Walker Edison Soreno Desk Review

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk


Anthony B says:

You should think about doing some cable management, but great review!

Mako LD says:

was it hard to build?

CynicalTV says:

can u remove the corner piece ‘

That Ghoul says:

what’s the most you have put on one section? weight wise. I have same desk and want a triple monitor mount for middle section. Apparently each pice of glass can hold up to 100 lbs.

MajicDJCHD says:

Your underrated

eXoTecion RS says:

Hey man, I know this is a old video, but I hope you still have it! I really need to know, I’m into fps games, so like counter strike would be the game I play, I have like a 19×17 inch mousepad, and like 23.6 inch x2 monitor, I’d use one monitor stirctly for gaming and have the other one semi beside it, is all the meeting places flush? or would I need to select one side of the table… And will everything fit? great video btw. 100% sub’d

Aaron Tang says:

I saw on Amazon that you can put your tower below the corner piece. What are the dimensions of that piece that holds the tower? I have a Fractal Define R5 as my tower, is it capable of holding it?

GrodTheAlmighty says:

Great review man.. I’m looking for something exactly like this but a little longer and a little deeper. Any suggestions?

Sam Fissell says:

oh btw what are the width and length in inches of the cpu stand??
cant find the dimensions anywhere

Jstanthrprsn says:

How tall are you? You mention you’re tall.

Do you still own this desk, how has it been? Pros and Cons now after using it for more than a year?

cladyclad23 says:

Do u think I can attach a arm mount to this desk?

spllitz says:

can you switch the tables? like add the computer side to the left side?

BK says:

Why do you have to have so much shit on the desk…

topkekguy says:

Thanks for this, probably going to buy this in a week or two. 🙂

Physics Only says:

how sturdy is the glasstop? i constantly have my gaming computer, probably similart to weight of yours in addition to up to 30 lbs of books on my desk, do you think it will shatter?

DAG Productions says:

Lot of good info here, awesome review man, thanks!

René Aranguré says:

As measured from the shelf where it leaves the keyboard to the ground esque took measures to see if anything in the desk chair

TheBlackStarr says:

This was an amazing review. Thank you so much.

Southall Six says:

thx for the help on this desk! im for sure going to get it now 🙂

MrFaja001 says:

Good vid!! but how sturdy is it?

Patrick Pinto says:

thank you very much this was very hlpful

ChunchXv says:

People like you make L-shape computer desk dreams come true. Thank you for doing this review.

Doc Feel Good says:

Thanks a lot for this review! You gave me the confidence I needed to pull the trigger on getting this desk! Would you go back and get clear glass as opposed to the black glass (due to dirt showing easier) or would you keep it?

Thurstan Gilligan says:

What about the quality? Does it shake?? Is it okay?? What do you say?

Chris R says:

Thinking of buying this buy saw a lot of people saying the tempered glass randomly shattering leading to damage of their computers and other things sitting on it.

ProBananaz says:

what is the desk

Xoltama says:

Just built mine and the keyboard glass is a little wobbly. Is this also the case with you?

ramendawg says:

the desk itself

thunderlord2200 says:

the biggest thing i been seeing in reviws is the glass sharters out of nowhere. has this happened to u? and or is it good idea to make it into a “U” shaped desk? (i would have to but another peace but eh. ) also would adding another Keybard tray work on this? (one with a slide out mouse holder.. (i was thinking of getting a ero Keyboard tray. (it moves around and up to ur level)

Silent says:

Thanks for the review I’ve been debating getting this for my setup and watching this made me make my decision. We have the same HP monitors as well XD.

David Amos says:

Great review! Answered a lot of questions I had coming in. Wasn’t going to buy a desk online, but this review helped me make my decision! Thanks!

GamingCentrum says:

Can the Keyboard tray be completely removed?

cladyclad23 says:

This damn thing was a bitch to put together

William Esping says:

hey can you switch the side of the desk where the keyboard tray goes or does it have to be on the side in the manual

EdGamer182 says:

Did the desk ever brake on you?

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