HTC Vive Pro VR Headset Review!

We test and review the new HTC Vive Pro virtual reality headset! Two years after the release of the original Vive, HTC has upgraded the display, ergonomics, and camera system of their flagship HMD. We discuss how adding 70% more pixels affects gaming and other VR experiences, and who should get this headset. Plus, a bonus game review as we gush over Wipeout on PSVR!

Shot by Gunther Kirsch edited by Norman Chan

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Tested is:
Adam Savage
Norman Chan
Simone Giertz
Joey Fameli
Kishore Hari
Sean Charlesworth
Jeremy Williams
Ariel Waldman
Kayte Sabicer
Bill Doran
Gunther Kirsch
Ryan Kiser

Set design by Danica Johnson

Thanks for watching!


Phillip Morrison says:

Have they played Dirt Rally VR with a wheel? That is my favorite vr racing game

Talal Hatko says:

13:36 hundreds of kilometers in a second…minute…hour ? nobody knows.

Andrew Knox says:

Can’t use my own headphones. Big mistake. No sale for me.

seacoastlife says:

$800 for just the headset? Ridiculous! HTC is price gouging. The Samsung Odyssey (the complete system, not just the headset) has the same resolution with OLED for $500. The tracking on the Odyssey is a lot better than you think. Try it and see. Or better yet wait a year for 2nd generation VR gear. HTC was a failed cell phone company. They had to sell off their cell phone division. Their CEO and most of the high execs have left the company. This high price is a sign of big money problems and a sinking ship. I will be surprised if HTC is even in business in 2 years.

Kellen Zelle says:

Looks like Jeremy is ready to get his copper key.

ZERØ says:

I’ll buy all 3

Bendinglez says:

$1200 for the vive pro in Australia lads

Henrik E says:

what do he say 8:17 Rocket disco headset? is what i hear, but that can not be right.

John McDole says:

So can I read the panels in Elite Dangerous now? Asking for a friend…

Miganarchine says:

Thanks 4 that, $800 jog on lol! Nice to see a graphical comparison.

Sun-Wu Kong says:

Typical non business savvy tech. HTC is going after a fly sized market with a bazooka, Sony on the other hand is the better strategist.

Vainquisher says:

You should review the Royole Moon

Jason Roos says:

I love how to intro is so retro. Reminds me of

Personal Computer says:

You CAN remove the headphones!
You guys scared me. Read a little about the products you are reviewing.
I don’t want to use their shitty headphones, when I just throw 650$ into the wireless headset.
Nice touch on displaying the difference in visuals, and even comparing the old and new one, thats a nice touch.

Hugh Mac says:

Nice review, couple things, you are not locked into using the headphones that come with it, you can take them off, and although I haven’t on mine I suspect when you take them off you will find the headphone jack. I think the increased resolution makes a big difference to games like Skyrim VR and Fallout 4 VR. The other thing I found was that the headset surround is 30mm wider, I have a big head and the old Vive put pressure on my glasses arms and made it uncomfortable after 30 minutes. The comfort of the head strap, larger headset surround and improved graphics make it worth while in my mind.

TheNexusLord says:

No mention of HTC’s apparent new policy of “sweating voids the warranty” your sweat damaged Vive, is your problem, not theirs! :0(

gus bisbal says:

I love all the people saying its too expensive, I want it for less money. LOL Why don’t you just ask for them to give you money. How stupid a request is it for someone to ask a profit making company “make shit for me, for less money because I want it. “

Martin Römer says:

FYI, as a veteran wipEout player, VR actually enhances my performance. Being able to see and feel exactly how close you are to a wall really gives you the extra edge once you know the tracks by heart. I was beating my non-VR lap records easily after a couple of laps in VR. For someone new to the game and unfamiliar with the tracks I agree that it is potentially harder to get a good judgement of upcoming corners from the VR cockpit.
Anyway, having VR players able to race non-VR players online is absolutely genius!

ComandanteJ says:

The best use case for this thing is, as mentioned, bigscreen, and Elite:Dangerous. And if that’s what you want, just buy a Samsung Oddyssey. It has worse hand tracking, but you dont use it on those situations, so there is no loss.

The ONLY game i’d really want this extremely-overpriced piece of plastic and circuits for would be H3 VR, where the little iron sights are very difficult to see with Vive/Rift, and at the same time, you neeed top notch hand tracking.

Tyriel Wood says:

Very nice review! Same conclusions here!

Michael DeLaMarre says:

Great. VR headsets didn’t look ridiculous enough. They had to add eyes on the front and horns on top. 10:43

IssacSun says:

Its actually really sad, right now there is only the Lighthouses V1 in use. The moment we get the V2.0 Lighthouse tracking ( which is not supported from the normal Vive but from the Pro) we might just as well get new Handtracking Devices like Knuckle Controllers etc… as well as new other complementary accessory, think about the DAS vor the Base Vive, which was a huge step forward. But we will most likely not be able to use them with the old Version of tracking , making buying a vive right now really a bit of a bad deal.

SweViver says:

We need wider FOV 🙂 The resolution bump is indeed a step forward, but if we expect a revolutionary upgrade, FOV is the answer!

Larry David says:

Wipeout is going to be the next franchise turned into a movie. Mark my words.

Gustl Schnitzelmoser says:

You guys are the best VR reporters I know. Keep doing what you’re doing! Could you do a review of Skyrim VR?

Burnt Toast says:

“hundreds of kilometers a second… minute…”
no mate, you mean hour. 😉

Gamer Voice says:

HL3 would help VR a lot.

Logan White says:

Y’know, I bet a vr company could easily get away with adding two more screens for peripheral vision that are much much lower resolution.

Kay Tomas Bertheussen says:

Great VR coverage content again from the ppl over at! Thanks! Keep it coming

Adam C. Boyd says:

You can remove the headphones so you really aren’t “locked in”.

kendokaaa says:

“Hundreds of kilometers per minute” lmao

glory toast says:

welp htc is the apple of VR now

EPICLULZ123 says:

More interested in the Joust T-Shirt lol, where the hell can I get one??

New Boss Media says:

HTC should have ditched the whole “for prosumers” notion and just state explicitly their headset is aimed at commercial use. Would save them a lot of negativity (and so called prosumers would still buy it if they want to)

wifidawg says:

When they said wipe out I thought they ment the game with big red balls

fastbimmerrob says:

LOL Yea you guys know what you’re talking about!

hundreds of km a second? a minute? ah ah AH?

Tephra says:

Non-removable trash headphones, wow.

HybridEnergy says:

These headphones do not sound good, there is something wrong with them. There is a lack of bass and they sound low.

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