How Well Does A $23 GAMING HEADSET Perform? (SADES SA-807 Review)



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Bryan Oneill says:

is the mic removable?

Justin20 says:

I got one like this but I can hear others but they can’t hear me

Aze rie_ says:

work on ps4?

Skoll Gaming says:

I bought this Headset yesterday, using it for ps4, and the Mic isnt working 4 some reason. Can anyone help me?

Gus Nanda says:

If you use it on laptop, would the mic still work ?

Type_InsaneO_o says:

Does it last long and can u hear footsteps

Kodiak Kicks says:

Is there no way to get both game and microphone audio?

Salomon Playz says:

its 20$ on amazon

ねぎとろ says:

Canpley ps3^=^

Orb Dreams says:

do these work on Xbox 360

Jake Robinson says:

My mic is not even working for the xbox one later controller it doesn’t pick up my voice

Carl Callan says:

cheers mate, great review, added sub 🙂

tronsvnzla says:


HeadshotHero says:

Will the mic work on Xbox One?

Anne gravoso says:

Is this compatible in smartphones???

Tyson Franklin says:

I’ve purchased 2 of these things, it doesn’t seem compatible with windows 10 or something. they start off great but the Mic stops working i think i’m just gonna have to spend a little more next time.

Sawlid Snek says:

Is there a way to switch to mono audio? I’m deaf in one ear so it’s necessary for me.

ShowTime Raisin says:

Please answer on ps4 party chat I only hear out of one ear is that suppose to happen?

Keaton Fleming says:

Does it play game audio and voice?

Dinosubial says:

I have it and I have to tell you, everything he said is true, very good sound quality, build quality and comfortable.

Modrok The legend says:

Can I just say, it’s pronounced say-Deez

Its Booth says:

is there only 1 cable required?

Tech Phibian says:

you deserve 50 million subscribers like pewdiepie, this channel is awsome dude!!

Lachs_Esser says:

I habe the SA 810 and i Love this Headset, for this prize ist is very good (Sry for Bad Englisch im german 😀

Gaming With Kevin says:

omg when i use my old headsets people in minecraft couldnt even hear me lol

HetenD says:

Stupid question do you need the adapter in a ps4

Indonesia Android Gamer says:

7.1 Surround?

David Goldfeld says:

Succ harder

ItzzRobiii says:

can someone tell me a headset for under 50$ and for ps3/ps4

Salomon Playz says:

How do you buy from there site ? it just shows a blue print

AFG says:

hey bro saw you crash in BF it was pretty sick dude

Steak &Chips says:

Does it echo?

Derp Master says:

Can I use it for Xbox one

DoNJoKeR says:

this or SADES SA930

Beastie Bros Gaming says:

can the mic be detached

GummiesPlayz says:

Does it work on ps4

quoccc says:

Does this mic need the adapter?

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