Corsair VOID Pro RGB – A Wireless Gaming Headset Done Right?

Ready to go full wireless with your gaming setup? Corsair pushes the Void PRO line if headsets to satisfy our cable-less desires.

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deep says:

Consider You received a sample with a broken mic. I do not have any issues with the quality of the mic, not one of my mates told me so and all tests I did, like recording myself speaking, were fine. Surely not the best, but for wireless more than proper. The example You give us in your video really sounds terrible, but that`s definately not the case with mine.

pennywise is fake says:

I have the original void headset (wireless) and I get easily 17 hours of battery life

DankXMemez says:

The mic is shit. Thats all i can say

dogboy0912 says:

This or the G533?

HongYang liu says:

So what is the best wireless gaming headset around 100USD ?

T_On3 YaBoi Phimma says:

i hated these. I just took them back yesterday…….sound quality was so frickin bad. I felt like i bought a $20 set of headphones

Frihman says:

In my experience, the microphone stem is very fragile. (I have the normal VOID wireless, but I’m pretty sure it’s the same with this one.) Just a slight accidental bump in the wrong direction might cause the base where it rotates to completely come off, which happened to me. If you want to get this headset you have to be very careful with the mic, or you could pick up another headset.

Armando Arroyo says:

This one or the Logitech g430??

Dylan Bernier says:

Imo best simulated surround for gaming, not even openback headphones compare in my opinion, the soundstage with the void is absolutely incredible, I could hear enemies in PUBG and counter strike from much further away than I could on my HD 558’s. However these headphones aren’t the best for listening to music even with 7.1 disabled, but hey they’re branded as gaming headset not audiophile headphones so what do you really expect?

MD Monster says:

I think you got a bad headset.. I have RGB on 24/7 and can easily get around 13-17 hours of battery life. And I work in IT support, so I am using both the audio and the mic a lot (use it at work), come home and play games afterwards and can manage another 6 hours or so. 13 hours if I “explode” the volume for music.

Thacc says:

Anyone know if there are leather ear pads for this headset? I notice lots of sound escapes which causes bass to sound more flat. I see corsair does sell leather ear pads for HS1, HS1A, Vengeance 1300, Vengeance 1500, and Vengeance 2000 headsets. If they are compatible with the Void, please let me know. If there is leather ear pads anywhere else, please let me know!

Lukas Pohorelec says:

is artics 7 better ?


Chris Pratt, sup 😉 hmu bby

Austin1346 says:

Intro song?

Matthew Osa-Okoro says:

i got the headphones today but i cant seem to find the Corsair Gaming Software anywhere

Nogardtist says:

why all gaming headphones sounds like old nokia

GoliihRides says:

to be honest, the original corsair headset mic sounded much better than the corsair void pro mic

uxot says:

Can someone tell me please what windows sound level are people using with this? ive been using the G35 with volume @ 50 and it was fine..but using a headset that i need to put volume at 4-20 and is pretty loud is lame (mostly when my friend on steam watch me play and if my volume in windows is low he cant hear anything..)

That's Coolness says:

Good review. I will keep searching for a decent pair.

veng my axe says:

very bias view. i haven’t experienced a single issue with battery life, microphone sounds great comes in clear. sound quality is great. i just feel like you were expecting too much and you already have a preferred headset and this one didn’t live up to your expectations.

msp says:

The microphone is a lot worse on the wireless version please buy the usb version.

kgonepostl says:

If you want to turn your 2 channel headphones into 7.1, razer surround software is free btw. Works pretty well.

8Bit Time Traveler says:

I’m still really amazed by the Logitech G35 and Logitech G930. The sound is very very good. Believe it or not, I broke 4 different pairs of G35 and one pair of G930 and Logitech always agreed to replace my broken product. They even provided the delivery. I was planning to get these Void to give a try but I need them especially to play on the HTC Vive and as we move a lot when playing this (like Onward), I’m afraid to drop them. I’m also very disappointing by the mic and this blinking light is such a shenanigan.. Thanks for your honest review.

xSaraxMxNeffx says:

thats weird, my regular void rbg doesnt have that battery problem and i never turn the lights off

Ethan Hebert says:

I was wondering if I should get a 2 terabyte hdd or a 160 gigabyte ssd

david hollman says:

How do I connect Bluetooth

GamerFTW says:

Guardian of galaxy is here

VexingVelvet says:

Still looks like crap, and they’re copying other companies ideas… great…

Nade cs says:

this headset sucks ass i have it and its trash

Key says:

thats weird i have this headset and the battery last for 6-7 hours with the rgb on

kgonepostl says:

It’s weird. I’ve had these headphones charging for 15 hours while at work. The power indicator is still orange while charging. Shouldn’t the charging LED be green by now? Help! Are they charged?

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