BEST VALUE! : Astro A10 (ONLY $60!) Gaming Headset REVIEW

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So Astro gaming headsets have always been very pricey compared to the competition. They have decided to now release a headset that only retails for $60………but is it worth it? I have to say that I was pretty excited to get my hands on these. Enjoy!

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haha4545 says:

open backed headphone or gaming headset ??????????????????????????????? best for r6 siege

J Y says:

This or Razor Kraken Pro V2? They’re the same price rn.

andrew dulak says:

Do these have audio playback. So I can hear myself talk over the speakers

_Ozzy says:

Trying to decide between these A10’s and the Hyperx cloud stingers, especially the sounds and bass (hate headsets without a decent level of bass) Any input would be appreciated

SHIV4N says:

Besides the mic, is the sound quality any different/better than the hyperX stingers?

Josh Richards says:

Don’t buy these the sound is unbalanced I hear too much too the left treble is too high I don’t have a hearing problem I’m just disappointed and a bit angry for waisting my money

eon star says:

I got them and tried recording something but there was a TON of white noise. Anyone know how to fix it?

Ryan Jasiak says:

PEOPLE: no. Just no no no. These do NOT sound just like A40s.

I bought these and returned them, because they have WAAAYYYY too much mid-range, and a very honky kind of sound. Everything comes through pretty clear, like you can hear footsteps, explosions/gunfire have a nice, tight bottom end to them, but the unbearable mid-range tone you get out of them gets pretty annoying after not long.

I did my own little AB test with these and the a40s, and it’s safe to say that anyone who can listen two the two pairs back to back and say they sound the exact same is delusional. Go ahead and buy them, to try them out, but make sure you can return them.

Red Falcon66 says:

Btw razer has a new wireless headset coming out at the end of the month

Bear Drew says:

Rig 400 and 500s have much better sound.. I took the A10s back.. horrible plastic sounding.. Buy the Rig400 and there cheaper. The mic monitoring is terrible compared to the rigs… Youtubers who did review the Astro 10s have been lying to you about how great they are… Again.. rig400 or rig 500s are much better.

hideout says:

astro a10, hyperx cloud 2 or turtle beach ear force px24?
(gaming on ps4 and pc- mic, sound and comfort are really important to me)

Koimm says:

Worst product I have ever bought, AUX connector is very, VERY fragile and I have had to return the pair for a new set twice in less than 3 weeks. Microphone sounds good for 60$ but turns off and broke completely on the set I currently have. I am going to return this set and get a refund and never return to astro again.

Cypher 9 says:

This guy thinks he’s 17

Carmador says:

it could be a bit cheaper

Space Kek says:

those pads…..

Mark Yates says:

After hearing the Mic I am not crazy about this.

plsbreakup says:

Steelseries arctis3, Hyperx cloud stinger, razer kraken pro, or this one Requirenmts: PC, Good mic, Comfort, durability, Good Sound and music I don’t care about surround sound. I like the razer kraken pro because you can hide the mic but I don’t really like razer and I don’t think it’s really durable?

mexbarca11 says:

they are wireless

Genocidal117 says:

Lol I got my a40 a few day before these came out, but I still don’t regret buying them.

zakman says:

its 80 dollars in Canada

Silas Ohien says:

I’ll be buying these


How do I set up mix amp with a10?

bigchill 67 says:

How is the clamping force

Leon Ngo says:

a10 vs stinger?

Gotham! Where you at? says:

It seems that all the people that have a problem with this headset, have something in common, they are on Ps4. I bought my a10s for my Xbox and had zero problems. Playing rainbow 6 makes me feel like im cheating.

Mr.Mostwanted11 says:

So sad that we dont get these in my country… The mic sounds amazing…
But since they dont sell it here or atleast yet..
Will you recommend me the razer kraken pro v2 or the sennheiser gsp 300 or should I wait for these?

Andrew Floresta says:

would you recommend these over the stealth force 350VR and the sennheiser GSP 300 ?

Crucial_US says:

Can I use the red a10 for ps4

SyberChief says:

Hi nice video, just bought them but I’m upset. Both my wire volume and PS4 volume is cranked to the highest volume. I can’t hear that loud though, I can’t play siege. Help? No I do not have an amplifier

Clxsh says:

Can you use the Xbox adapter as a mix amp?

X- Kryptonite says:

What mix amp is compatible with the A10s?

Knobbz _ says:

Would this work with the astro a40 mix amp?


Can these work with the a40s MixAmp pro

TheBoyFromBeyond says:

i mean its not so embarrasing cause it can always go back up so the mic isnt stickin out

ZebraTeeth says:

just ordered some, thanks for the review!!!

ItsZeal says:

I have a problem with my A10’s, the sound quality is very low, I tried putting the volume up on the headset itself( the circle thingy) also from the PS4 itself. I don’t know what else to do, should I return it ??

Turboahdettu Mersu says:

Ive used turtle beach p11 headset for the past 3 years, yesterday they broke. Are these better than p11?

Blitz Quake says:

I’ve heard that this headset sucks on ps4, is that true?

Zezoo Alghamdi says:

What do you recommend Sennheiser GSP 300 or Astro A10 ? Which one is better in sound, hearing steps and gun shots for ps4 player ?

Esquisik Oscar says:

This or hyperx cloud stinger?

My Requirements:

•Good mic quality
• Good audio( for games like R6)
• Durability
•comfort(Because I wear glasses)

Edit: I hope u see this cause Ima go tomorrow to buy new headsets


I subscribed. Love your vids. btw I decided to get the crusher wireless after seeing your review

Mary C says:

I bought these and they just weren’t anything special. They hurt my head after a few hours, the sound wasn’t that good, the mic- idk. The guys in play with did say a few times that my sound was echoing which I returned my turtle beeches for that reason. I’m at a loss. I want hyper x cloud but they are older so idk if I should get hyper x II or steel series. I’m stuck haha.

Rebirth Fire says:

HyperX Cloud 2 is now just £50 on sale in UK ( $65 US Dollars ) and got myself a hell of a deal.

NezianGamingHd says:

great review, would anyone have any suggestions on a gaming headset for someone like myself with a large head, I have gone through 3 headsets in the past 3 years sony gold, hyper x, and sony pulse. I am now considering spending a little more for a headset with significantly better build, since i keep breaking mines. any help would be awesome. keep the vids coming!


Astro vs Turtle beach

_BlazeTamashi_ says:

Fuck this shit dude, seriously.
Just bought them.
They sucks on Rainbow Six. The sounds is like… idk, covered in something?
It is not clear at all!
Got them today and going to re-sell them tomorrow, smh, 60€ wasted.

or peretz says:

This or hyperx cloud 2?

rooty83 says:

Ok, so I have the A50’s, I’m tired of all the charging bru-haha. I’m looking to get a wired headset. Is this the way to go? I’m also looking into the steelseries arctis 5 and the hyper x cloud. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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