FINALLY! : HyperX Cloud Official PS4 Headset REVIEW

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All of you guys know how much I have loved the HyperX Cloud headsets… they have one that is officially licensed by Sony for the Playstation 4. AND IT’S BLUE! I know, I am probably the only one excited about the color. So what makes these special to the PS4? Enjoy!

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Felix299 says:

is this 7.1 sound ?

Supreme Duck says:

Is this better then the Turtle beach stealth 600
Edit: kind of sucks he doesn’t read comments

xCraGamex YT says:

Hi ppl, you can buy the Hyper x Cloud || and used them with the PS4 with the 3.5 plug and also the UBS 7.1 virtual surround sound, 100% recommend.

Liam McLeod says:

Or you could just buy the normal ones which work with anything and come with a sound card. The only advantage of these is the look

Wei Shen says:

This or platinum? I have platinum and it’s not loud enough. Plus they are uncomfortable as hell.

Silent Rice says:

Why tho

Sal Paul says:

Which HyperX headset would you recommend for PS4, I’m looking to spend under $100

Prakhar Singh says:

I’ve a hyperx cloud 2 which I use mostly on my ps4 and I’m completely satisfied with those as the have 7.1ch SURROUND sound and this one does not have that so it is a no brainer still to buy those and color is not everything.

Knobbz _ says:

is it like the cloud 2’s. I had them then swapped to turtle beach Elite’s ( hella over priced not worth $$$ compared to a40s my brother has em). anyways lmk!!! ioved my 2’s I just like trying new products, and the elites no longer satisfy my needs.

KingChilla says:

right after i got the cloud 2s and the mic stopped working with ps4 FUCK

Nytalix says:

Isnt the cloud 2 and cloud alpha already usuable for multi platforms? Why release this?

dancic says:

Still waiting for hyper x flight 2

Eric Pamintuan says:

these or wait for the turtle beach elite atlas

Ferdi Dinli says:

Non detachable cable is a big reason for me to not buy it. Yes I know this is especially made for ps4 but this or the Alpha? I play on ps4.

I have a headset of 7€ for now till I decide which headset I am gonna buy. This headset is pretty loud enough so I guess the Alpha is not gonna be an issue on the ps4?

Can you hear the footsteps, the enemy good enough at games like fortnite, rainbow six siege?

XEPTICAL 101 says:

Can u hear the game audio

Man of Hokuto says:

Hyperx headest suck ass

Newt says:

Do they sound good?

Riptide says:

Question what should I get turtle beach or the hyperx for ps4?

Jesse Sess says:

So ugly and wired:/ ill stick with song gold wireless. They work perfectly for what I want

Tomek L says:

The blue color is SICK

xWildBlaze7 says:

Hey, nice video! Does this headset work with Hyper X USB sound card? And, could you compare this headset to the Cloud Alpha C9 that just came out?

Kiante Brunner says:

Are these better than the alphas and cloud 2s for PS4? I know a lot of people have issues with alphas and 2s on console at least.

Rens Gloudemans says:

Is this much louder and can u hear ememys?

Stormy Phoenix says:

Would these work if I put this in my pc

iBxou says:


BuckyBoi says:

Hey man quick question, can you send me a link to that microphone on your shirt please? Thank you in advance

Lilcar06 says:

Just got this today and I love it already

Velocity - says:

i bought some cloud 2 from best buy but they came broken, i didn’t buy the warranty, is it possible for me to get a replacement

Josh Hopkins says:

You should review the Sennheiser GSP 600, the SteelSeries Arctis Pro and Arctic wireless, and the Creative SoundBlaster X H7! 🙂

MightyLad XD says:


Christian Ovalles says:

Let me know when Hyper X and Sony put out a wireless version.

Zemag Gaming says:

I have the cloud 2 and I have a weird issue that when the sound is too low the sound gets distorted to the point where I don’t even recognize the sound.

Moshe Zfania says:

Anyone knows how to improve the volume problem on the normal hypwr x cloud 2 just like he said that the volume is low on the normal cloud 2

Cozmics HD says:

The mic sounds worlds different to my cloud 2

John Stammers says:

I have the Cloud 2 which works fine for the PS4 with a firmware update. But I do wonder how the sound compares between this model and the Cloud 2 on the PS4. Besides, the blue is very pleasing on the eyes.

thomas delgado says:

Is it worth double the price of Hyper x cloud Stinger Core

fahad says:

Should i get cloud 2 or alpha

EseL XD says:

What’s the difference between this and hyperX Cloud pro (silver)??? Except the PS4 logo. I never own a hyperX , and planning to buy between this or HyperX cloud pro

Micharu RL says:

I dont have them in my country yet 🙁

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