An honest and unbiased review of the Afterglow AG9 Wireless bluetooth headset.

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All gameplay is recorded in 1080p 60fps or 720p 60fps.

Equipment and Programs Used for Video Capture and Creation:
Capture – Elgato HD60S
Microphone – Audio Technica 2020
Microphone for Game Chat – Blue Yeti
Facecam – Logitech c922
Review Camera – Sony A7S DSLR
Gaming Monitor – ASUS VG278Q 27″
Computer – ASUS FX53VE-MS74
Headset – Astro A40 with Mixamp TR pro
Controller – Scuf and AIM custom controllers
Video Editing – Adobe Premier CS6 and After Effects CS6
Thumbnails – Adobe Photoshop CS6
Console – Play Station 4 ( PS4 )



Can we get 1000 subscribers with no videos? says:

Why do you keep calling this a budget headset? 70 dollars is a lot to pay for a headset and mic.

Sunset Emerald says:

How you fix mic static when u plug back in

PNUTT4444 says:

Shit set. Fails quickly. Bad return policy on warranty.

Lil Goop says:

can u connect this to your phone ?

Jonathan McIntyre says:

Mine doesn’t have surround sound

Furious King says:

They work amazing for me I don’t hear my own voice In them

x2 Dark says:

I dont have all my pieces like the mic i only have the headset

christopher anthony says:

You need to learn alittle more bro lol… Its totally normal to hear yourself until you regulate the headset controls lol…. ” mic monitoring” …. Check it out

ᖇOᗷOTᑭᑌᑎK ᗰᗩᔕTEᖇ says:

I have the version of this headset before this one and it has lasted me 4 years. Afterglows makes amazing headsets

Brandon Pratt says:

The only time I hear my self is when I bring the mic really close to my mouth and yell or something. Just got them for 35$ brand new going from PlayStation golds and I wouldn’t say they are better but they are very good IMO

RatedZeus says:

I know you are saying is that is mic monitoring but is there any way you can turn it off on this headset?

THE Cat says:

How do you get rid of mic monitoring on the headset It dosent give me an option

Ben FocknUrBich says:

i mean a40’s have 24/7 mic monitoring and they’re arguably the highest quality, best performing headsets out. you can’t turn it off on a40’s but yet you never mentioned that in your a40 vid but. “unbiased” smh

Phantomz 714 says:

Dislike mic monitoring has been a thing for several years. I know in ps4 pro you can mitigate it by messing with the audio settings mines almost non-existent.

GoW GAMING says:

Ummm my problem is that they can barely hear me i cant even hear me in my headset

Brandon Shearer says:

If you were on Xbox (idk about play station) but you can turn the mic monitoring off

Isaac Visser says:

I dont hear myself when I talk into the mic and your putting this mic way down

WC1188 says:

What’s wrong with your mouth?

TNS Pro Gamer says:

Can you help me because when I set up everything and I talk in a party nobody can hear me I see it also on the internet but there is no solution do you have a idea why it does that

white darkrai says:

Xbox is bettet

Jan Van Haesendonck says:

I have those and i hear myself somtimes but the most time i dont hear myself

deez nuts says:

mine never did that but it did end up breaking after a year(just the mic part) .

UltraGoliath 83 says:

I’ve had the same issue, but I fuckin LOVED IT. I used to troll with kids by just screaming into my mic and hearing myself too. But my only problem, was the microphone SUCKS, and the voice transmission also SUCKS for me I guess…

Greg Esten says:

Yeah you can hear yourself in them but I love them. For a budget headset what ones for $70- have better quality??? ✌️☺️

Isaac Visser says:

My dude u not the biggest cookie I’ve seen

INeedHelp says:

I need help my mic is extremely static and I have tried everyithing

ᖇOᗷOTᑭᑌᑎK ᗰᗩᔕTEᖇ says:

1:50 they did that on purpose. They mostly did that for the late night gamers who dont want to yell and want to know how loud they are speaking. personally i like it

Yonderr says:

I got this and it works in ps4 party but it won’t let me talk in fortnite what’s happening?

Cu_ Bone says:

My mic doesn’t work

Alvin Seville says:

I can only afford a $79 dollar afterglow headset and you want me to pay $25 dollars more for a headset that I can’t afford and your quality tips on the headset to me are not helpful

Dakota Arscott says:

Just mute ur mic if ur annoyed of hearing yourself

Shugby says:

This guy is retarded

King Swindle says:

I have these and they are great!
The mic quality on them is superb, on the other end I’m heard clearly there’s no static or muffled or sounding like im talking out of a little bitty box?! none of that!
I do hear myself whenever I speak but it’s nothing compared to what you’re talkin about! it doesn’t get in the way of gaming at all as a matter of fact it lets me know that my headphones are on and that it is working, not that the light is just on.

ToadSage says:

I have these and I don’t hear myself they work fine in my opinion and the game sound is not super loud but decent

John Wick says:

I got the AFTERGLOW AG6 and they work perfect like if you are using one of these and you are just looking what he says

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