Astro A40 vs. Turtlebeach Z6A Gaming Headset Reviews


Headset reviews! Put quite a lot of time into testing these, hope you guys enjoy the video :). This is also actually a repost – I posted this video about a week ago, but then decided to re-upload after updating firmware for the headsets because it improved my quality. Both of the mic volumes were turned up full, they just happen to still be fairly quiet. Also, I’m slowly creeping up on 30k subscribers! Thank you so much! If you’re reading this and you have some questions for my 30k Q&A, please send them via Twitter, with the hashtag #AskAlanah 🙂

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max morales says:

You’re very pretty 😉

FL!NT says:

Yo, nice review!
I bought a pair of astros by the way ;p

FiveBoro Prez says:

The Astro A40’s really shine when you use the optical cable. There is a huge difference in audio quality when you connect the mixamp to your optical out port. It’s unbelievably better!! I love my Astro A40’s so much that I am seriously thinking about buying a second set as a back up. No, I’m not rich. Quite the opposite. But the A40’s are worth going without food for a month 😛 Seriously!

PgSkulln says:

the z6a’s are true surround sound, that means you ned a surround sound card in your pc to get the true feeling of the headset. it’s not making the surround sound digitally, bit with 4 small speakers in each earcup 🙂

Dreamer says:

the reason why the mic on the headset is quiet is because the soundcard is not compadible with those headphones and u need to upgrade it for it to be loud.

maVerick SkyNight says:

who was in the background? i saw a shadow!!!

TheMeoled says:

Read today in newspaper about your reaction on this rape tweets and just have to congratulate you! It was really the best way ever to react on that! And your story made it around the world. Well done 🙂

Skaubit says:

Hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot

CallmeAffiliated says:

sold me on them a 40s getting the second gen though do you think they will be good for movies though?

Thomas Lann says:

Just found your page through
Please keep it up.  You rock.

sal075 _ says:

audio technica ath m50x + blue snowball and you can beat any headset

Michael Ovenden says:

I remember watching this video quite a while ago, and whilst in Eb Games today picking out a headset i thought back to this. Needless to say i walked out with the Astro’s over turtle beach 🙂 so it is fair to say your videos have a lasting impact on people and i would also like to say thank you +Alanah Pearce 

Digital Nemesis says:

I have used the XP400/500,Tritton AXPro/Warhead and the Astro a40/a50 and while the Warheads for the 360/Xbox One are far more convenient I still prefer the Astros! I cannot wait for the true next-gen completely wireless Turtle Beach Stealth 500X =) Maybe I’ll do a review!

Gamer Dude 30 says:

she looks your channel

Nukefest2179 says:

all the cables on the Z6A are for the different channels, front, rear, center etc. I always find it strange when people buy surround-sound headset’s and then expect to get surround sound by only using a single 2 canal cable or some inline usb mini-“soundcard” to emulate surround sound. On that note, since you can’t use an optical cable on pc (or can you?) you only get stereo with the a40 on pc or does the amp emulate surround in that case?

Lord Runolfr Ulfsson says:

I use my Bluetooth headset for online gaming. Seems to work well enough, but it does get uncomfortable after a while.

Asha Thomas says:

that headset is sooo beautiful :O

Geoff Roach says:

after going through my third pair of turtle beaches in 3 years, I’m done with them, they’re crapily made and don’t last long at all.

BK4450 says:

Congrats on the 30k subs ! :}

will mckenzie says:

Turtle Beach is just terrible in general. Even their expensive headsets suck. I had some wireless surround sound ones, cost me $180, and they crackled constantly. I know they’re wireless so the sound quality is going to be a bit worse, but for almost 200 bucks they shouldn’t sound cheap. If you want a decent cheap headset get Plantronics.
For mid-range price you can’t beat SteelSeries Siberia. I’ve tried a few others by Razer and Logitech and couldn’t find anything more comfortable or better sounding.

Today, after watching your video, I finally summed up the courage to drop the money on the Astro A40 with mixamp pro and holy shit. They’re $250 so I was scared I would be disappointed in paying so much, but they are the best sounding headset I’ve used so far. Also, I wear glasses so comfort is HUGE and they don’t bother me at all.

Nate Shoemaker says:

You hair is so cool o.O

Disaster Spook says:

The z6a are the bottom of the barrel for TB….

supersmashbro596 says:

hai! heard of you through reviewtech. :3 all i say is you rock! 😀
also. like your hair :3

Daehawk says:

My decision came down to the A40s and the Ear Force Z60s. Ive decided on the Z60 set from Turtle Beach. They are about $94. I just got a Sound Blaster Z so they should work together great.

Love your hair color.

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