ASUS STRIX 7.1 Wireless Headset Review! [BEST GAMING HEADSET?!]

Is ASUS’ STRIX Wireless headset the best gaming headset or does the 2.4GHz wireless technology add too much latency for gaming?!

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Dank Harambe says:

copied gameranx intro with a different title…

Ominimicu says:

is it true that on PC controls dont work in wireless mode? only with aux cable attached?

Robby Mylle says:

can you connect this to your pc without the dongle if you have a asus wifi/bt motherboard?

surg23 says:

“The importance of packaging” pfttt! I’d rather they spend less on useless packaging and marketing gimmicks and more on the product quality itself.

Leo_See says:

Great review of this headset, but one thing that i was hoping for was how the microphone sounds. I think it would be a good thing to put in considering it is a headset review. Otherwise, this is a great review! Definitely giving it a thumbs up.

Thunder says:

Good view review, But the back ground music carried on after intro which bothered my ears and kinda distracted me from what you was trying to say. Otherwise Solid Review ! thumbs up

Rohman Pasambuna says:

Can i connect this to my android phone wireless?

2011joem says:

hey mate just a correction on the orange owl eyes/orange wheels as u called it are NOT glow in the dark and nor do they have LED lighting in them. the LED lights are in the wired pro version only.

Filipe Gabriel says:

a question.
Can You use them while they’re charging?

justinspirational says:

is this still recommended or are there other better true 7.1 surround headsets? Thanks

InstantoNoodles says:

What was that intro music?

RyanG says:

Great video review

Wild Wood says:

Can you just tell the price in every video that would make it easyer thanks

tyler chapman says:

imtrying to figure out how to get sonic studio downloaded on my comp.  any help?



karvapena says:

Sonic studio isn’t working for me. Changing bass boost, voice clarity or compressor has zero effect on the sound. Is it only a asus motherboard thing since i switched to msi?

Joonas Pitkänen says:


Mo Assi says:

Hey quick question, how is the sound blocking / noise cancellation on these?

James Atkinson says:

Who made your intro bro ?

Vandoeun Long says:

Would it be better to use 2.0 or 3.0 port? Any major difference in sound quality?

Ivan Jankovic says:

this or sennheiser game zero?
please help

Raymond Orunsolu says:

Great review again dude

3DU ORT says:

would they work 7.1 surround sound on xbox one and ps4?

Daniel R says:

the way you said Asus gained you a dislike

Alejandra Monroy Tellez says:

Does it work on linux ?

DestroyerOfBothWorlds says:

Great video! You just earned a sub!

Dustin6980 says:

Can someone please tell me where to get the software?:)

domnikoli says:

2.4ghz is bad. ill tell you why. I’m a radio diagnostics engineer and ill tell you right now in terms of usable channels, you have only 3, so if you live in a apartment that dense, you have at least 6 2.4 ghz routers (they are dual band) hitting your headset, it’ll severely decrease quality and range. 5 ghz is the way forward, save your dollars.

Sr Pase says:

This work sito the ps4?

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