First Look! : PDP LVL50 Wireless Stereo Gaming Headset REVIEW

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So PDP is finally releasing a new wireless gaming headset with the LVL 50 for both the PS4 and Xbox One. They retail for $79 and have a much different look than PDP headsets in the past. But are they any good? Enjoy!

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Gerardo Ortiz says:

Lost me at micro usb

Kuma Roshi says:

Too bad the mic doesn’t detach

NameLessDays says:

Hmm if they made afterglow u know it finna be trash lmao

Craig Conroy says:

any one got any suggestion for a PC gaming headset around 110 dollars

R Chow says:

will you be reviewing the cloud stinger wireless for ps4?

kamakazzee says:

Nice looking headset, I think windows sonic does sound gimmicky, but my turtle beach 500x sim 7.1 surround is very good and sound is very directional and helps my fps gaming.

Diego Díaz says:

Since they use a USB receiver, are they universal?

Vohqzii says:

You’re not able to change the voice audio and ear audio on ps4 headset because you can do it manually on your ps4 quick menu

Francois Smith says:

The slight difference in appearance is normally because of patent reasons.

Bossmics Bombics says:

nice haircut

bryan diaz says:

How do I know how long will that headphone fully charge

ChillGamer23 says:

Gonna buy a set of the wireless ones today. Hope they’re worth it!

Elverga Larga says:

Have you reviewed the corsair HS70?

ThePiyunisher says:

this or hs70?

john webster says:

I have Logitech g99 headset

costlertrack says:

It’s not a level 100 mafia boss I’m not getting it


16 hrs for the first 3 weeks . 1 hr after that

Captain Hooker says:

give away please

Furious Mojo says:

Good lord. That mic is horrendous.

RawAffect says:

My mic is better and i paid like 35 it’s the turtle beaches recon the white ones for xbox

Jason Wells says:

Probably break after 6 months of stretching the headband.

xatonyHD says:

Hopefully the wired version has a better mic

Crucial says:

I like pdp but they have tp improve the mic quality on the headsets it seems most of them are just bad lol

Northside Cx says:

Astros a50s or turtle beach elite 800 , razer thresher 7.1

kevon sampson says:

I’m not getting it for my ps4 that’s why I love your reviews they are honest

Max Nani says:

Have you been going to the gym ?

Gerardo Ortiz says:

I wonder how the wired ones sound with audio dak

MkTekno says:

They look pretty nice

The G-ro Gamer says:

Just get the astros a10 there 60$$$

Prite Media says:

for anyone trying to find a cheap headset look up at found the steelseries artic 5 old model for $13 plus like $6-7 for shipping and they worked nice, still use my TB 700s but the rgb on the other is sick lol

Felix Deleon says:

Does the PS4 version have the sidetone feature like the official PS4 Platinum headsets?

louis vivas says:

Does it work for PS4 slim

Arctic Squash #1 says:

First problem with Mic test is the PlayStation Mic test awful lol


The mic doesn’t make the voice sound clear at all. If it did then I would’ve bought one.

Jay jay says:

I bought 1, but haven’t tried it out yet. Still in box. Looking at reviews for it now. I have video in save for later. Kids birthday today im a lil busy.

Dione Pelovello says:

what is the best gaming headset you recommend for mobile gamers? thank you in advance

1Dub79 says:

I’m good! I got my Audiotechnica ATH AD700X, which are open-back and my Lasmex L-90, which are closed-back.

Anthony Jordan says:

They look too budget and plastic for me

Cyntrix says:

Those look so comfy

Serge Daher says:

they look cleeannnn

Samurai Tae says:

The stealth 600 has a good mic
And has surround sound

Gabriel Sampaio says:

Im trying to find one good headset that works for both ps4 and xbox one. Any help? I was trying to find a 7.1 for ps4 that works stereo for Xbox. Do you think revolver S is a good choice in comparison With the new gold or platinum? I was using the Silver headset but it is not confortable and does not work With Xbox.

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