Astro A40 + Mixamp HONEST REVIEW

HONEST, un-sponsored, and unbiased review of the Astro A40 gaming headset + Mixamp PRO.

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Filmed by: DAN JAMS

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Nyah Gaming says:

Thanks for the video, Air Bear! I receive a low FQ hum from my microphone in my recordings. Will this prevent that hum from occurring?

Charlie Barker says:

Would you say its worth 85 GBP?

Goose Oconner says:

Hey, I’m thinking about buying these headphones(hence why I came across your video!). I would like to start out by saying, your video was very informative and was very helpful in determining if i would like these headphones. The one question I have as I’m seeing mixed statements on it, does this headset have a voice feedback system so you know how loud you are in comparison. You mentioned having the PX22’s which have that ability. (they are the ones I’m using) I really enjoy having that feature.

Mateo_Vert says:

Hey new subscriber and content creator quick question.. Is this good for recording gaming videos

chase hundreds says:

Can these be used with a voice changer?

Leonardo Torres says:

Good review I have them and two others 3 Astros a40 in total and I love the crap out of them the best in my opinion but it sounds like you need some sponsorship from Astro lol

Why you do dis my good sir ? says:

Is it worth it?

Bblah says:

160k views… now that’s what you deserve in every video. Heck even more

james kelly says:

Which one you reckon a50 gen 3 or Astro a40TR mix amp pro?for ps4

Alex Infante says:

dope review

Schwifty B Wiz says:

Thinking about returning mine for some new ones because I get a lot of feedback through my mic. If the volume is too high then people can start to hear the gunshots coming out of the headphones and into the mic. Also the in line mute cable doesn’t really work. It mutes me but it it somehow makes other people echo when it is on mute or loud noises in game can still be heard coming from the headphones.

TheRand0mR3tard says:

A50’s suck. I have the gen 3’s. Regret.

Juan Bonilla says:

Would the ps4 ones work with Xbox I like the ps color way better

Hangrygirlfriendtv says:

Great video!

Timothy_Candel says:

one reason to turn off surround sound would be for stereo recorded music.

B Bader says:


cool adj says:

There also is lag when u get a wire connect but ok

LoGic Ricky561 says:

Thanks bud. Good review


Just bought these an hr ago…u literally made this so simple thank you man never saw any of ur vids but now im subbing u had the best vids out of all ive seen so far…thank you

Joshua Mayfield says:

So i am looking to buy 40’s and i have the money for the mixamp but if i can save money, id want to. Therefore, is the mixamp really worth it or would i be ok with just getting the headset?

Gilbert Escobedo says:

Just bought mine on ebay, brand new sealed for 150 tsssss now thats a bargain!!

SevenAcid says:

I don’t know about the Xbox but the PS4 only has one volume you can’t control chat audio and game audio separately

jamez_c0727 09 says:

What’s your update on them now??

Death Rager says:

gamers have a tendency to destroy stuff, like controllers. i laughed at controllers. laughed at the others too but i remember destroying a controller or 2 here and there. no rage though, no rage at all:D

matt b says:

Buy these if you enjoy troubleshooting every other hour

Joe Rod says:

Yea i have bought a nadeshot scuf in 2015 and experienced thumb stick drift after awhile.. and they wanted me to pay 75 dollars to fix it.. so my dumb asa buys a scump controller this passed year and as soon as the 30 days warranty expired i got the same problem lol this time i was extra gentle.. but i was disappointed probably wont buy another


Had to drop a like cause I didn’t kno I could change the mic on each side

IM HXPER says:

Is it complicated to set these up with an Xbox one?

Simple Thought says:

Great fricking reviews dude

Smokey Fitz says:

Really good review thanks man you gained a sub

Barry McFarrin says:

great job my man.

JustGingeee says:

Ive been on the edge with this headset.. but after a lot of looking into it & this review, I’m going for it!! Thank you dude

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