Corsair VOID RGB [Yellowjacket] Gaming Headset Review – Best Wireless Headset?

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Wappe says:

Can you please help my headset is like yours the volume thing works but it’s not passing any sound pls help

Ajsbored says:

Holy fuck your ad got me, subbed lmfao

Toxicamma 250 says:


CadetSparklez says:

hmm well I got sensitive skin, but not around my ears

Wookie_au says:

The video looks cool and all but I’m watching this so see if i should buy it… but since i have no headset i can’t hear :/

DR.FragensteinM.D. says:

To Turn the RGB off now you go in to CUE software settings and drag brightness slider down. I over looked this as oler review state to check the box in lighting effects that says disable device lighting. I hope this helps a few people out with extending the battery life

clinton martin says:

do they woke on ps4?

Roberto Dumitru says:

I have a pair of Logitech G633 and i was thinking of moving to a pair of Corsair Void Wireless. What do you think, does it worth it in terms of sound quality and overall aspects?

Merklicious says:

they need to do the steel series acrtis 7

SinisterShift says:

So how would i turn off the rgb? If i so wanted to? And how would get it to actually change color while ive got it charging cant seem to get it off the green color for the ear pieces?

ThisGamerzAwesome says:

i got the wired version of this and i cannot for the life of me figure out the RGB lighting. theres no videos on it and the ones for keyboard there is a lighting tab that does not appear for me?

Hostile Exception says:

My solution for battery life
-Mount the Power Bank on the left of your chair (Make special pocket for it or just tape it up)
-Plug in the usb and connect to the headphones.
Gratz! You can now enjoy useless RGB combined with long battery life.

BBQ Lamb says:

Thank you for your experience! But sound quality was S$#t I got a refund my Void 7.1 wireless. I’m gutted! I rather stick to my 10+ year old Sony groove inner earphones. I am now looking for an Asus rog centurion 7.1 headset as I have heard from real sound enthusiasts that these sound the best and are true 7.1. 

People that settle with the Void headset (in terms of sound quality) are people who can not tell the difference between 1080P and 1440P on a 27″ display or can not tell the difference between 75Hz to a 144Hz display,  or have a choice of 2 girlfriends; one a virgin lady with a decent moral life and one village bicycle girl that stank of fish that has been hyped by social networks. The Void user will probably stick to the village bicycle that stinks of fish and tell all his buddies how “their lass is the best” while his low class buddies smirk at him while having his 2nd hand girlfriends fishy cum still stuck on to their balls! 

I got hyped soooo much  by the Void reviews on the net! only to find my 4 hours of test, error and trail to be a waste of f#$king time!

Before you purchase one of these; BE WARNED! 

Q:”Yeah! but I’m on a budget”
A: well get some inner earphones they sound better!

Q: “your mental”
A: 10 points! these 2.5Ghz Void wireless headset has probably fried my brains! and angered me.

Don’t make me comment back! I have already wasted enough time on these Voids to avoid them.


영혼슬픈 says:

thank you

Moxxler says:

I got confused for a second but just to make sure, can you use the headset while it is charging?

E3gamer61704 says:

looking for opinions here. i have been using my good old earforce x12s on my pc and they work wonderful as far as hearing where people are and the angles that they are at but whenn i turn it up past half way i tend to get alot of high pitch wines. would this headset be a better choice and a better product then the x12s?

daxen taylor says:

no no rgb headsets

Samir Lamnaouer says:

hii nice video im wondering if this headset work with smartphone

Ash says:

Works with Xbox One?

TheXboxninja! /flufbot2000 says:

Chris Pratt confirmed

Filip Siuchol says:

why i didnt get this HUB with my headset !!!!!!!!

Tekiya says:

fractal design sponsorships are the best

Jack Rogers says:

can you use theses headphones on x box one?

billybob0007 says:

Thumbs up just for the intro…..

bmw575 says:

I love you dude ( no homo) they are under warranty !!!!! taking them back tomorrow yes…..

Tiny Grizzly says:

how do i get these to work on my xbox one

Martin Olminkhof says:

void as in avoid?

tom brown says:

dont get this headset, the software it comes with is glitchy and awful and my charging connector just stopped working

Michael Fulton says:

The microphone rotation steps gave out on me in 3 days :3

Douglas Fulmer says:

dat product placement doe

Kane Enyo says:

Waist of fucking money. Charged it for 7 hours and it dies with in 5mins and now it just does not want to work even with the software HELL the software even says its not plugged in. Waist of money, do not buy it, go some place else.

bmw575 says:

thanks for the video I purchased then when the were much higher priced and i love them didn’t know about the eq and how to turn off the lights thanks for that info and yes my mic broke smh i used them for work needed something good and wireless planning on buying another set being that the mic is hanging on and tapped with duct tape this time in black wireless unless you would recommend something else ?? they have dropped in price 80.00 @ amazon so id really figured i’d better jump on them .. I do like how I don’t really sweat with them but again its 8hrs and no a/c

BradFazner says:

he really hates those lights lol

Milad Broghani says:

can i use it on my ps4? since im playing with mouse and keyboard so i need a usb wireless headset like sony gold headset

Avenger says:

is this better or the SteelSeries Arctis 7 ?

Allen Messi says:

Corsair VOID vs Logitech G933? Please help!

Jimmy Neutron says:

“i could easily last more than 25 hours” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

Magnifico Geronimo says:

What a bafoon and your Russian accent sounds horrible as usual.

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