Dolby Dimension headphones review

The company’s first consumer-electronics product is a $600 wireless headphone designed for binge-watchers with multiple viewing devices and deep pockets.

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AwesomePossum says:

So, it virtualizes the sound. How does something like this compare to using a premium NC headphone like the new Sony WH-1000XM3 using dolby atmos for headphones on windows? This could be an interesting product for me for sure.

Rapha Barros says:

What about latency ? Bluetooth headphones are not there in terms of zero latency. So , coming from Dolby I was expecting a new way to connect with the most high fidelity to the content we’re watching.

Tech1Tv says:

It’s expensive for $600. That’s all

Anthony Biacco says:

please! $600 for BT virtualized stereo? This isn’t even close to HT territory. You want to make something great? Give us headphones with multiple drivers, and a truehd/dtshd/atmos processing box with HDMI 2.0; 2.1 even better.

abghere says:

$600? What kind of user will purchase it?

Jordan Viknes says:

Paying a lot just for the brand

Belongsinthetrash says:

More headphones should use a charging dock

Andy A. says:

I really want to know what iPhone case that is and if it comes in different colors

Xavier Robinson says:

I love Dolby sound. Just on my Note 9 it’s amazing. The Dolby theatres are the best. So this interest me

bobby junk says:

go get sony !!

szman167 says:

Look up the Smyth Realiser 16, that’s the real deal for true Surround replication.

osbely morales says:

It’s better that they don’t look expensive. Especially outdoors.

Christian Deleon says:

This Seems Perfect for the Television side of Things.
Films that heavily relies on Audio/Visuals
Deeply Immersive Interactive Experiences (video games)

And that’s all I could think of, I would love this headset.

Tong Zou says:

$600 is too much for a niche product like this. There’s no option for wired. Weird that its Dolby and there’s no virtual surround in it. At home most people will use speakers or sound bars. Gamers can’t use these due to no virtual surround and mic. Who are these for? People who live in small apartments and have a family and still want to watch an Atmos movie? Don’t think those narrow use cases are worth this much money. You can find great closed headphones for a fraction of the price.

j love talking about the things I love says:

I like the headphones on the ear and they look nice and I like the fact that it comes with a cased

Adrian Denila says:

woww, too high tech, and i dont own an apple tv, still $600 , very steep price for us filipinos!

Junior Thanos says:

You lost me at $600. Thats just crazy

c woolfork says:

…that price!!!!

jamesgjt says:

$600…….. a PS4 cost less than that and it is more fun…. $600 can buy a nice Hifi system that you can enjoy music and not be bother the straps…

Hayao Kinzazaki says:

Micro USB. $600. Hmm..


$600 micro USB, Bluetooth only, not “surround sound”…why?

Victor Nazar says:

غير لمنيك لي يشري كيثمان ب 12 مليون

Torin Shields says:

Not for $600 I could see 3:50 maybe but it better be giving me Dolby Atmos the directional stuff like some crazy sounding stuff for $600.


Still 600$ is costly

CNET says:

So yay or nay on Dolby’s first consumer product?

Check out David Carnoy’s favorite noise-cancelling headphone of the year so far, the Sony WH-1000XM3:

Hail News says:

They should have built the charger into the case and made it that the case could be placed on a charging mat (That they also should include). Now that would be worth $600

justun chan says:

How about comfort level??? Can you wear these for 3 hours without any tenderness on the ears????

Bean Smith says:

Yeah the bose wireless are the best I’ve had so far sound wise

Mo A says:

$600 USD, and a microUSB, hard choice here for the minus of technology advancement, i’d stick with £329 Sony WH-1000XM3- USB Type-C connecter, and better sound quality bang on for the buck

Rudie Obias says:

I think some movie theaters should have options for headphones, so you can be completely immersed in a film. Like a headphone jack in an armrest or something. Also, you can block out all the noise from other people in the theater.

trexx32 says:

Ill wait for the DTS headphones

Joseph Hwang says:


sherri moquin says:

Hmm I might get those headphones

Sic Semper Beats says:

im not a fan of gimmicks but these are honestly really interesting

Hi-Fi Insider says:

Why does everything need an app to control. So annoying…

Hajjar says:

how does this compare to the audeze’s mobius?

syi infinite says:

as soon as he said $600 headphone the video was paused.

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