Hyper X Cloud II 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset – REVIEW

US & International Prices – http://geni.us/V3Z210S

Transparency and to avoid legal bull s***:
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Hyper X sent this as a review unit. I 100% have total control over my testing and narrative.

Hyper X Cloud II Review

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Kelven Thien says:

What headphone stand is this? Do you have a link? Thank you

Watchful VII says:


Curtis Pu says:

Which should I choose from cloud 2,cloud revolver s and cloud alpha?
I mainly play r6 and fps on ps4.

purplehawk55 says:

Hey guys can someone tell me why my hyper x cloud 2s are making this load screeching sound the only way i could stop it was by turning off my ps4 and it sounded like that tv fuzzing noise

Vreath says:

I got the cloud ii for 27 bucks, better than getting alpha for 100?

Fifa 101 says:

6ft 7 and asian? Whilst I am the typical short 5 ft 9 asian

SRAVAN S says:

6ft7 !!!!

Native7i says:

999th like :3

Silence XV says:

what monitor are you using in this video?

XXLinxGamingXX says:

6 foot 7 haha

Weebei says:

Would love to see an expanded and fleshed out regular review of gaming peripherals!

Robin Rivers says:

I purchased Kearui gaming headset, they work excellent for me. Only 18.99$ from Amazon.

Raymond Vuong says:

They aren’t new though

Joshua Gomez says:

Im returning my brand new astro a50s. Biggest waste of 300 dollars and i highly do not recommend them at all. Leaning forward to these

TopLife666999 -_ says:

WTF asian guy 6 foot 7 what the hell did you parents feed you with wow

Chris Spedden says:

Now, here’s my question. can the 7.1 simulated Surround be used with consoles? Please say yes. I beg you.

Edgar Santiago says:

Just got these and honestly the sound isn’t what i expected at all. I’ve heard that these sound amazing, but they just don’t sound good at all.

TheRainbowDerp //TRD says:

Bought these and i love them and agree with everything you said so great review

Huskie says:

You certainly are blessed to be 6’7 and asian.

Dhall8621 says:

im actually watching this review with the Cloud Alpha’s. Love them, really do great sound, amazing build quality, Mic sounds great, very durable braided detachable cable and Mic (big plus) My ONLY complaint is that I by no means have big ears, but the ear cups are shallow and my ear touch the speakers inside, which after about 30mins to and hour is uncomfortable. Does any one know if they make deeper ear cups that fit the Cloud Alpha’s?

Retro Phase_ says:

Holy. Shit. Your 6′ 7?! That’s awesome!

angry pepe cancer says:

love the intro

CircularSquare says:

Can you review the Lucidsound headset

xixo - says:

Hyperx 2 or arctis 5 who is the best ? I want buy it

jim jimmy says:

6’7? damnnn

freeLy Nordlund says:

Hyperx cloud II or Corsair void pro? Pls help

Joshua Tovar says:

Can I use these along with a blue yeti Mic on a ps4?

Wilhelm says:

just bought these today and omg i love these so much 😀

Muzzer says:

4:52 Look! A rare species of ground phara.

TyGr says:

Is it possible to conmect it to the ps4 with usb an to use the volume control ?

Tiago Monteiro says:

better than arctis 5?

Gaming with J says:

Can u take the mic off on these and the cloud alphas

lifestyle G says:

6 foot 7? Damn son!

Mr_ Daze says:

How to on surround sound on andriod?

MAKuber says:

Cloud alphas are better

R3s0n says:

Did you use the USB-Soundcard / controller when you did the mic thest or did you pluged them directly into your motherboard / soundcard ?

Filip Carlsson says:

I have these I think the mic is good but the sound is not that great. Can you recommend headset with much bass?

Angel Avilez says:

Holy cow bro. 6’7?!?! Never would of thought.

Roan Walker says:

Would this work on Xbox 1, I’m looking for a headset that will work on my computer and Xbox

Alex Lee says:

Jim you never fail to amaze me. The quality and thought you put into each and every review is so enjoyable. I love seeing that new gadget in my subbox with the black, shiny, warm look 🙂

LoberaSupreme says:

you are 2 years late lol.

DerajAzden says:

Do the alphas not have 7.1???

Slimeey says:

May i ask,when u test the mic,did u use the kingston dongle thingy then plug it into a usb port on ur pc or just plugged into the 3.5mm jack?

Eduardo Hernandez says:

These or Corsair Void USB Gaming Headset 7.1?

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