First Look! : HyperX Cloud Mix Bluetooth and Wired Headset – Review

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HyperX finally made a headset that in terms of versatility could very well replace having to have a gaming headset and a pair of headphones. They definitely made some changes with the new Mix headset…… it worth the $200 price tag? Enjoy!

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Xbox Suck says:

Cant find the headset anywhere:/

MccPlayzMC says:

What is a good headset for just gaming… I really won’t be using them for a different purpose. I heard the new Razer headset was really good

Piotr Breda says:

How’s the built in microphone? Is it much worse than the book mike? Does it pick up a lot of noise?

Sebastian dela Cruz says:

Loved the review but mans just gave me anxieties at @4:58

Faiq Syahbani says:

Please review the latest release HyperX AMP Sound card, and paired it with alpha

Cyber Reeper says:

I’m addicted to headphones/headphones reviews.

byNauj says:

On PS4 do you have to plug them in wired to use the microphone? And is this a good headset for PS4

TheGaming Spooderman says:

I need help! ASAP! What headphones would be the best to use on pc, ps4, and the switch?

Jonas Páll Gudmundsson says:

Literally a copy of Arctis 3 Bluetooth, haga

spongeboi says:

i cant wait for what headsets hyperx will release in 2019

Blackout Seraph says:

Can it play sound both on wired and bluetooth simultaneously???

xXJacobyJaxsXx says:

Hyper X Cloud Mix vs Cloud Flight! Which is better and for what reasons? Trying to figure out which pair to buy.

4K Gameplays says:

I have sennheiser Game Zero and cloud II,but cloud II is way better and re great reviewer well done man !! One question which is the best hyper X headset ?? Cuz i love my cloud and thinking about revolver s

Dino says:

for a $200 headset by hyperx in 2018, they cut short of 1 thing. USB TYPE C

TruckeE ._. says:

Does it need an amp for it to play hifi audio or the sound card is enough?

Aubry says:

Can u use this on Bluetooth with ps4 and plugged in on ur pc

Jasmeet Rainal says:

HyperX cloud flight or these? If I had a bluetooth adapter connected to my computer how bad would the latency be? START THE EXPERIMENTS

Josias Neves Jardim Borba says:

battery life?

woopit 01 says:

Hey great review man. You earn A sub. My question is, does all the feature work with ps4? And how does the wireless work with ps4, do you get all its features?

Šale says:

Cloud 2 or Cloud Mix? Which have better sound ? Thank You 🙂

Linus says:

Can someone help me? Cloud Alpha or cloud mix

Xmans___ says:

Ahh hyperx is the best headset brand right now. Their mic is the best i have hear with other brand. I hope they will make software for headset too.

Noah Siegel says:

definitely getting these

mouzTheHsMachine says:

Where is is the Mic Test? the important thing..

Jorge Ayala says:

Are you able to adjust the game/chat volume on them ?

FabulousTurtle says:

Does this support surround sound?

Dakkul Tech says:

I like these ones.

FeaR Clan says:

Why can’t they make gun metal grey alphas dann I’ve been waiting forever

Zein Dy says:

i saw hyperX add with gordon hayward and pokimane using this
i wanted to buy this but i have shroud’s headset

TheOneGamingChannel says:

Hyperx cloud flight or these?

Frank Zuniga says:

Great video thnx! Can the Mic be used in the bluetooth mode for phone calls?

RoaR3000 says:

…Aaaand my Hyperx Cloud X just passed refundable date.I knew nothing about these,LoL

hernandezreyes65 says:

I won this at the streamlabs booth at twitchcon lol

10k subs with no videos says:

Worth 200? Please answer b4 black Friday

Nealo says:

Do they charge while using wired with a PC?

zocks says:

Ok but does the pleather smell like it was dipped in onion and garlic sauce tho?

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