Each G2000 3.5mm Stereo Gaming Headset Review/Test

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Amethyst The Jewel says:

i bought this on amazon and it did not come with the three cords i got finessed

prettyboythyan says:

These for ps4?

LambentBlaze says:

Gaming cafes are indeed a thing, although they’re more commonly known as internet cafes. Particularly popular in Asia.

iiKinq_Prank - Games and More! says:

Will this work for PS4?

spaghetti dick says:

i got a red one for 13 bucks on wish works great and only 13 dollars so happy i made this choice

Hello Fellow says:

gaming cafes are real


Did you clean up the audio later or is it the actual unedited audio from the mic??Just wanted to confirm as am thinking of buying one.

ManticCircle87 says:

ps4 compatibility?

Cool Gaming// TF2 and More! says:

the usb makes it light up

TheGenesectMaster says:

the usb is for power

Tormentor Evolved says:

Don’t call me dumb but it says my computers has 3x line in line out and mic outputs, can I use this Headset please reply

SerenityGamesToo says:

Mic seems to be pretty good for a $20 headset. Thank you for actually using it during your review.

Peediem r says:

there are gaming cafes

Aelite says:

Podcastage, does this headset, i mean microphone work for mobile, btw i really like the mic

GalacticNeon says:

That USB is for the lights

Eddy G says:

Could you review the Sennheiser Pc 330 G4ME?

DesertFox says:

Very poor review. Overly negative and biased from the outset and couldn’t even be bothered to find out that the USB was for the lights on the headset. Something I read quickly in a few seconds on Amazon! Lazy, poorly structured, rushed. Review score: *1/10*

HypedAlexGamer says:

wow, when he was speaking at the start i thought he was using a proffesional mic, then later in the video it turns out he is using that. Well I know what headset I am getting now, coz I have a low ass budget

Corey W says:

How do you NOT know what the USB plug is for??? Really??? Not the greatest sales pitch for even a novice technician… EVERY HEADPHONE ON THE MARKET USES USB FOR THE LIGHTING EFFECT!!! SMH….

ConquerorAR says:

how loud is it ?

ShockFreak says:

the extra part is to light up your headphobe

Nicholas DeCarlo says:

i bought these in orange

Fabian Koch says:

If you would have checked the manual you would know the USB is only there for the Light

Sherm Perry says:

Amazon speed deal happening this week Saved 10$ and paid only 16$!!!

TeamMachine says:

is the mic quality good ? will it work for youtube videos ?

vixnsvault says:

The USB plug powers the LED lights on the headset that seems to be the only function that I found mine is a pretty blue I want the purple ones!!!… lol 😛

Julius Cullum says:

the USB out lit is for the lights on the headset.

stuntmania3000 says:

have you tried the each g4000’s yet?

Tirtharaj Banerjee says:

The usb might be for powering the LED lights if this has one. I had a headphone like that once.

BlackRabbit says:

is the mic flexible

Joshua Tumbry says:

this was all the info i wanted on these as i have been eyeing them for awhile. Do you know why they are listed as different makers on Amazon? like kotion and mictech ect?

HaltDeinCookieFest says:

Is this headset good for recording?

Aelite says:

Did you use the gaming headsets mic or the other big mic

J5 gaming says:

i think the usb is to change the led colour

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