Cheap $15 Gaming Mouse Round Up!

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So you bought a cheap keyboard from our last round up… Now why not get a $15 (or less) mouse to go along with it!?

Buy Sowtech on Amazon:

Buy Havit MS672 on Amazon:

Buy Letton S20 on Amazon:

Buy Emarth Combaterwing on Amazon:

Buy Redragon M601 Centrophorus on Amazon:

Buy Eagletec MG001 on Amazon:

Buy Bestfy ZM700 on Amazon:

Buy Zelotes 5500 DPI on Amazon:

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SilentBD says:

I’ve bad the zelotoes is actually an amazing mouse for its price. I’ve had it for a while now and I love it.

Rasika Dahanayake says:

Please do Mouse for Left handed people or Ambidextrous.

KK Gaming says:

You forgot the fury mouse, I use it and got it for like $5 at a store and it feels very good, has 4 dpi modes, is LED and all that

Woodman567 says:

My MX Master just broke so I’m going to be taking these into consideration. Thanks for the list, keep these up!!

the fuhrer epicness says:

I prefer blackweb gaming items. Can you do a review about this

The Inventar says:

As always linus is best in explaining and reviewing pc components and peripherals. Tecknet Raptor is another one that falls under this category of gaming mouse. I’ve recently reviewed it on my channel. You can check out the full review #theinventar.
Alsways keep up the good work linus. Cheers !!

elthicaofficial says:

I honestly don’t care about price I just care about it’s build quality. Like I wouldn’t have any problem going out and buying a g502 to me $50 isn’t bad

MaoItsMe says:

Lol. I paid 4 dollors for my mouse XD

SrDuchis Duchis says:

I have logitech G502

consparisy ganeratur says:

Your basically billy mays of electronics

Deep Press ion says:

i have the red dragon centrophorus.its really good as logitech mouse out there.

Anjith Hari says:

How about Dragonwar Emera Ele G11

Jamie Mackie says:

Nice nails bro

Ralph Daher says:

Yeah 15$ in america

pinaki das khan says:

those lovely hands looks like it has gone through lot of hj exercise…lolz

Mini Reese says:

Why was the Easterntimes Tech 2.4GHz Wireless Optical Mouse make it on the round up, check it out

Karlee says:

You can find top model mouses for like $40 and your getting the quality of a $80 mouse. (I recommend the logitech g pro it’s on sell now for like 30 or 40 bucks just sayin)

D Gamers says:

I like sowtech but its dollar im from indonesia it should be rupiah

Essa Younes says:

who uses theyre middle finger to scroll the mouse button??

Typicality - Roblox & More! says:

Redragon cobra? Where?

Oxicoi says:

M601 is not good. Buttons don’t click sometimes, especially the left-mouseclick. Terrible.

Oguzhan YILMAZ says:

Watch them all be $14.99

Hreniuc Iulian says:

2:42 Linus, are you on your way out of the closet and you’re just spreading hints right now?

Mohamad Khouli says:

R those his nails? Just wondering

enemy spotted says:

I absolutely hate mouse’s with like 20 buttons.


i have CK 888 and CK888 V30 mouse and keyboard!

Jayden Mellor says:

Nice infermation

A_ Team_Plays says:

I’m ordering the sowtech tomorrow

Kewl Gaming says:

How come you haven’t included the Aula Killing the soul mouse? It may have a DPI of max 2000 but it has a good grip, all the necessary buttons ( forwards, backwards, double click, dpi, scroll wheel and both clicks) And doesn’t break even when I threw it out the window during my BSOD rage. 10/10 would buy again ( it costs 9€

Ethan Quick says:


Hreniuc Iulian says:

0:19 You have cupholders?!!

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