HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset Review – Holiday Tech Guide!

The HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset is AMAZING for the price, check out my thoughts!
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Ryan Staley says:

Good review. Thanks, I truly appreciate it. I have one gripe with this review, along with every single review I have watched. Sound quality is good and mentioned but no one mentions volume levels, specifically for Xbox. I have been eyeing up this, the Razer Thresher Xbox one wireless just released and the upcoming lucidsound ls35x. Those are more money but wireless. I would probably be sold on the cheaper alphas if I knew they would be loud on Xbox. The impedance level makes me nervous. Turtle Beach xoone’s that I currently have are not loud enough in battlefield 1. Can anyone comment on loudness on Xbox one s or X?

Rick Budzak says:

Sounds like you have some pretty aggressive noise gate or something on your audio. Might want to dial that back a bit? Kinda clipping your words at times.

On to the headset: OH MY GOD FINALLY A HEADSET WITH A DECENT MIC. So nice to hear that! Will never understand why so many headsets have mics that sound like they came from my grandma’s rotary telephone. Great review! Will definitely put these on the shortlist for my next headset =)

Vinny W says:

Did he have both microphones hooked up and running during the test?

Henrik Wie says:

red and black is ugly af :c

Winson 永神 says:

This headphone is not available in HONG KONG D:

Casatony says:

Mic test ?

Shcherba Vladyslav says:

Do you have any recommendations if you could spend up to 200$ on a headset? Is there any best option for that budget?

ClydeMankey says:

Damn wish these came in blue and black

MoNsTeR RSA says:

I had an Hyper X Cloud 2 and it broke today, im so sad

mikilein_jr says:

Astro A40 or that one?

The Regular Gamers says:

I got Refurbished Sony Platinum for 83$ on eBay so I passed on these , but these are nice.

If you have 20-50 more though go for the Revolver or Platinum. Revolver S preferably. Man those are incredibly close to A50, for half the price.

These are good but I would wait for a small black Friday sale

McNugget Butts says:

I want them… but black and red is disgusting

Ayer Flite says:

no 7.1 audio? il stick with my cloud 2’s thanks

Kyle Zeigler says:


Bren says:

*Cloud not CLoud

B0W3N says:


Surya Chinnareddy says:

I have old sennheisers, and I’m thinking to upgrade, should I get these?

Zyro Zen says:

I want this headset but not a fan of the black and red color scheme

Kazuhiko Saitou says:

These or the superlux hd 681 evo?

orcaツ says:

Mic test – 3:05

Johanes Andy says:

Dang, the microphone is better than the HXC 2 tbh, much more cleaner sound

OxygenZero says:

We just got into november. Already starting a holiday tech guide!!!!!

DaTech Geek says:

How did you come up with your name?

Eric Washington says:

I have the stringers. Should I buy the cloud 2 or this model?

Spades says:

Oh I Forgot to mention that this is sponsored by HyperX.

Zhihang Liu says:

when u start the mic test, i thought nothing changed and u were making a mistake. Later on i realize it just the mic is too good.


Does it have 7.1 surround?? Like the cloud ll?

Tyler Robinson says:

hey mr.p can you compare it to the razer 7.2 v2 kraken? that would help a lot thx

Tomi Lohtander says:

I bought these and unfortunately the mic doesnt work. I use its single 3,5mm jack but even when i bought a splitter, my laptop still doesnt even recognize it. Tried everything i can do but its still not even recognized. Help plz

Budiman Jo says:

HyperX cloud Stinger is worth?!

someone you don't know says:

how are u ginger on the beard but brown/black on the top?

J. K says:

I love HyperX

Sean Sinha says:

The holes on the top of the earcup are attached to the bass chamber.

Justin White says:

Please review the Razer Tiamat 7.1 V2! It’s an awesome looking headset but no one has reviewed it yet.

Crucial says:

the mic is great

Mo- ICE says:

i dont see why it has to be red and black

Gamesky says:

we pretty much feel the same about this headset….great review

Radicool Gaming says:

I think Apple and Microsoft are associated in some secret way because Microsoft didn’t come out with windows 9 and apple didn’t come out with iPhone 9. Also Microsoft came out with the xbox one X and apple came out with the iPhone X (pronounced 10 and NOT EX!!!!!)

FermataPlays says:

Was on the fence for what headset I wanted to get, but I definitely know what I’m getting now. Awesome and helpful review as always!

TeddyB3AR says:

I love HyperX headsets

FreelanceBoss87 says:

Thanks dude i was just looking for a good headset under 100$. Thanks a lot man.

Hassan Raja says:

Hey frankp! I love your vids, but I have a question about my headphones. I actually use these headphones, (alphas) and they really hurt my head. What do you think I could do to make it stop?

TyroX says:

what if hyperx made a wireless headset… i’d be SOLD

Jefkalefka says:

Typo in title xD

sergio adame says:

Which is better. These or cloud 2

Pine Cone says:

I have the cloud cores lol

LicKevin Burboa says:

I really need a response. I already have cloud core + mixamp pro connected to my Xbox one and it’s sound great. But I want something better, especially in sound quality. So I was thinking to get the cloud alphas or Sennheiser game one to connect it to my mixamp. Witch one is better? It worth the upgrade? Or I should get another headset to get a real upgrade? Thanks a lot

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