Full Review and Voice Changer Demo! – ROCCAT KAVE XTD 5.1 Digital Headset

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Saw this back at CES and was pretty excited. It took some getting used to, but once you get used to the 5.1 surround, gaming never sounded so good!

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Zakminer says:

Can u use voice changer with ps4???

gamer1000% says:

Can you use the voice changer software with a different mic? but still using these headphones?

leila Gerona says:

sir can you be my santa and gift me that on xmas

superplan89 says:

Could u download a unique and custom made voice changer?

Eto Hige Gamer Culture says:

jesus them shits are still expensive :/

Mark Vleedz says:

Love your video dude, I would like to know how many voice presets are there and is it better than Creative’s VoiceFX? Because I’m thinking which one to buy, Creative or Roccat. And one more thing, is the later models like Roccat Kave Stereo have voice effects as well? Thank you so much Jay. 🙂

ExtremeTuber says:

can you use this one on ps4?

Selma Gillard says:

how do you take off the mic?

Estevan Rios says:

So can the voice changer be used on the ps4 console or only on the PC

Daniel Carlberg says:

i have just one my self its good

JustusLM says:

You’re probably not reading comments anymore, Jay, but: I’m using the analog version (that filters out electrical interference noise, btw) and by simply turning up the sub both on the remote and in my sound driver settings I was able to get quite the bass experience out of this headset. The great thing is that the sub drivers are incredibly small (30mm) but very heavy. In fact, they are so heavy they make the headset vibrate and the whole earcups become the drivers (so, theoretically, you sorta have like 80-100mm drivers, but not really). Another pretty cool feature imo.


can i use it with ps4?

Avid Gaming Network says:

That really a shame, I was going to buy these next week…until I heard that HORRIBLE MIC! 150 dollar headset should sound WAY better than that and it’s a deal breaker for me! Thank you for saving me time and $$$ = SUB!

Wafflespizza says:

Can you use this on an Xbox One?

Zadius says:

Mic quality sounds good to me ?

Alan Joel Cordero says:

do they work for console example ps4 and will the voice changer work

ShittinBullets says:

can u actually do the voices that jay did with that mic?

Stan Lucky says:

How that voice changer works? do i have to dowload softare?

wisconsin sniper dude says:

is this usb or audio jack?

Legacy1000 says:

Is this mic compatible with xbox one?

CantBeat says:

Mic isnt even that bad

ItzSpencer says:

Lol the creepy one sounds like Neil DeGrasse Tyson

The Nugget says:

does anyone know if these work with ps4?

Gabe Shahinian says:

roach std

Ricardo de Lemos says:

what’s the difference between these and analog?

Tyrone Conner says:

the mic qual isnt that bad its ok i have heard worst on other higher costly gaming headsets

FIRE3FLY says:

Ok so i know this video is kinda old but my “problem” is with the earcups, i think i have them “glued” earlobes so shoud i still buy these?
I realy want these because i think are the only with REAL 5.1 (i know this video is teh virtual one) and does the mono one still has the voice thing?

justinspirational says:

thanks for your video- is there a way or switch/dongle to switch/toggle between the headset and 5.1 surround speakers?

Papa Bear says:

*sees this* – very nice. *sees price* – never mind

iBadger says:

I’ve been searching for a headset now, tried Arctis 7 but disappointed coming from a G430 and its wonderful 7.1 positioning.
Just one simple question:
As a surround sound + heavy bass lover, YES or NO for the Roccat Kave XTD 5.1?

Mr. Mcfly says:

Can you use the voice changer feature through ps4 if you can how do you do it thanks!

DeadLM k says:

you mean rip off their testicles

Mateo Cubides says:

See the voice changer

Buy it

Magnite Productions says:

Are thse compatitable on PS4?

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