Best Under $70 Gaming Headset? – HyperX Cloud Stinger Review, Test, Unboxing!

HyperX Sent me a Cloud Stinger gaming headset, a bunch of you had asked for me to check it out.. so here we go!
“The HyperX Cloud Stinger is the ideal headset for gamers looking for lightweight comfort, superior sound quality and added convenience. At just 275 grams, it’s comfortable on your neck and its ear cups rotate in a 90-degree angle for a better fit. Its 50mm directional drivers position sound directly into the ear for audio precision and gaming-grade sound quality. For ultimate comfort in prolonged gaming sessions, it features high-quality HyperX signature memory foam”

The bass, the rock The mic, the treble I like my coffee black Just like my metal….
“Mindless Self Indulgence – Shut me up [HQ uncensored]”

… Also, this fan-made Pokemon AMV is how I first discovered Mindless Self indulgence; “Pokemon – Bitches“ it, and the song, are amazing 🙂 – and existed WAY before Youtube was even a thing.


ƉeadwithFury says:

love how the thumbnail is you trying to break the headset. XD

MagicBros_ says:

Getting mine today 🙂

Defiant_ Ranger says:

I’m picking one of these up right now!

Wazman2831 says:

just bought a pair for xmas cant wait to get them


surprised how awesome they sound. am so impressed

vidgmr86 says:

Great video. Seem pretty awesome, especially for the price. I thought the mic sounded great as well! Will definitely get one of these

honda NSX says:

mine are coming tomorrow but I’m still watching reviews

Nikr0 says:

seems to be nice and tough 😀 great video!

DeepFriedMelons says:

Best Review I’ve ever seen! Thanks and i’ll Subscribe 🙂

RadioGoat Gaming says:

mic sounds great

theyoungson gaming says:

i just got these and they are amazing


I got mine for £25 and I’m soooo happy with the quality

MitchTheLich says:

Liked and subbed

Opie Krumpus says:

Simply put in words WOW what an absolutely amazing sounding and so very comfy headset, I love it. The sound spectrum is very rich and detailed. The bass is much finer, the mids and highs sparkle and are very detailed. All my games, movies and music sound fantastic. Mic quality is good. The comfort is the best from all the other hyperx headsets. For me I would definitely choose the stinger over the hyperx cloud 2 and revolver for my audio needs. A very solid 5/5 for this headset.

Michael554466 says:

I got some, they are great

Dat Guy says:

That mic is pretty legit, I’m glad I impulse bought them

SilvehrFX says:

Got it on sale, I really love it. Much more comfortable than the HyperX Cloud Core which are too tight on my head. And the audio quality is absolutely fantastic! Coupled with my Turtle Beach DSS or Astro Mixamp the spatialization is pretty good too! Definitely recommend it

Ahmad says:

This is the easiest subscribe I have ever done.

Aiden Snacklad says:

i saw those guys play soundwave a while back and they were honestly the best live band after metallica.

Brandon says:

I got these, and they are AWESOME.

Sam P. says:

This was the second useful video that I’ve watched on your channel. which was also very pleasant to watch. No annoying stuff playing in the background or anything like that, but not boring either!
That earns a like and subscription!

I ended up buying the headset, and I am definitely impressed by the sound quality. I did add just a couple decibels to the low end to make the very low-reaching sub-bass even more audible.
In conclusion, they will definitely sound good in games, but they’re also very capable of serving as music headphones.

Mic sound quality definitely surprised me. Nothing to complain there, considering the price and how bad things can get in the world of everything cheap and branded “gaming”.

The volume slider was a big concern, I thought it looked cheap and something that could easily be slid by accident, but that’s not the case at all – it actually moves very smoothly and comfortably and stays there.

The padding feels nice enough and the quality looks and feels better than most. I do get a tiny bit of sweating under the padding after extended use, however.

60€ well spent!

CE2Vapor says:


MegaStarGaming says:

it sounds amazingly good!

Funny Man says:

Wtf I just got done watching a badass bald man with a red beard advertise this and I’ve come here to check it out further….I think I’m sold. Thanks for the review dude

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