Best $100 Gaming Headset? Kingston HyperX Cloud Review


Co-developed with QPAD, Kingston is definitely on the right track with gaming audio. The HyperX Cloud is the perfect example of what to do when tackling the gaming scene as the Cloud delivers to every single aspect when it comes to comfort, sound quality and value.

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BINZify says:

realy good headset

RyV3TOficcial says:

it says $109 on ur video but u said it was a $100

Chris Kelly84 says:

just bought these as my 1st gaming headset

Jaylen n says:

Does this work with Mac?

Anthony Tran says:

What is the difference between the cloud 1 vs the core?

KorraLegendZ says:

Do you recommend these or the Arctis 5? I currently have the Arctis 5 and I’m considering exchanging them for these.

Reziidoo says:

love mine. i don’t regret dropping the $$ for one

Lokcies says:

This one or Hyperx Cloud II ?
im just intrigued with the 7.1 surround sound feature
btw i play csgo

akmal daffa says:

how is the soundstage on this

tommy725 says:

Better or worse than the Kraken pro?

Mianora says:

Guys i have now tested the Sennheiser GSP 300 & the G4me One and both of them are uncomfortable for me. Both pressure too much against my head and i can feel the inside of the earcups cause my ears seem to be that way ;-/
So it seems i need more space between drivers and my ears inside the cups.
Does anyone know if the Cloud has really thick and comfortable earpads to wear? Any experience for me?

Ya Mi says:

Too bad kingston didnt make this anymore instead they made Hyper X Cloud Core which is the same as Old hyper x cloud but with less accessories.
Yeah, No carrying pouch,valour earpads (valour? whatever u get the point),and airplane adapter,etc

Shadowfist1000 says:

You said that the cable is braided. Does that mean that it is difficult to damage?

Dark_Damage says:

is it good for soundwhoring in cod bo3 ps4

Eiman Khai says:

you guys should review the Razer Adaro stereo. I know it’s a bit of an older product but honestly most of the reviews out there are sh*t.

Kyle Beaver says:

this is one of the most detailed reviews on headsets ive ever heard. awesome review im buying this tomorrow haha

Saidul Azqa says:

if i use my dedicated laptop sound card, will it still sound as good?

Mike Venturino says:

best review video great job

BlackKiwi 420 says:

I have glasses and big ears. Will it still feel comftorable?

ZubiForce says:

does it have 7.1 or 5.1??? Can it handle it?

StarDusChris says:

HyperX Cloud or the Logitech G930

monkey king says:

is it the audio sound card? or just a control

Terri Ten says:

Kingston Gaming Headphones

Shadow77999 says:

holy shit, your preety good in BF4 lmao

Luuk Hendriks says:

maby little late but im playing ob ps4. i have a ps4 headset the cheaper one. after 1.5 hours it hurts my ear. what the best gaming headset around 100 dollar/euro. doenst have to be wireless but it would be nice

yajrallort says:

Hyperx Cloud vs Logitech G230 . which better ?

Thread212 says:

This or Hd 558 for gaming,music and movies?

Lee says:

I have ‘HyperX’, I love it.
Ain’t bad for £100+
I wanted one of them ‘Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma’. But, that’s just too much money which it makes sense with all the materials they used on it making it look sick, audio materials and that.

DDGamerSeeker says:

Is it noise-cancelling whenever playing? (I mean, can it cancel surrounding noise?). I’ve got a4tech hs-800 and it is not really noise cancelling, very disadvantageous when gaming. I only hope it can cancel some noise.

TiltedSanic says:

Can the control hub be connected with the connector for the mobile devices? 🙂

Wiskersthecat YT says:

this guy looks like he would work at wallmart but be the popular one

V12BigBlock says:

If audio quality is what you are interested in, for just a little over 100 bucks, you can get a pair of Audio Technica M40x and mount a modmic on them, unbeatable!

hizzy9898 says:

I think this has sold them for me, I want them 😀

GZcoo says:

is the Bass of the HyperX Cloud good ?

Sean Pascua says:

I’m bout to get this!!

Jorge Guallpa says:

what’s the difference between these and the cloud 2 ???? which one should I buy

Salvis says:

worth buying?

zZyPe says:

Is the cable without any extensions a 3.5 mm or audio and mic?

Ryan Ronquillo says:

Do the leather cushions flake over time? I had Sony headsets previously and the leather started flaking after a year of use.

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