captives?

max says:

dont hate on country music

Cindy Kirby says:

Sooo comfortable and great sound. Thanks for showing me where the mute mic button is on the dongle. Everything I needed to know! Enjoy your videos.

Robert Ayers says:

All I have to say is I know where I am going to clip my dongle now, thanks Bitwit! I usually keep in line switch in my lap which is rather annoying.. I will be clipping my dongle to my gaming pad just as you did. Thanks again!

Edward Chetcuti says:

I am wearing them right now 😀

LTCG1 says:

is this headset still relevant?

Jack Hophenburf says:

Got them first time I put them on it felt like jerking of

Senpai Solo says:

Wish the wire is detachable and this would be the best gaming head set for your money out there.

TheAviroGamer says:

I got this for 50 bucks because a Best Buy employee mislabeled it and decided to just give it to me at that ridiculous price anyway.

Alex M says:

Is it true that the padding smells funny? If yes does it go away? Thx

Muhamed H.D says:

Does the surround sound 7.1 works with the ps4?

Kai Almsberger says:

Best review ever

klartext08 says:

Oh so objective. No weakpoints at all and of course the main function of a gaming headset is smartphone use, why the cable length of 1meter is absolutely perfect! This review is so fucked up positive that it diminishes the brands good work, because it is just not plausible.

Not Pikanya says:

@3:23 – There is so much correct in that statement, it almost hurts

Kirill Wolf says:

1:02 the cringe

Need Help says:

Subway, and also Subway 😀

LFM says:

cloud 2 or siberia v2?? i already have a v2 and thinking in buy cloud 2

sean milrad says:

should i buy the cloud 2 and k70 rapidfire or maybe somethig else in that price.

MRriNICKulous says:

And this will work for Xbox One effectively?

Kubze Gaming says:

i subscribed 😀

Jai Bronson says:

Great review! You concisely hit all of the major points while being funny.

A Potato says:

but i like country

Ngakak Guling says:

did i mention you’re my fav tech youtuber,, if not the best.

Carter Raymond says:

I found Astro A40 TR for 110$. Astros or these?

WonderBread says:

Steelseries Siberia V2 sounds and feels soooooo much better. I would know, I have both the Siberia v2 and the cloud 2’s.
The Siberia V2’s only cost $40 on Amazon as well 🙂

Kubze Gaming says:

Insanely good content and qualiy video my friend ! 😀

Kubze Gaming says:

And you are kind of funny 😀

NERDomus says:

Awesoooome review. Subscribeeeeed 🙂

Viljak says:

you’re not funny .. please stop trying to be funny

NEO says:

2:30 when you realise you messed up xD

RAS1337 says:


JaydenDraws says:

Just bought mine 😀
Can’t wait to get it.

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