Astro A10 Budget Gaming Headset Review: Worth $60 Bucks?

Astro has never widely released a headphone that cost less $250. There’s a ton of competition in the gaming header market these days and companies like Hyper X have made lower cost headphones competitive, at least in terms of sound quality to the higher-priced players. This is a smart move for Astro. They suck up some of that market and maybe the A10s are a gateway drug to the higher priced models. But it’s only a smart move if the headset doesn’t suck, so lets talk pros and cons and see if they hold up.

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V_RMX says:

I wouldn’t get them, the war cup shape is odd and painful

Logstion says:

Bruh I can’t watch this because of that frame rate

PeeWee's Productions says:

Just want to say.. These headsets are amazing when you hook them up to a MIX amp PRO/TR… The mic is the best out of all the headsets and when you pair it up with the MIX amp you will get amazing sound. Remeber the A10 use the same speakers as the A40s and 50s. Yes they sound low on PS4 without the mix amp but if you have 40$ around the house just go on ebay pick a cheap one up and u will have a high end set up.

Oscar Otter says:

Good review, goes over lots of details. Thanks


Let me know if your having trouble with video quality. Some folks have said there’s something going on but everything looks fine for me in this end.

Alfred Miranda says:

Lincons are 5$ each

Blitz Quake says:

I’ve heard that this headsets audio is terrible on the ps4, is that true? I play tactical fps games on ps4.

Derek Bowens says:

What about when they are paired with the mixamp m60?

Hazem Gohar says:

is the voice of this headset loud ?

brant mann says:

Love to see a video comparison of the A40’s vs A10’s with mix amp. Seems like a good money saving salution.

needler267 says:

You cant return a open item. Only exchange defective items.

Kyle Fyock says:

Bro, 3 Lincolns though?…3 Lincolns though???… Did you not like even check and save yourself the embarrassment before you just said that? None of us would have even known that you needed to check. But it sounds like you didn’t do that. I couldn’t even finish the video after that

xclency1887 says:

Hey man, this or cloud core? Thanks.

shaneanus says:

Im looking to get a headset for my ( majority ) ps4… n a lil pc

And as i dont use headsets all to offen i do prefer an over the ear type..
But i cant decide between

1. Astro a10 -$89au

2. Playstation wireless stereo 2.0 – $99

3. Kingston hyperx cloud 2 – $119


Specter017 says:

confused between the Astro A10, Turtle Beach Stealth 400 Wireless and the Hyper X Cloud Stinger….mind keeps changing. 🙁

Crucial_US says:

Wait…wasn’t your youtube name called theJTL?

redheaded_gamer says:

Astro a10 vs hyper x cloud core 2s

Roberto Lopez says:

That mic sounds really good, specially for that price.

tBoone91 says:

Astro a10 or Sony platinum? Which one

Matt Orlando says:

Worth the extra $10 over the HyperX Stingers?

Oxarnano says:

The a10s and a50s have the same speakers

Pducks.supreme says:

This or xo1

DoughBoyLGMX3 says:

hey Jason im trying to decide on a headset these a10 , the hyperx cloud 2’s , logitech g933 or the astro a40 without the mixamp these will be for my ps4 and one feature i did want is being able to easily control the different volumes in game and in chat as some turtle beach sound cards have if that makes sense. i wanted to know your thoughts and recommendations if you can give me some advice id appreciate it most id spend is $150

Toaster gaming says:

I know this is a old video but the headphone are made with steel and they have a plastic casing

Bosh says:

That frame rate


ur a fuckin tool lol

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