Corsair VOID RGB Gaming Headset – Review and Mic Test

**Headset provided by Corsair for review**

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E3gamer61704 says:

Would this headset be better then turtlebeach x12 on pc

Shallow Revelations says:

i know this post is old but I have these headphones and i can walk out to my mailbox and completely across the house.
I’ve had them 2 years almost and super comfortable decent quality, firmware upgrade fixed all issues.i still get about 15 hours battery life per day.

Muhammad Zamir says:

Is this comfortable to wear? Because there are people who say comfortable and uncomfortable.
Sry if im bad in english. Pls answer

Cyberrex says:

6:53 got me there…

Alastaire McCullough says:


Jeffrey Neldon says:

Dont buy this shittie headset i had one it kept disconnecting and reconnecting when i was using it. And sometimes it would shut off even though i disabled where it would auto turn off then when i would go to turn it back on the lights would come on but would shut back off

XxSLxX says:

Guy i have a question pleas answer me! How to setup the microphone my mic dont work??

Harry Jerry says:

One recomondation is play some music in the back please

Jason cheever says:

The mic sucks it’s unfortunate I’m still looking for a all around good wireless headset

Khalid Abdo says:

what about the battery ?

CM Visuals says:


Avenger says:

is this better or the SteelSeries Arctis 7 ?

WhoTube? says:

you said that the mic quality is bad because of wireless bandwidth, so would the quality improve if I used the wire while recording?

Moon Emoji says:

These vs hyperx cloud II

New an answer quickly


I need help at b (not even playing cs)

Lukas Streams says:

I love corsairs usb cables

Brandon Bumgardner says:

faux leather headsets always flake after a year or so

MrLinvalT says:

Is the Dolby version adjustable too ?

Respassange says:

doesn’t use g18 In bf4. disgusting

Thomas Day says:

DAMN IT. you could have givien it to me!

MisanthropicStoner says:

I can’t get this to work for the life of me drivers up to date and everything I can’t figure this out makes no since wtf lol

My ty says:

you just got 1 unsub 🙁

Tom SelleckBeatz says:

i have this headset using EqualizerAPO ive never had a problem with the mic being to quiet. the problem lies with the sound,the first week it was great..then…suddenly it was so quiet i couldnt even hear youtube videos.. so i downloaded equalizerapo and it was working great at +10 but now it has gotten quiet again.. have the DB turned up to +15 and i can barley hear this youtube video, OVERPRICED GARBAGE i wouldnt recomend this head ache, soundblaster tactical rage is better and that thing sucks shit..

narcoti says:

I should have watched this before I bought this piece of shit. I cant disable the fucking sidetone and the mic will not mute on ps4 im ready to rip the mic off this trash I cant stand hearing myself breathe in the headset its fucking unacceptable.

Josh O'Grady says:

nice sponsor ad. actually creative

MaxLeLing 3 says:

Your Product placements are so fucking funny Hahahahah nice

Lavar Ball says:

Does it have sidetone

Jim Swinson says:

Hey coconut monkey. Glad you’re with us. Now run out and get me a sammich.

Wei Y says:

oo i like 350z damn that 350z man did i mention that i like that 350z yeah i think i did

beezy yo says:

can this be use both wired and wireless?

blvck says:

that hairline tho LMAO

Abzol says:

Umm am i the only one that thinks the mic is awesome? its awesome when u turn off sidetone!

Mojo says:

How loud is the volume on them? I used Corsair Gaming H1500 headset and due to deaf was only head set I could hear semi correct on. Sadly 2 kittens killed them so scared to wast $$ on the Voids if it does not have the volume my H1500 had. Pissed off I cant buy the Corsair H1500 anymore as feeling like my PC life line is cut off in BF4 and TS3 etc :[ Whats a good head set for a deaf gamer as hearing aids cant be in when in game.

war2k says:

How durable are the twist and pivot points on the void pro?

SRAVAN S says:

LOL coconut monkey!

Munki Man says:

Well Jay, I must say if the channel ever goes offline it looks like you could have a promising career as a budget airlines pilot! Or at least co pilot! 🙂

ShOtGuNOfRivia says:

Why is FN2187 in this video?

Xavierpony says:

I have these headphones (black not yellow) for the last 3 years. They are the best headphones I’ve bought to date. the 7.1 is virtual but its also incredible. the majority of the time my mic is better than half of the other peoples. they are also some of the most comfortable headphones due to the slightly gimmicky shape but it does deliver. the sound is fantastic and depending on the eq setting they can pump out a decent bass.

Sam Green says:

Why am i watching review? Ive wearing these now

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