Z line gamma gaming L desk – REVIEW

Hey guys DMDrayden back with another review for u guys this time on the gamma L gaming desk by Z-line. This is my first L desk with so many cool features with it so I wanted to review and share it with you guys hope you all enjoy.

LINK Z-LINE GAMMA DESK : https://www.conns.com/gamma-desk-zld00011ldu.html


onitai fredoza says:

I just got this desk and OMG…its great.

Jeffrey Sykes says:

How do you reset the remote? My colors are off haha.. red pulls up blue, green pulls up red and blue pulls up green…

BlessedLGT says:

Do you have the dimensions of this desk? Really looking into investing into an L shaped desk and I think this might be it!!

JiAiJ0 says:

Awesome review! What size were your monitors in the video? Trying to make a dual monitor setup myself

Arnold Huelva says:

Awesome desk. Would you be able to tell me the height of the desk and the height of the mointor platform. I want to purchase this desk but I am afraid that the mointor would sit to high and I would mess up my neck.

Z-Line Designs says:

Hey DMDrayden, thanks for the great review! Really happy to hear that you’re enjoying your ZLD Series 1.1 L-Desk. We’re very excited about this item, and all the awesome features packed within it. You did a great job covering them all for us (and we definitely took note of your suggestions for future designs). Seeing your response to it lets us know a job well done. Hope you really enjoy using this one. Game on!

Bandito Dorito says:

Is the monitor area high?

Riseblu says:

Hi I’m a young YouTuber and I find all of your videos interesting so I would like to know if you want to like play games together

Connor T says:

Awesome! I just got this desk delivered and I’m going to set it up tonight. Is it easy to setup?

Riseblu says:

Also I think you deserve more subs so I will shout you out I’m subbed to you

Sickle Cell says:

Dude u got a sub for being the one guy to actually have this desk

Umbra says:

Pretty bad desk. outlets and wireless charger shouldve been where the phone tray is so I could actually use a real xxl mouse pad instead of the crappy integrated one. My lights stopped working in the first week and then started working again after leaving it unplugged for about a 2 weeks until one day when it starts to stop working. Wouldnt recommend this desk for what it was made for since its a pretty terrible desk if you wanna do any gaming. Something that could just be bad luck is dents in the mousepad and monitor platform.

You’re way better off with a L shaped ikea desk for $70-500.
Worst SIX HUNDRED desk ever stay far away.

Kitsune91 says:

This was posted on my birthday lmao. Nice mousepad ;3

BeastularGaming says:

Thanks man! I was seeing this on the company website and Walmart website and it had no reviews on it so i couldn’t tell if the desk was even real lol, but your video helped me a lot and i’m definitely going to buy this desk!

yung heartbroken says:

droid boy!

Vladimir Casillas says:

sucks that they dont ship to CA i found a similar one half the price but it only has half the top shelf

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