Cheap $25 Backlit Keyboard Round Up!

Can you find a decent backlit keyboard with a budget of only $25?

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CoC Boy says:

You are awesome

Auna Breslin gaming says:

“Don’t worry because you can swap out your W A S D keys for your arrow keys LOL” lmfaoo

Connor thecarguy says:

That Azio looks suspiciously like my cheap Asus board,as in the knob color,decal,and backlight color are the only differences.

Uniited says:

I got a 190$ keyboard. Very Recommended.

xCodeRed says:

I got A878 Crack Explosion

K R says:

hey wakeup guys, mechanical devices should not exist its a lie to make u spend near 300 $ it makes noises its slowing ur hits per sec and if its wireless be carefull not to run out of energy while playing , and gaming mouses are almost all wired wich is stupid cuz if u tripping over the wire while playing its gonna ruin ur whole gaming experience so gaming devices are not designed for gaming they are made to take u 300 $ lol thats it thats all who cares if u seen a pro using it that pro is stupid too lol bcus its real ez to prove , iam pro league of legend player pro csgo pro many other games and i garantee ill never buy anything like that , if u can make a rgb wired keyboard not meca and a wireless mouse with 2 buttons + wheel then ill buy that but all other features sucks for gaming

lil bird says:

Test bloody keyboards pls

Exclamation Point• 9 months ago says:

What about hcman usb keyboard….

Gawishkalina says:

It’s so annoying how he sound sarcastic all the time because you don’t know… you know

Nicholas Baba says:

Check out AVF gaming keyboard

Ziad Meghrabi says:

Okaaaaay I will stick to corsair

Brooks E says:

Can someone tell me which of these are compatible with Playstation 4? Thank you

Andrew Graham says:

You forgot the maxeteck gaming keyboard.

Holden Mallock says:

You are an amazing youtuber

c h r i z z y says:

i got my corsair vengeance k60 for 20$ but i guess that doesnt count 😛

Ernest Bennett says:

U forgot the Hcman led backlit mechanical keybaord model h02 because it is the best budget keyboard for 20 dollars

Happy Aaron says:

I remember I had seen a backlit 4$ keyboard somewhere

Polite Kiwi says:

I actually only use 15$ keyboard and 10$ mice. Logitech I buy off bestbuy and a cheapo keyboard from walmart. Its the best I’ve ever used.

Nightmare BonnieYt_RB says:

Thank you so much for showing this i wanna buy the red dragon or some other brand thans alot 🙂
and could u sub to me?

PerryPing says:

Azio Levetron L70 LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard is totally recommended.

Weird Potato says:

the why that guy types triggers me for some reason.

日本一 says:

Dont read





Half way though

I will count till 3




Ok you win

Jomz says:

$25 is still expensive for me… 🙁

invent this says:

Mine is the dell sk-8135

Cybertron Laser Gamer says:

The white ones always look ugly imo. The colors dont show as well unless DPI is really good and even then it doesnt look that good.

DanTheMan1985ful says:

Well not all those keyboards other than those three you just pointed out to be the best for whatever suits criteria for the individual but those other keyboards you just labeled as “junk” they can be used as backup, a spare, or for a Rainy day if the “unthinkable” happens to the Keyboard. But of course you can find basic Keyboards easily at Wal-Mart, Target, and Best Buy for a few meager dollars. So don’t label them “Useless” yet.

anthony aquino says:


Ethan French says:

I got an Afx firefight K01 for 19.99 in curry’s XD

death to tech says:

i use a red dragon but im geting a new one cuz the space bar its so har to push down so i want a mecical any idais

Victoria52 says:

This was very helpful

diego says:

as a previous owner of this keyboard 2:42 i do not recommend it

and its not water proof at all

i spilled a couple of drops on my space bar and it completely gave the fuck up and started glitching

GYM Life says:

U rich people are dumb
I bought 4 mechanical buttons for 2 dollar WSA and D
And bought 10 doller led keyboard with space only emechanical replaced buttons now i have like a 30 dollar keyboard for 12 dollar
Also 1200dpu is so enough for me when im using mouse but i bought 2400 dpi
Getting 20 – 30 killstraks on bf3 and bf4

Nash Lizard 755 says:

Try the chonchow backlit wired keyboard and mouse

ReversedOvertimeX says:

*It flexes alot is it lil tay but a dog?*

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