Astro A50 Wireless Gaming Headset Full Review

The ASTRO A50 Wireless headset delivers top-of-the-line acoustics, ergonomics, and durability that hardcore gamers demand. Experience legendary sound and performance without the inconvenience and restrictions that come with wires

Astro A50 Wireless:

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ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Dolby Gaming Headset Xbox One – Black/Green – Xbox One –


Josh Aguirre says:

I bought my a50s back in 2015 and they’re still kickin. No lie, I’ve always thought they sounded amazing. One of the major things I loved about them is the ability to plug in my Mac into the 3.5mm jack and hear the Xbox at the same time. I haven’t kept up with them that will and the paint on them is starting to wear. I might consider picking up the new a50s.

Subscribe to PewDiePie says:

“PS1 variant” boi u is back in like 2000

birdsoup777 says:

I had these Headphones. They sound great and are the loudest headphones out off all the ones i tried in the same price range. They are 118 SPL. I bought the noise canceling ear pads and it distorted the sound really bad and i went back to the stock ear pads and never used them again. Be sure if you buy the ear noise canceling pads you take the time to adjust the eq settings. I tried the eq settings but nothing helped.

Jason Messina says:

Don’t buy this is a defective product bought 2 one for me and one for my brother mine lasted 2 weeks and my brothers wouldn’t work right out of the box. Rude customer service don’t give this shit company your business you will regret it like I did!


My biggest complaint about these is it has no ” button mute” it shits me alot having to move the whole arm up and down , just when you get it in a sweet spot

J_Mustang20 says:

i just recently bought a pair for my xbox and i am absolutely in love. one of the best headsets i have ever owned

Alan Mapel says:

My pair keeps cutting out. I hear every other second.

Aric Arneson says:

Do you still have to use the chat cable?

j k says:

Worst headset I’ve ever purchased,the first and only headset that doesn’t even work straight out of the box,does nothing but make static noises and is impossible to actually play games while hearing a constant static noise

nickhex1 says:

Dude why yo ugly ass face look like that? Nigga you gay.

Lynx Clan says:

1:47 PS1????

Dhmhtrhs Mertikas says:

How many hours need from 0 to full charge ?

RightWingKing says:

I wish I could detach the mic.

Chad Hicks says:

Are the A50s true wireless…no wires need to be hooked up to do chat?

sychopath17 says:

My friends have Astros and they sound really good when we play but on this video when u demonstrate the sound it sounds like shit but when u are actually in an xbox party with your friends it sounds like you are in the same room and it’s really good but on YouTube vids they sound trash

Flooster says:

3:00 wtf?

wolvie45 says:

Anyone tried A50 Ear cups on a40 tr ? since i need backup just in case my mod kit leather ear cup broke

Russian boy says:

I will be getting this with my pc set up they look vary nice. what I have currently is the skulcandy crusher wireless and they are amazing but I need something for going Nice vid.

ShadowCooper77 says:

A50 vs turtle beach elite 800?

Christion Thomas says:

Does it work for ps3

MrCantrell14 says:

Im glad a nigga is doing this review before I drop 300 cash on this headset. Appreciated bro

The Halo Messiah says:

So does it need a crappy chat cable still like the old days?

Lil James says:

A want a headset not a rocket

Magnus Monberg-Craige says:

do they make them to white people as well?

Rockaffe says:

I bought it for the sound not for the mic

mettaworldwill says:

Second to last warm setting sounded best IMO

Marc2k6 says:

To each his or her own, I bought this headset around Thanksgiving 2017 and I returned it to Best Buy today. In my opinion for 300.00 this headset is garbage. I wanted to love it but NO.

benjidope says:

How do a10’s have better mic, makes no sense

Java Brown says:

I got a silly question, I’m looking for headset that’s great for Skyping, so far I found Jabra products. They do looks awful, this gaming headset look fantastic. Can I use this Astro 50 for Skyping???

Goldengaming 132 says:

There good but a year or 2 in the voice from freinds, team. Will cut out and wont come back in about 10, 15 minutes and a game will be done by then. It’s shit, if you have a 2 year plan with it change cause it will get better!

Gloppin Boopin says:

You guys in the comments are so dumb. You’re saying no to one of the best sounding and most comfortable WIRELESS SURROUND SOUND headphones just because of a mic? The mic isn’t even bad lmao.

YoTurnUpTheVolume100 says:

How about a review video on the Mic ? Did the firmware fix it or not ?

Steven Fischer says:

Build quality is cheap. Don’t buy. Sound quality is good. Mic sounds terrible. I had nothing but issues with a50’s. I sent them in for service and they sent me back the headset saying it was fine, but the issue was still there.

Also, the mic pivots on a piece of soft plastic that strips easily. All the solder connections are very cheap too.

Also, the battery can not be easily removed. Give it a year before your astros battery gets weak and you have to send it in for service.

I feel very ripped off by Astro.

Check out the steelseries arctic pro wireless. Much better in every way.

KIKI RI says:

got it for 230€. totaly worth it!

Xbox EpicAssasin306 says:

If you getting it for 170 is it worth it

Erick Farris says:

Does the mic monitoring work on xbox? Or is it pc only

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