Cheap $25 Gaming Headset Round Up!

Looking for the best cheap gaming headset? We ordered the 10 cheapest headsets on Amazon- some were so bad they didn’t even make it in the video!

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Craig Van Tichelt says:

Do worst most expensive next.

Dojjin says:

The Nubwos actually have a ridiculously good mic. Don’t know why you decided to skip over the mic test, the comfort can easily be dealt with with velvet added to the top.

Jake Stackhouse says:

I bought a kotion mic before tbh I liked it slot it had red LEDs and it was quite comfy

Spirit Wolf says:

3:52 I have extremely small ears and I find them very comfortable

Kadas Galal says:

The KOTION EACH G2000 is perfect…. ^_^ and i bought it $12

SG FlamingVenom YT says:

Sades ArcMage HeadSet For 20 Dollars On Ebay
Ive Used It For 2 Years And Still Using It As We Speak.
It Is Flexible So It Is Pretty Good.
The Foam Is Amazing And Comfortable.
And Has A Nice MicroPhone
Last But Not Least, On The Backside Of The HeadSet There Is Another Volume Switcher.
This Headset (Sades ArcMage) Is The Best Bang For Your Buck

omq_ItsYaBoiRapping :D says:

before this video came out i had a kotion g2000 and it feels nice without glasses but it has good mircofoon for me and dont forget the volume switch

Jessica Vega says:

does anyone know where I can get the first headset (apie) they don’t have it on amazon anymore

Its basic says:

Thank god I got Astro a40 tr’s

Lanie Perez says:

Why is tunnelbear everywhere?

Strike says:

i have the beexelent headphones i love them

ChewyTums says:

So the most expensive and the cheapest are the best

Nano-Fox-101 says:

Kotion Each is only £10 in England in ebay. lol buy pls

ItsJellyPie says:

do not get the kotion each after about half a month you will only hear out of 1 ear and the mic wont work

Jethro Vitorio Scultor says:

Superlux with External Mic for me still… A Bit more expensive… But very Good.

GioCraft says:

exeist the beexcellent gm2 and they are excellent (like the name :P)

Austin Flores says:

Can you please make a $50 or less headset video because I’m having a really hard time finding one, with good quality, well under $50 (most other videos have headsets that cost like one cent less than $50 and I feel jipped)

IntellectualRickAndMortyFan says:

HEY LINUS! M8 make a cheapo racing wheel round-up

IR0N Works says:

lol I have this mic

Aaron Hutchinson says:

My mic is so far away from my mouth

Lisa Adler says:

I just want a headset that doesn’t hurt when I’m wearing glasses. I bought a $45 headset that hurts too much to use.

Nero Strat says:

Sade’s hammar. Should have put those in there other then these

SuperHuman Gamer says:

I’ll buy the apies if my good ones mess up

RedStarzAnimations says:

Im getting a SADES Spirit Wolf 7.1 headset red and black variant

Matthew Dawson says:

The bee one is shit for me

Hellsong89 says:

So there was only one option for me and that sucked..-.- Viper was only one with fabric ear muffs.

From past experience i must suggest Creative Fatality headset anyone who is looking for alternative to all these shitty fake leather ones. Even though bit more expensive and older model, making it harder to find.

Christopher Vang says:

Lol @ the intro

Rayer says:

I’m watching this because I just snapped my headset in 2 pieces… fuck my life

Pok3mngamer says:

i would also recommend the kotion each pro gameing headset g9000 its comfortable and sound quality is nice and mic is good for game or stream chat plus i feellike it looks cool and has a gold plated aux jack and also has a usb for the red or blue(depending on what 1 you got) and its still 25 usd depenging whare you get it

Johni Kruger says:

I’m watching this with my Sades SA-807

Maleriandro says:

What about redragon?

TheBuummmer says:

the first one is the best lol

A Fellow Ugandan Brudda says:

Where is the g9000’s? Its lasted me 2 years so far hope it lasts

JoaKimzen says:

The Somic G923 mic sounds kinda nice

Bodhi Ong says:

In my country, there’s a headphone brand names SADEZ and it was only 10 dollars

SqueezY- tube says:

Long hard mic 4:35…

edwinvloggs says:

So which one is best for fortnite?

randomness says:

I spent all my money on nothing because i dont have any money

Scitch87 says:

3:59 So he was the guy on CS with that weird SADES headset who was sleeping with my mum……!

Lélio Bevilacqua says:

Um Headset Vibracional deste aí aqui no Brasil custaria uns 300 reais por aí!!!! O Brasil já virou uma Venezuela.

TheSpammed Account says:

Wow I wanna Be like u when I grow up cus I like tech alot

IAmArtium says:

“I spent all my Money on DLC ” made me Laugh so haaaard XDDDDD

Prism Glider says:

Viper is a good brand, shame to see their cheap headphones kinda suck. Highly recommend their RAM though.

ナデコ BOT says:

do cheap prostitutes next

luis gregorio says:

Look at the Audio-Technica ath-ws1100 there the upgrade for the ath-m50x they fixed alot pf the problems

Happy Danial says:

I use sades :>

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