ASTRO A10 Headset Review ($60 ASTRO Gaming Headset!)

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ASTRO Gaming has finally released a headset that won’t cost as much as your console. The new ASTRO A10 is only $60 but has the same speakers as the A50 or A40. In today’s video I compare the audio quality, durability, plug & play nature of the headset, and all other relevant features. There is no unboxing as the box is very simple. Overall, the is probably the best low priced headset on the market. And yes, this video is very obviously sponsored by ASTRO Gaming.

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Marco Sanchez says:

I don’t like dogs but these are cute as hell

mongocrew4life says:

can u use them in PC?

Sir Sebo says:

My TurtleBeaches Ear Force Stealth are amazing but the audio reaches high points that my mic picks it up. Will the a10 have that problem

Jorden says:

is the mic itself good?

a wild elmo says:

Ur hair looks dry

Chandler I says:

Drift0r looks like a turtle

OMGitsKonvict says:

How many doges out 5 do they get?

cory k says:

does the mic detach?

Chandler I says:

He has a doge

Rita Record says:

I plugged in the headset into my playstation 4 and I can hear in game audio. But when I am speaking the Astro A10’s are not picking up on my audio. It does not go into chat at all. Why would this be?

Earl E says:

I’m having a problem with mine I can’t get any chat to work but game volume is just fine. I need help 🙁

Ross Meeten says:

Driftor honest opinion can I use say a pair of turtle beachxo 7 pros and just get a mix up to get the benefits of surround sound?

Die Lateralus says:

Dude…….never cut your hair. It’s amazing

WolfyTheGamer says:


FastAndQueerious says:

If anyone has these. Is your voice quality good? Like when others hear you????

Diego Rueda M. says:

Hey guys, i have a question, should i buy Astro A10 or HyperX Cloud 2?

Bear Drew says:

How is that a review? How about mic quality and sound quality.

Excelligent says:

Review means testing, not saying what we already know from the website.
Audio, mic, build, quick in game tests etc..

Baku says:

Do these have a chat / game volume customization?

Master K says:

Problem. When I use the 3.5 jack (superlux 668b headphones) on PS4 controller it works, clear signal…..but the volume is trash! You can barely hear, vs when I use my Sony Gold’s they’re blasting like crazy into my ears. An those headphones aren’t even all that, also I tried the Golds through controller jack as a test…..same crappy volume. So in my Personal experience the PS4 controller jack is dogshit lol. What about these, do they get loud with the jack, alone?

Platvoet says:

that’s way toooo loud for a dog!!!
animal testing indeed you schmuck

CBS* rapthegod says:

Does this headset work for PCs? Currently need a decent headset that works on for the computer. Thanks.

not Suleman Ahmed says:

I’m guessing they’re not noise cancelling

Gary Mute says:

mic sample

Garrett Myers says:

There’s a 5% off link in your description but it doesn’t show up in the cart?

Rosli Shirlin says:

The dogs like the A10! I’m buying it! lol

Strange-Nova says:

I found that the A10 was bad purchase in my opinion. I ordered one from the official website but often times the audio goes super faint. And I find myself getting headaches when I wear the headset for 15 minutes.

xFKx Clan says:

omg 2 doges

Zachary Guarino says:

The speakers in the a10 aren’t as good, as a40 I’ve side by side compared

Randall Johnson says:

Hey Drit0r can i plug the cord into a turtle beach amp

Hasty Hanks says:

Is there mic monitoring without tye mixamp…?

Diamondking 009 says:

It felt like he wants you to buy the a50s more than the a10

Splashh_23 says:

If I don’t have a controller with a headphone jack in it, Will a Turtle Beach adapter work with this headset?

Australian Gamer says:

Yeah but how does the mic sound?

Mafr0 says:

Panic at the disco can be harmful to animals – just so you know

Jonathan Ngo says:

How is the sound quality from the A10 compared to the A50? Hard to see how the same technology is crammed into a 60 dollar headset without some sort of sacrifice

Galvahnize says:

Can i get a real 7.1 headset for under 100. ANYONE??

Joshua. Jurnee says:

So I can’t mute my self? I’m able to do that on a 15 dollar mic and not 60 howwww

Johy says:

My astro a10s dont really mute they it just makes it really hard to pick up my voice

Hadouken_ Produce says:

While filming the durability scene it snaps.

Timothy Graham says:

Driftor does it come with a splitter cable for pc

HamzahGaming says:

The Kingston HyperX Cloud II is prob A LOT better for around the same price

BigBoyJeebs says:

Is the mic removable?

Emran Ismail says:

Is the microphone removable?

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