Corsair VOID Pro RGB Wireless Gaming Headset Review!

Let’s check out the NEW Corsair VOID Pro RGB Wireless Gaming Headset with 7.1 surround sound!
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Nytalix says:

Kraken v2 pro or Void v2 pro

Light says:

2:05 @summit1g

[GS] Drak says:

Does it fix the audio crackling?

CaptainYumYum's says:

Son of a bitch! I bought a Corsair Void 3 days ago

Brandon Bigham says:

When you talk 10x faster than normal

chang lee says:

Very good quality headset

G. says:

You heard footprints???

LUKE SWIF7 says:

The void can be used wired, you have to plug it in when it is on however.

Tech Nick says:

Looks like only the Special Edition is $129.99 (Yellow), and the rest are only $99.99.

Karlo Josip Kardum says:


Andre Kaut says:

thats weird, i can plug mine in and charge while using it…

Leighton Harden says:

I’ve had this headset since Christmas and just now learned about the volume rocker being able to be pushed in xD

Nightwing72011 says:

How comfortable are these?

Cyndre Gaming says:

What? No type C? Mistake.

Michael Green says:

how many games u won on pubg?

Billy4K says:

I’m the 244 comment
Love it I’m in the market too
Perfect timing

djice800 says:

that funhaus shirt is on point ! 10/10

Jim Lawrence says:

Im beating myself up right now. i just bought void headset and now they have a pro version. Do you think there is much of a difference between void and void pro.

Narskii says:

Nice Funhaus T-shirt!

Ian Norton says:

Can i pair the headset with a phone and use it as a backup pair of headphones?

Chingiz Rajabli says:

What about steelseries arctis 5?

william macdonald says:

Just saw he was watching AH as well some many rt easter eggs in tho video

nic shelton says:

on headset reviews you should record the entire video through the mic. that we can experience the full range of the mic

Ryan Marandi says:

I like beating

xo5ox says:

5:32 you heard footprints ?? Anyway open-back headphones with a modmic even though it’s not cheap but it’s at least its worth it.

Meme Master says:

1:16, when someone screams in the voice channel in COD

Lyndon says:

is this worth upgrading from the regular wireless voids i have now?

Legolas says:

Yor case makes your setup look much uglier

Ashish Zachariah says:

What actually is the corsair logo? Is it some sails from a pirate ship ?

sallysusan says:

The difference between beating is pulsing is my dad beats me then my heart pulses after I run away

adsennin says:

Offtopic in the background lol

Brewske B says:

does the wirless version work with xbox one?

Movie Games says:

Why are there no wireless headsets with a good microphone?

Mr Krakatoa says:

I just bought the not pro version yesterday on sale and now I want to kill myself because this came out

BlaziDude says:

I just realized… Your right speaker is further away from the top monitor compared to the left one, i have officially been triggered

Pewdiepie's Future Comment Moderator says:

But can you *_HEAR_* the RGB?

Ehide says:

Is it good if you have big pointy ears and glasses? Cause I struggle to find good headphones

Michael Parsons says:

Please make a video about the Logitech G533 Wireless Headset

Harry Goodchild says:

This or hyperx cloud 2 ?

f o x t r o t says:

yo that mic is trash honestly

supitzsammm says:

Avoid this headset at all costs. Worst battery I’ve ever experienced in a headset and is extremely frustrating to re-pair with the USB dongle when it (very frequently) screws up connection.

TbPlaysOw says:

I think my hyperx cloud 2 are still the best headphones you can buy for 100euros

Andrea Tan says:

I’ll stick to my HyperX Cloud 2 thanks. 🙂

The Candid Canadian Gamers says:

I own the last version of Voids, so the one made just before the Pro.

I’m confused as to what the differences are. They seem like the exact same headset.

Kenny Lay says:

Looks like -bulkyelectrotrash- a modern improvement

AtomicHotdog says:

why is the white on so much more expensive than the others???

Joe Brava says:

I bought these and there is a very annoying crackle on most EQ settings. Very disappointing.

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