HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset – Stuff That Doesn’t Suck Episode 2

The HyperX Cloud gaming headset has accolades from many corners of the internet… And now it has been awarded the most prestigious one of all, the official Linus Tech Tips “Stuff That Doesn’t Suck” award!

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Intro Screen Music Credit: Adhesive Wombat – Check out his channel here: http://youtube.com/adhesivewombat

Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High http://www.youtube.com/approachingnirvana


Daftpunkid says:

I got mine for 50$

CheZ says:

I got my for 50$

Keagan Jacobs says:

I bought this and told my gf I got STDS, she left me.

Bill TheTechManiac says:

Will this headset work in 3.5mm jack slots in a 2010 pc?

Vanta Black says:

“The comfort of my ears are much more important than cows”.

TheCheekyBurger says:


Trex says:

i have the hyper X cloud 2. its even better. the mic is better by far and it has simulated surround sound that works perfectly. i have had this headset for 1 year and nothing has gone wrong. the cloud 2 has a few less extras but still has the airplane port the nice box and the velvet ear muffs. i have to say it is by far the best headset for the money. it also works for ps4 and xbox one. it has flat button mic adjuster and volume control as well as a mute button

NoGame NoLife says:

I<3 Hyper x i <33333 hyperx support I <3333333³ Cloud and Cloud 2

kecske says:

For some reason my headsets hx logo is orange

Some Tall Lad says:

I’m vegan. Death to all meat eaters!

Failedvenus says:

Mic is shit

LORDdeath Gaming says:

As a already owner of the hyperX core head set. I am VERY happy with the set up. yes the mic is a little “MEH” but the sound Nerfing makes me very pleased. I got mine a little under a year now.

I bought these to replace my base line turtle beach. Moneys well spent

Преступник Закона says:

Is this the cloud I or cloud II or cloud pro ? i’m a bit confused o.O

Kagarin? says:

my friend just sold me this for pretty cheap, this thing isnt loud at all??? Idk what to gives! my computer is maxed out and a pair of apple earbuds would blow my eardrums atm, but this headset is like, half that x.x and yes the dial on the actual headset is turned all the way up, theres major distortion and static when i turn it down and up though, maybe its fucked up?

Laban Tripunovic says:

My Headset is working completely fine but sometimes my friends tell me that it sounds like im talking through a black hole? Anyone who also has this problem and or has a fix?

NoobaGutt says:

i bought this because of you

RaD RoB says:

What’s better for PS4. The hyper x cloud or the cloud stinger?

SomeWiseGuy55 says:

How do these compare with the sennheiser pc 350 se? They are both the same price for me right now and I don’t know which one to buy? HELP SOMEONE!

Salty Watch says:

It’s like $75 now

bobthehobo231 says:

whats the best headset for ps4 for rainbow six siege? price range $100-$75 USD. I have teh playstation golds and logitech g633, the problems are— the golds broke cuz poor design and idk if i want the platinums, and the g633 i can hear myself talk and theres no functionality on ps4, and idk if the settings i make on the pc app effects the headset itself for ps4, and with the AUX cable it sucks but with usb it’s decent. Should i just get the cloud 2’s??? or wait for the cloud 3s, or get the playstaion platinums?? Maybe astro A40s if they go on sale. Can anyone help me lol 🙂

AMD MR says:

its not real leather

iOS and SOI says:

I’m listening to this with them

Elite Gamer says:

i cant hear but i can speak

Mohammed Najirul Islam says:

indians disliked this video XD

Andrek462 says:

dudevolume input on my could are so quiet, how do i fix it

Samuel kane says:

Is it compatible with xbox?

Spirant Music322 says:

I recommend the hyperx cloud core its also awesome

Gohan says:

no detachable cable no deal

OgunTR MTK says:


mrstanlez says:

Linus is not for a Linux, only name.
I want to make a solution for a microphone. All is ok in Linux Ubuntu 16.04 or newer, except micorphone silent volume. USB dongle. You know it.

hien thanh says:

between Logitech G633 and HyperX Cloud II which one is better for gaming. PLZ PLZ PLZ answer me. Thnks

bacevs says:

would have been awesome if the cable was removable

Sam Walker says:

I’m listening to this in them

Yousuf Abo_ says:

333 dislikes illuminate confirmed lol xD

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