Corsair VOID PRO Wireless Headset Review

The new Void wireless (PRO) has some upgrades but is mostly more of the same, which isn’t a bad thing, but the apparent price increase concerns me a little… it’s now moving into the territory of some other wireless headsets that have some better features. That’s Australia and maybe UK though, maybe not US. Check prices locally.

The build quality is solid and it should be durable (unlike Logitech G933 and Razer ManO’War), so it has that in its favour.

Personally I’d still go for the previous version of these and save the money, but it’s up to you… if you want the latest with the minor upgrades, then go for it. But if you already have the Void RGB Wireless, then there’s no real need to upgrade.

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If you’re from Australia, you can buy at MWAVE here (when available, search link):

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Audio equipment provided by Audio-Technica Australia



Instructions are from here on Reddit:

1. Dowload Equalizer APO here:

2. Install

3. In the installation folder you will find a program called “Configurator”. Open it

4. You will see two tabs. Playback devices and Capture devices. Find your headset in the capture tab and check the little box then press Ok. It will ask you to restart and do it.

5. After restarting go to the Equalizer directory again and in the file “config” you will find a text file called “config”. Open it and in this file you can change the level of the devices you ticked in the configurator program.


Chris M says:

I know this video has nothing to do with it but you did a review on the red dragon 15 dollar mouse about a year ago and I had the mouse for about 6 months and i’m ready for a much needed upgrade. What mouse do you suggest that is similar to the red dragon?

しんせん says:

I’m Japanese,and I’m not good at English.But your review is detailed and easy to understand for me. I like your videos.
Could you please make a review of my using Japanese mousepad “Artisan Hayate Otsu Mid L”? I want to know how you feel that.

Momin Fakhar says:

great review.

KW._. 5 says:

i dont get why people are critisizing this headset tbh. I have a void wireless for over a year now and have had an amazing experience. It is 100% the most comfy headset ever and the mic sounds better than in this video.

(no critic to the maker. I love your vids)

Marc Espino says:

arctis 7 or corsair void pro?

hindsight says:

I’m really interested how this compares to the other corsair headset H2100. I really like H2100 but there are very few store that sells it in our country. So I still have no idea if Void is a better alternative.

HenryPlays says:

Your reviews are so professional! Your better than most reviewers over a million subs :0

Bob sagget says:

You should do real Headphone reviews, like audio technica, Philips, Sennheiser takstar to see which is best for gaming

AesiR says:

Great review but I think you should add some gameplay sounds. So you can hear how well it picks up footsteps

pizzian says:

Im waiting for the ASUS ROG Pugio review , hope you will

TPHD says:

An overpriced gimmicky Corsair product, that’s a surprise

0cean says:

It’s the same price as the previous one what are you talking about.

zombiedis says:

i use sennheiser hd280pro 64 Ohms and modmic for ages now and i can not imagine what could make people buy some “Gaming” headsets…..

Matt ABM says:

Could you please make a review of the Razer Kraken 7.1 V2? I know people don’t like Razer but I’ve had good luck with them, and I hope it’s worth purchasing that headset

nonillion says:

Straight to the point. Refreshing, just like that first drink of *insert drink* for the day. Change anything else, don’t change that.

Luke Demoniac says:


Hans Eepunkt says:

Philips Fidelio X2 + ModMic =160 Euo

Justin Rivera says:

Thanks for comparing the old vs the new versions. Reviewers are only reviewing the new one and not really saying if it has improved audio or just the same with just a better build.

Devu says:

@Rocket Jump Ninja hey love your videos! can you make a comparison between Razer Yellow Switches vs Cherry MX Silver (speed) Switches?

Kovu says:

The old corsairs voids Mic is adjustable just so u know…

i draw and stuff says:

Con: looks super shit

SilverCorrosion says:

What’s the music you’re using?

MrGamerwazere says:

Hey Zy, great video, but you actually can see the battery life if you click on the cog symbol to the left of advanced at the top of the screen. 🙂

David Baltovski says:

Do a review of the Logitech G640 large cloth mouse pad.

Brandon Wong says:

You should do a review of the Sennheiser GAME ZERO

Favoxhille says:

can you pls review the Asus ROG Evolve??

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