First Look! Tritton ARK 100 Kameleon Gaming Headset REVIEW!

This headset is definitely one I think you guys should know about. And not just for the pretty flashing lights………….these really are that good! Enjoy the video.
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Operator B says:

Solid headset in terms of sound quality, I feel the price is a tad steep though, not crazy steep but they are a little expensive. For a little more cash you can get better audio for gaming. I do absolutely love the look and designe of the headset though and the lights are cool, though they drain your batteries fast. I didn’t feel these were good for music though, I went back to my Sony headphones for my music. But for gaming these are a solid choice. My big and only problem with them though, is they can get heavy and uncomfortable for long gaming sessions. You will feel them on your ears and head after a few hours of gaming.

Thong Her says:

nice but it lacks the sound when you play game such as cs go.

Tim Xman says:

I just bought these headsets the only bad thing i can say about them is they are Big and too Heavy had them on 3 hours and my neck is soar lol

jorge aguilar says:

Mine work really good

HeilitLP Gaming mit Herz says:

Welches Headset for ps4 it the best vor 50€?

Horst says:

hi dude, how can i use it with pc? i got the ps4 Version so but it doesnt work with my pc 🙁
seems not 2 be like only plug and Play, i think i do something wrong, can u help me pls?

Jadehollowking says:

Sound quality: 3 eq modes while powered, I personally prefer the bass boost. The speaker technology is nicely implemented giving sharp highs, warm mids, and nice rumbling bass in boost mode. Without being too much bass. A real theatre sound in a stereo package. With the amp switch on you can hear a small fuzz similar to powered noise cancelling. But this is not audible during sound play. Treble boost is to much high end for me im not sure it’s purpose. And optimised setting is well rounded it gives off a surround sound vibe with how balanced this setting is for hearing every detail in a game. To compare it to my Sony Golds these headphones do sound better. And the volume does get loud. With alot of sound bleed. So the person next to you will be able to hear everything.

Comfort: they are slightly more heavy than my Sony Golds and fit great thanks to its adjustable ear cup slider. The soft but firm headband pad in my opinion should have  been larger due to the bands size. But it gets the job done. The headset is comfortable for hours of use, but there are more comfortable sets available.

Build quality: this is an all plastic headset but it feels tough, the build quality is solid and im not afraid of them ever breaking in general use. The buttons are the cheapest feeling thing on it. They are a slick glossy plastic and just feel cheap, but as long as the switch underneath is well build I shouldn’t ever see any issues.

Lighting: the lighting is a nice feature for Aesthetics only, they look really cool all lit up. But the instructions are vague and learning how to adjust the light settings will take a few minutes.

Mic: As far as built in headset mics go this one makes me happy the sound quality is crisp and clear. And if you hold down the mute button for 2 seconds you can hear yourself talk. I’m loving this feature  because I often find myself talking way to loud with other headset because I can’t hear myself. It also allows me to hear how bad my background noise is and decide to mute or not for courtesy. There’s a led light on the boom mic to tell you if battery is dying or if on mute.

That_lowered_Accord _ says:

Will this same one work on an Xbox one? This guy is selling one to me he says it can be used on a Xbox when it says PS4 and all same box in this video?

Gamerkidplays says:

I got that headset on walmart for $20… Im taking it!

Oscar Rosario says:

Am i the only one that when i bought them at walmart i didmt had no manual and the batteries were already inserted and batteries wont work?

Abdelaziz Tareq says:

the only bad thing that wire cannot be replaced…

mattyice 83 says:

do these have mic volume control???

Mitchel 16 says:

can u here yourself talk when using the headset or is t noicecanceled

Kyla Jackson says:

Got these and they didn’t work on one side any solution I just purchased them

Samuel Hue says:

Should i buy this headphone or should i take more money and buy the astro a50? but i play on ps4 slim so I don’t know if it is worth it without a optical connector

ford miller says:

I just got one of these took it out of the box set it up went to play with it and it wouldn’t mute the light came on and everything

Dr DerpXD says:

does the mic work on pc cuz mine doesnt

SheesshhGaawwD says:

Is it compatible to pc?

IKilledBlitz says:

I was about to get these instead of the hyper x cloud ii’s but just before I clicked off the video he said “my choice is still the hyper x cloud series” lol

Masta Killa1911 says:

I’ve had this headset for about a year and a half and have some good and bad things to say. Biggest complaint is yes they are heavy and will hurt your ears after anymore than an hour. The sound quality for games is great, music not so much though. It’s true you can hear buzzing at loud volumes with music. I stopped buying batteries for the headset because I would go through them like candy and felt as though I was wasting money. They still work great and are definitely a great buy as long as you don’t mind the bad battery life and don’t plan on wearing them for long gaming sessions. Hope this helps.

Jeff Hartmann says:

Can u hear foot steps like on call of duty?

John Lee says:

Wait so do u need batterys to use these

Hunter Gilbert says:

How long does the battery run?

Russherr says:

The mic and sound quality are trash. Don’t buy them, just bought them and I returning them tomorrow.

Miguel Fernández González says:

se puede usar en mobil?

Kyle Taykowski says:

I just bought a pair and I plugged it in to the mic port and they didn’t work? But I plugged them in the headphones and they did. How do I get the mic to work on these?

Vizardking0 says:

Just got it and I have to say, I really don’t like the fact that I can’t really hear myself when I talk like other mics. The sound quality is good, but that one thing does bug me

HahasoNotorious 327 says:

just got mine about to play some destiny

Bosnian Anonymous says:

Can i am use on my PS4 Slim thanks

Alex Zamora says:

I just got them and I already love them

The Mighty Sausage says:

The mick doesnt sound very good…

jameka robinson says:

The fucking headsets tore in half I had to fix them with Superglue

Saad Saqib says:

Are they compatible with an iPad?

ViZ3 ZeR0 says:

for some reason i cant hear audio on the left side do you know any solution to this?

Cool Jesus says:

So what exactly happens if you leave the batteries out??

Zaccaa says:

Why do my volume buttons not work when I just press them?

Dr DerpXD says:

I’m watching this with the ark 100

Luis I. Solano says:

my dad took me to Wal-Mart this morning before school and i saw these for 35 bucks in the clearance aisle so I got them


I just bought these and they sound really low ever with the batteries, i dont get why. They sound so weak

DaveGX says:

Just came across this ch for some info on the headset, wanted to say I own a pair of Astro A40s, impressive audio, great fit. However, I’m just not a fan of the whol 3 odes and Q thing since then it downtones game audio and it maks it harder to hear people trying to find what works bst like whn the game ahs music. I’m just hopeful Tirtton may maybe bring us headses again where headset volume and mic volume are adjustable separately, like what i had on my Tritton Audo Warhead headset on 360, though comparing them the audio isn’t the best. That’d b more or less hat I’m looking for, though, something eaay.

Jash440 says:

I don’t like them cause they are heavy as fuck

Gotten says:

Mine is making insane noises overtime.

Olly Barrow says:

Great review mate, my dad bought one of these for me i’m so exited

Mick the gamer says:

iv got it its grate and it works on xbox one s I got it for £34 on a sail

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