Bose QC35: Best Noise Cancelling Headphones?

Bose QuietComfort 35: Premium noise cancelling headphones get a successor.

Bose QC35:
Bose QC25:

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Kristopher Nielsen says:

Just bought these a week ago and LOVE THEM!!! Noise cancelling is like magic. But pleeeeease can someone tell me where to get cloth ear cups for them? The leather ones are just so damn sweaty in our summer heat.

TOBY says:

I love the comfort this provide, very light and gentle on the ears, can wear for hours and not feel uncomfortable. Same cant be said about the Beats hesdphones

Chris Koro says:

I just bought some QC20’s and the only bad thing is I can hear myself blink! It’s kind of freaking me out but other than that is great

Andrew Torg says:

I got 2 phones

Leopold Djurovic says:

My dad got the qc35 and I was not impressed at all. I myself have the “plantronics” “backbeat” “pro” that is like over 3 years old now sometimes goes for as cheap as 99 bucks, though I don’t think the anc is that much better on the qc35. And the sound on the qc35… IT’S CRAP compared to my 100 dollar headphones. The only cons with the backbeats are weight and design (personally though, I don’t give a damn about design…). Everything else is with the backbeats is top notch and after 2 years, they still amazes me.

SimsForever says:

Actually your wrong. You can use them wireless without noise cancellation
Using the app. You can change from high, low and off

TOBY says:

Have one, love it, recommended buy.

Peter Jansen says:

Marques Brownlee
I recently compared these Bose headphones, but then the one with a cable (around €300) to my Sennheiser HD 700, I was very disappointed about the sound quality. Even compared to the Sennheiser HD 598 it is disappointing. I connected the headphones on the same hardware and I played the same music (Another One Bites The Dust from Queen). I am not impressed. I wouldn’t even call the sound average for closed headphones. I don’t care about the frequency response, that is a matter of taste. The bass is very weak, the midsounds aren’t clear, the high sounds are not enjoyable, it sounds muffled and tinny, at least compared to what I am used to. I wouldn’t use these, not even for noise canceling.

Henry Heinz says:

I have the qc25’s and they are actually very good surprisingly amazing for gaming because they cancel outside noise and you can tell where the noise comes from, very great headphones

Fahim Mosharrof Ratul says:

Please take a look at the Sony WH-1000x M2. I’d like to know your opinions about them.

Tim says:

QC 25’s are $173 at Best Buy now. Paying an extra $150 for wireless is a total rip off IMO.  My AT-50s have better music quality overall but the QC25 are amazing for noisy areas. Can’t wait to try these on the London Underground,

Chanakya Salla says:


Sara Mohammad says:

Do i have to listen to music to achieve noise cancellation? Sometimes i want to study in public places, but i cannot deal with noise at all!
Would it work?

sasha m says:

Hey what do you think of the Marshall MID wireless Bluetooth headphones. They’re pretty killer in my opinion but I want to know whether it makes sense to get another set or to go for the Bose.

Matthew Martin says:

Watching using my QC35’s 😀 You are literally the reason I buy most the tech I own.

Arthur Soo says:

Hello man. Are qc 35 worth to buy if u won’t really use the noise cancelling?

Mads Jakobsen says:

they might sound good but god they are ugly!

Daniel Butcher says:

Got these for the wife for Christmas.  They help with her anxiety ​and are working quite well so far.

Ine Bosmans says:

what is the price of the first one

Jeff the Savage says:

Yo mk can u give me some money so I cam buy these

Jay S Menelaou says:

Sound quality versus the Audio technica m50h?

Immortal Peace says:

I just ordered them for school, annoying ass freshman are so loud

Bruce Rivers says:

Do I need to charge full before first use or do I need to drain down and then charge full?

Harry says:

What do people think, these or the Sony WH1000XM2? I’m stuck between which pair to purchase!


Yes need another review fr grate noise canceling headphones

Max Alexander M says:

I got a huge head & my QC35 give me quite a headace After some Time. Any Ideas?

suyash swarnkar says:

Hey i have a bose soundtrue headphone…
Which is compatible with ios..
What i have to do so that i can make these headphones compatible with android…any android cable would work??

JamesActuallyDoesStuff says:

are they good for gaming?

Matthew Gates says:

Dongle or no dongle that is the question

Jack Wood says:

The QC 15 is better

Chuy Sanchez says:

Have you tried the B&O headphones?

Mostafa Magdy Mahmoud says:

Most of the Bose headphones lovers are fans of classical music. What completes in sound quality is Skullcandy and JBL

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