First Look! : Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Gaming Headset – REVIEW

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So this is part of the new lineup of Elite headsets by Turtle Beach. This is the $99 wired model. Does it have what it takes to compete with the HyperX Alpha at the same price? Enjoy!

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Joe Vasconcelos says:

These are big and heavy and the support on top doesn’t support enough weight. The cups hurt around your ears give you a headache after a little while and they extend to easily. If you have a big head with lots of hair you might no have a problem

Ntrainz says:

Is the atlas the same as the elite pro 2? Just without the mixamp


Do I need amp to get the most out of these?

Chris Alpha says:

Is there a wireless version?

Northsidefosho says:

Bought mine this past Friday. They’re amazing

Fogzz says:

What is the length of the cord that you plug to the headset?


Thanks for a great review! I need to get a headset and this is on my list now.

Please can I ask if you could do a review of the Klim Puma headset?

Golem brine says:

these or cloud alpha?

Gek Gamerdk says:

Does they work with a t.a.c?

christopher sorrell says:

I’m getting a new headset tomorrow would this be the one to get??

BuckyBoi says:

Just bought the Arctis 3, amazing headset, but these look so tempting, and I’ve had the 3’s for less than a month

Ramon Mroczek says:

I also have the hyperX cloud alpha in mind

JakeJ987 says:

How big are they??

Mr. Shadow says:

Aaaaand on to my amazon shopping list they go!


Thanks for a great review Mr GameSky!

I wanted to ask if there is any passive noise when you’re listening to music, or when you’re playing on the PS4?


Giel says:

Do these fit nice for longer sesions?

kevin erstrup says:

do they have surround sound?

Garrett Gonzales says:

Compared to the razer how are these

Grumpy Gamer says:

Get this guy more subs!!! I’ve been looking at so many headsets lately. It needs to work with pc and Xbox then possibly PS4 as I may get one soon. This headset looks perfect to me. Shall I get them???

NAGHD says:

Is there surround sound for PS4?

JayxMonster 101 says:

But do the get loud on the ps4 DS4 seem like everything be for PC now

Jose Anaya says:

I had a question for this headset do you need a mixamp or no

Ghazi Bajouri says:

This headset or Hyper x cloud flights? (PS4 gaming) plzzz someone give me their opinion I’ve been looking for a headset for a long time

YouRGhay says:

What Amp do these work with?

Ramon Mroczek says:

I own a ps4 and I am looking for a new headset would you recommend these?

Sin Waves says:

Get some Beyerdynamic Dt770’s/990’s for $100-120.. Guaranteed you’ll be satisfied.

Harry Borislow says:

I got them and the sound was inverted/switched. Also feels like it is squeezing your head.

Slim says:

Will these work with turtle beach elite pro Mixamp?

HokieNation84 says:

These or the new sony gold wireless?

Aiden Bell says:

I cant get my mic to work on the headset I am on Xbox one.

inathancastillo says:

Hey Gamesky , im gonna buy headset tomorrow im debating between these or the hyperx alphas i will be playing on xbox .

TheSampson321 says:

Are these better then HyperX alpha? I want to get a headset for all around gaming such as RPGs etc. would the sound quality be better on these then the alpha. Also I’m on PS4, what are the impedance on them?

Manapua808 says:

Just ordered mine today

Jordy Craeghs says:

Can you use it on console ps4

Yung RuneScape Tha God says:

great review. adding these to my list of what im splurging on after holidays. now i wonder what they would be like with a dac. also question for you, or anyone else to answer – whats a good dac to get?

Papa Cold says:

Just ordered mine, comes in Tuesday. Can’t wait ^-^

Andrei Cruz says:

This or cloud flight

hector R. says:

Sound quality should be tested by a song with heavy base and another one with vocals

Michael Vargas says:

I gotta question I have a Roccat juke would I be able to get surround sound if I plug these into the PS4 USB plug?


To this day still no one great mic on a gaming headset. And why did Turtle beach do away with the mic on the PX21? Check out how good that old mic sounded. ( You can still find them on EBAY.

JayxMonster 101 says:

Maybe I game to much but after and hour or 2 they hurt the top of my head. Maybe I’m still breaking them in its day 2 now

Joe Danny says:

Should I get these or the gsp 300 for mic quality?

R Lee says:

Should I upgrade from my steelseries arctis 5?

HaZe_Bandit says:

Hyper x cloud alpha or these

Julien Repond says:

Hello, thanks for the video, can i use it with my xbox one ?

X-x- GSUS -x-X says:

Hey is there a way to activate SideTone on this headset? It’s when you can hear your voice in the headset.

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