Full Review: Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Reality Headset – Better than Vive, Rift and PSVR?

And here it is, the full review of my first Windows Mixed Reality Headset, the Lenovo Explorer!

How does it compare to the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PSVR? To answer this question I go in depth and check out visual clarity, headset tracking, controller tracking and much more! You are in for a treat!

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sonof1 says:

i like your reviews but i can only listen to them when you have a headset on. i know to you everything looks fine but to someone who is watching the screen is jerking around so fast its hard on the eyes to watch. if you would just move your head slowly we could see clearly what you see and it would be more interesting. i would like to see what’s going on with the headsets . i will subscribe if i can watch it clearly. Thanks mike

nooneknowsnothing says:

There are a few gamers who understands tech. Most of them are Average Gamers, they hate Technology, do not understand tech and hate the-other eco-systems. (sony fans hate xbox, xbox fans hate PS).See the great death of Kinect.

StarGames Hollywood says:

I just take issue with Microsoft in general for calling this mixed reality. This line of headsets is VR, not MR like HoloLens. It’s almost like they’re trying to rebrand the tech because the early adopter first wave “failed” to catch on.

Ron Savage says:

Having real difficulty with Lenovo Explorer on Windows 10. I’ve installed the USB 3.0 card they want, i think. But I still get I need a superspeed 3.0. Message. My card is a Rosewill 4-port external USB 3.0 PCI express card. Any suggestions will be deeply appreciated. If I need a different or better card let me know that too. ronsavage42@gmail.com Thanks guys.

Elie Sanh Ducos says:

Love how they ripped sony’s PSVR lol.

Vyviel says:

Just curious what your IPD is? I just had mine measured and its 61mm is that close enough to the sweet spot or should I consider a Samsung instead? I read that the software adjustment isn’t that great with these headsets.

Kristian says:

Even more ways to teach humans of how to kill each other.

MarquisDeSang says:

Why buy Lenovo crap for 399$ when you can get Oculus Rift for 399$. Oculus rift has 110fov, headphones, superior led screen, proper hand tracking and hundreds of games.

GegX Software says:

Den Rabatt den du meintest gab es nicht. https://www.mydealz.de/deals/lenovo-explorer-mixed-reality-headset-1061698

Wurde storniert. Habe es jetzt hier und Installation dauert ewig.

Gute Review aber du englisch ist etwas steif. Etwas lockerer ansonsten danke für Review.

Zero Cool says:

How would this compare to Samsung Odyssey I am thinking about which to get ?

Kevin Phillips says:

Can you *currently* do anything besides play games? How about viewing 3D models, such as from Maya, etc.?

ytubeanon says:

where’s the AR part of the review?

Tom Ashley says:

Why does it look choppy? Is it because you’re running recording software?

Aaron Wiginton says:

Thanks for the review. I am waiting to hear more about the Samsung Odyssey before making a decision. Unfortunately, no one is talking about it.

Caustic Liberal says:

if I will experience this kind of frame-rate 6:50 i wouldn’t spend a cent on it

Sox GoPro says:

With a good laptop the portability of the new mixed reality head-sets will be a nice selling point without the need for sensors. I have a psvr, an oculus and a vive with a lenovo on order. Having to wear glasses like i do the flip-up visor will be awesome.

Dan H says:

Hey nice reporting. I think I will look into this when purchasing a vr headset. Thanks for that

samuelstudent says:

Only positive praising the headset, not showing the drawbacks of it

Matt Fish says:

video capture is a bit choppy. Good Channel!

Alec Cruz says:

this is awesome me and my dad are thinking about getting this for are game room. when I tested it out at the microsoft store I did the same demo as you and I was wondering how do you download games or can you only play  what they have on the windows mixed realty app.

Junvrak says:

Should I wait for Pimax 8k or just get the samsung odessy. I have been saving up for vr for months now and just not sure when to jump in. I have only tried psvr.

julien hunt says:

It’s funny. I have heard from other reviewers who said the Lenovo was extremely uncomfortable in comparison to vive and rift

Hvranq says:

Ich habe keine Probleme mit der englischen Sprache, aber das geht vielen Deutschen anders. Wie wäre es also wenigstens mit deutschen Untertiteln? Oder ein deutschsprachiges Review mit englischen Untertiteln? Die ernsthaften Reviewer machen sogar gleich mehrere Reviews in den jeweiligen Sprachen, die sie sprechen. Nur mal so als kleiner Hinweis: Deutsch hat über 100 Millionen Muttersprachler in Europa. Die können also auch ne Menge Aufrufe und Abos generieren 😉

webdigit says:

No word about the sweet spot ? I keep reading those wmr hmd have very narrow sweet spot compared to the rift (but closer to a vive). It seems you have to look almost straight forward as anything 30° (or so) away from the center is significantly blurry, even with the hmd well adjusted to center your eyes on the sweet spot area (and same for the samsung despite the mechanical ipd adjustment on this one).

batvanio says:

This helmet is bad. The painting tears a lot. How will it be better than the ones listed?

indigoal3n says:

Is it really that choppy??? If so, it must be your PC right?

Zero Cool says:

Is it the same as the Acer one ?

pumpuppthevolume says:

hmm the MS store has a sale….. everything is 50 bucks cheaper ….without the Odyssey

MegaManNeo says:

Thank you for this overview of things on the Microsoft MR side of things.
I still love my Vive but definitely hope on another sale for this year’s Black Friday in either Saturn/Mediamarkt or Conrad.
With those stores being mentioned, hello from a fellow German.

02semiata says:

What’s it like to use the headset for basic windows use ? Such as web browsing. I would love to use this to replace my monitor

Brett S says:

Great review thanks for posting, would be interested to see how this compairs with Pimax 8K

SAMU T says:

damb i wish i could afford a gaming computer, the only way for me to get into vr is to wait for Oculus Go

William Smith says:

here is a good question will 3d movies ever be worked into running on eny vr headsets

Guillaume Krupa says:

Why does it looks like 10 FPS ?

Disco Tek says:

Looks like POS with 5fps. Looks like shit, did you actually see Vive or Rift in action. You idiot the resolution is not all you need for VR.

namcost says:

samsung version of Microsoft mixed reality? that’s what i wanna see.

glad to see windows has a siting settings, because I am currently handicapped and bound to a wheelchair. lol

Maxxmentum says:

Nice, thx

bboymassUK says:

Please dont encourage microsoft with this bullshit product. Its a vr headset and has nothing to do with augmented reality.

Nice video. Please dont continue to support this “mixed reality” bullshit.


Rafael GR says:

What is your ipd?

Tom Ashley says:

That sucks that green screen breaks it. I was hoping to use this with green screen too 🙁

Cody Jacques says:

It’s a *bold* claim to declare this headset the winner after playing one cross platform game.

I for one know this headset will perform horribly in Echo Arena.

You should conduct a series of test in games with different play styles. For example..
– Onward for controller precision
– Echo Arena for room scale & controller tracking
– A test with fine text for visual quality
– Cross platform frames per second benchmark

Lord Pensington says:

Well this seemed to be quite a biased review. Specially the comfort and controller tracking part.

Tim Oakley says:

I’ve definitely got my eye on this device. I want to see what kind of games come out for this. Subscribed.

Mike Kleinsteuber says:

Not mixed reality

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