Cheap $45 Mechanical Keyboard Round Up!

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You asked for it- today we’re reviewing the cheapest mechanical keyboards on Amazon with surprisingly decent results!

Check out bequiet’s Dark Base Pro 900:

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CH1LL3 says:

At 0:22 The Redragon keyboard moved (Illuminati confirmed)

Jackson Black says:

I have a full sized e-element keyboard and absolutely love it. I have switched out the keycaps as after a while they got a bit greasy and didn’t feel fantastic, but keep in mind I played over 2,500 hours on csgo before I felt it was necessary to switch them out. The blue keys feel fantastic and I’m blow away for the price. I had a friend over who scoffed at the purchase as he loves his Corsair keyboard, but once he used my keyboard he was stuck scratching his head as to why he paid so much extra for the Corsair. I can’t say enough good things about the keyboard and would absolutely recommend it

Invective says:

Its just my opinion but those nails are grim.

raomar :League of Legends Boosted Animal says:

For anyone looking for Redragon keyboard the K552 tenkeyless version of the K551 is on sale on amazon for $30

David Bukumira says:

redragon kala is best price to performance

OliverAranda says:

Could you do one on a webcam and mic for streaming

_*_ TheBR110 says:

6:40 That’s my favourite keyboard!
Very natural feel!
Very natural smell!
And very natural looks!

Pre Zolex says:

I perfer asus

Mary McAllister says:

can I marry Max ?

amdank sir says:

I got the E element 7200 because of this video, and I’m typing on it right now. ITS AWESOME! BUY IT!

Fkn Spooky says:

Gateron HYPE!

Stephen Mullenix says:

he read my mind

vincent Bertucci says:

who doesn’t like cheap shit not everyone has allot of money. so the reason why there is so manny likes on those videos is because it saves us money but also isnt complete trash.

Blightシ says:

6:41 The Larch

Thomas Yang says:

whats on ur nail

Syn_70 says:

Apple will never make gaming keyboard, because their products can even run a heavy program.

Noctis Raiden says:

At the E-Element Z88 part you sounded so much like Stan the Salesman from the Money Island series, cracked me up XD

Tuna Fish Games says:

5:52 did he just say “wait a tick”???? also im considering buy the ALUA Demon King just so i can go around yelling “1!”

Edgar Dominguez says:

Target sells a Logitech keyboard for 9.99

Gabrielius Kačinskas says:


Rey187 says:

Oh Linus, what beautiful nails you have.

Tommy Griffiths says:

Gigabyte k83 force is only 40 with genuine cherry mx reds

SoaR Mighty says:

What about m200 wing?? Quite an interesting one as it tries to be mechanival but isnt

Just8 Bits says:


TheDiamondHuskey says:

since when is 45 bucks CHEAP for a keyboard i feel poor now thank linus

QFoP says:


Nerf Guy on the Bench says:

All of these are better than what I’m using. Some PS/2 Hewlett Packard keyboard from the late 90’s. It actually has the Windows 98 sticker on the bottom. I have USB membrane keyboards, but all of them are either chicklets shitty OEM membranes

WeebLord says:

this channel has the second worst pun after nigahia :))

Vel Anandh says:

41$..ow!..thats expensive!!

the best one and only brito squad says:

Why he got nails like a girl???

god of pro shit stuff vandi idk says:

What about expert of gamer k100 or k10 are good

ForbiddenFateGaming says:

I have an E-Element Z88 with cherry mx blues that I got for free cuz a friend of mine gave it to me after he upgraded to a mechanical keyboard from corsair

AMDGamer Jack says:

Wow there’s a keyboard called the Drevor Gramr. But they spelled “grammer” wrong.
(On a side note I think I did too)

oof_oofoofo Roblox says:

0:32 turn on captions

Jose says:

I personally have been using the RedDragon anala k558 which has outemo blue switches and is relatively cheap

Andrew Scarpati says:

I actually own the Demon King board, except mine has a num pad. Still has wobbly keys, but I only paid $30 3 years ago and am still happy with it.

Yerwel Gonzalez says:

When osu! takes you..

fortnite clipzz says:

Is he gay

My Mom says:

even though its not a mechanical i have a corsair k55 keyboard and a corsair harpoon mouse it was about 90$ for both but on the keyboard there is 6 macro keys and on the mouse there is 2 its a pretty good setup for just 90$

HappyFlygon says:


Hreniuc Iulian says:

If you can find this one, Serioux kbl003, trust me, you should buy it. It’s around 20$, metal backplate, mechanic. It’s a copy of a Razor I think; I’ve tried the original that it copies at a friend’s house, and it’s identical, except for the single color lighting (light blue – which would have been my choice anyway, as appose to the rainbow / bright colors on the original). Only problem is, I can’t find it anywhere for sale anymore, because after using it for 2.5 years, although it works perfectly, I would love another one to connect to my PS4 via a XIM4

why-me?? says:

buy cheap and buy twice, or thrice

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