Astro A20 VS Plantronics RIG 800LX Wireless Headset Comparison Review Xbox One & PC

Finding the best wireless headset for you isn’t easy and even after using both of these, it’s still a tough decision. Personally I would want the RIG 800LX because they actually suit some of my needs. But overall the Astro A20s are probably the more popular choice for sound and mic.

Like most products they both have their pros and cons, but after using so many gaming headsets, these didn’t quite check the boxes for me, so I’m not too keen on recommending either. They’re good and worth a look, and in the price range, they’re probably some of the better choices, but at the same time, I would be inclined to save a bit more and buy something that I could get excited about.

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Astro A20 Call of Duty PC/Xbox One/S
Plantronics RIG 800LX

Astro A20
Plantronics RIG 800LX

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Lord Gestrüpp says:

Great reviews as always.

Badri narayan About science and other stuff! says:

Zy can u please review the “Cougar Ultimus” mechanical keyboard it is quite good for it’s price actually so just wanted to know if u can check it out

InfinitumZeroS says:

Zy I installed quake live yesterday but the all menu is moved on the right. How to adjust

GD SlizyDoo says:

If you see this

You have eyes and you are still alive

Zymon Ramirez says:

Gaming headphones are never worth it in my opinion.

striker890 says:

Headsets… Never used proper Headphones before.

Yash Budhiraja says:

Hey Zy, I’m experiencing a small dilemma. Should I get the FK2 or FK1? My hands 19cm by 9cm and in the past, I’ve used small mice like the G102 and G302. I use a claw/palm hybrid grip. Thanks 🙂

Mr Rman says:

Hi !

leecm says:

I have the RIG 800LX and I like them for gaming but the bass is horrible. They distort and crackle if there is any type of bass. The Pure setting minimizes this compared to the other sound profiles, but it is still an issue.

Anders says:

Test Semnheiser headsets. The gaming lineup pls

Mattias Bergstedt says:

I love you rocket mannnnn

Username0123456789 says:

Siberia 840 master race

Joshbert & Friends says:

Isn’t the the Steelseries Arctis Pro compatible with console? I think that Headset is the best choice atm

maKa says:

Zy, any review of the Wooting One keyboard like the past few keyboards?

Cody says:

Will you be testing the new arctis pro headsets from Steelseries? Im curious about the wireless one

Allan Bruno Petersen says:

Latency is everything, I love that you put latency measurements in too. 🙂

aa1greg says:

These headsets look old and retro also the bulky boxes they come with just seem a problem

idhoppers says:

Well, i had gamecom 780, weren’t bad overall, loved ’em(maybe too warm for long play, a bit heavy(when u r playing like for 5-6+ hours some online game and they were collecting ANY dust like mad) but the sound was superb, could shoot blind in battlefield 3 with them). After years, bought hd500 as a replacer they are light BUT I HAVE SOME SOUND DISTORTIONS in older games. Especially, old frozenbite company games(like trine, shadowgrounds, etc.) The list is pretty big. There must be some problem with the driver, as headphones are perfectly fine. I informed plant support and got response that the problem is with those games, not their headphones. But i tested all those games on prev. gamecom 780 rig, you can find many people playing this games with 7.1 headphones and NONE have same issues except plantronics hd rigs(newer ones). So for me plantronics is no-no now. It’s pretty sad coz i like replaying some older games too and have to force stereo to play without distortions.
/w8ing for their driver to update for year+ now, woun’t happen i guess coz it’s stuck at 1.0 since release.

Oliver Heckendorf says:

244 veiws

PEKSYK says:

best review channel on youtube

Anthony Nguyen says:

That ending frag tho

KroniicaL says:

For me personally the best wireless console headset is the Astro a50’s but they’re pricey. The build quality on the a20’s is very poor in comparison to the a50’s which is sad.

Tekhartha Zenyatta says:

Headsets are objectively inferior to every single hifi headphone ever sold, both in frequensy response and clarity. Stop buying sound devices just because it has gaming in it. It’s not better because it says gaming on it, but they know they can rip you off because of it

Grimm says:

Zy try the Beyerdynamic Custom Studio/Custom Game ^^

Dylan Angel says:

ill stand by the rig for durability. i have rig500e
but for Xbox one maybe try the turtle beach stealth 600X they’re apparently alright at the moment

Sam Fitzgerald says:

Hey can you recommend a mouse for about 17.5 x 9 hand thanks very much

Provide Tv says:

Audeze Mobius : )

Thomas R. Aasen / TRA AS says:

thx for another review. Tips for lighting , a large softbox further away is much better. Or if you have white wall or roof, shine a really bright light into it . The larger the lightsource the softer lighting, but if you want light to stay even at great distance the lightsource needs to be further away, and thus you must exponentially increase the size of the light source. If you want super cheap lighting, you can buy a led worklights(~4000Kelvin) ~ 3 50watts, then you can use really thin white shower curtains to either shine through or to reflect. The quality of the light color is not the best, however if you set your camera to custom WB etc it is enough for youtube review video, just make sure all your lights are the same , not 2 different brands., as some cheap leds might have magenta or green hue to them. And if you want to take it to the next step you can buy GELS in different colors and tape em straight onto the led lights, the leds dont get that warm .

Jie Wei Tan says:

Hope you can review the Audeze Mobius somehow when it eventually comes out!

Screw B says:

Shitty retarded gaming headsets.

exzose says:

Please review Cmhoo cloth mouse pad 80cm x 40cm all black with out any logo and it is stiched and 2mm and low fraction balance between speed and control any all of this with 10.89$ woooow 🙂

Isaac Myron says:

Hello Zy

Brandon Key says:

The plantronics headset isn’t that good imo (I have actually owned these)

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