Astro A10 Gaming Headset Review – Only $60?!

Astro released the A10 headset for only $60, way cheaper than the A40 & A50! Buy it here:
Thanks to Corsair for sponsoring this video, check out their new modular Corsair Glaive RGB mouse!

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Ashraf Abdillah says:

why is it that only the cheap budget headsets are multiplatform come on

stefan gnessin says:

Astro a10 or cloud stinger ?

Finna says:

Could I use this for Xbox

GameCrazy says:

Thanks for the review but do you know if they deliver to the UK?

HighRollahz808 says:

This? Or the HyperX Cloud Stinger?

AumniX says:

Astro A10 vs HyperX Cloud Stingers !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Viktor Jensen says:

wow its ugly

HotdogSausage says:

woah astro is back

AidenGT Sundayscout says:

Hmm why is your mic a lot lower quality when the other reviewers mic was amazing ?

Josh Turtle says:

Can you get game aduio

Lu Zheng says:

Philips sph9500 is much more better in every aspect, sound stage,sound quality ,comfort, imaging ,etc.
Those are 57 dollars on newegg.
When you buy a headphone for gaming, don’t buy a gaming headset.

shaw16 says:

Corsair void better than this?

Vainglorious says:

Guys please not that the pc one dose not work on Xbox or PS4 because the cable is split!

Normal Person says:


MidnightAxe says:

Astro A10 Vs HyperX Cloud Stinger, Which one?

Someone Cool says:

Honestly just buy the HyperX Cloud Stingers, very comfortable, nice sound quality, super lightweight, pretty durable, and all for only $50.

Joey Nguyen says:

red for pc or is it for AMD,

Snow B••• says:

They look cheap and ugly af.
Another Tacky Gaming Headset

Achilles says:

Frank,I would suggest you doing a sound leak test and putting the mic in different locations (far away from your mouth,near your mouth,and 50/50). Also testing if it can pick up background noice or not.

Ashley Benetta says:

Why does you a10 mic quality sound worse than everyone’s else who I seen reviewing them?

Halil 078 says:

Is the headset comfortable with glasses?

Gwak says:

which is better: Astro A10 or Hyperx Stinger

Sebastian Bledsoe says:

the colors on each are just branding deals they have going with each company 🙂

Dyoxite Espinoza says:

They brand them as PS4 or Xbox so at the stores the headsets will be at the play station or Xbox section

NothinButGear says:

these come out on July 6 by the way

Mystical Sheep says:

Astro is op!

Overpriced… Lol

Franc Marte says:

I watch this video with my turtle beach humansound headset and also have surround sound on then this are for poor kids or if u don’t care about the game sound u get this or just use the tv sound it might sound better than the a10

ZetoliMC says:

other people say the mic is amazing

Jaden Cutcher says:

This, HyperX Cloud Stinger or Logitech G433? It would help if someone gave a detailed comparison or made a video about it…

Kierax20a says:

if I connect this headset through a logitech 7.1 usb doohikey will it be a 7.1 headset now?

Nolaaan says:

Are this good for soundwhoring

mae dudu says:

i noticed in many other reviews they say the sound is equal to the a40, but you say that it is ‘meh’. is it cause they are sponsored and lying?

warriorprince101010 says:

Astro A10 vs LOGITECH G430. Which is better?

Ee Saur says:

A trash headset for people who fall for marketing

Mr Epic Man says:

Are they as good as the Senheiser gsp300?

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