Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk Unboxing and Review

Hello everyone thanks for stopping by my channel! In this video i will be doing an unboxing and a review of the Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk i got the black one with black glass. I bought the desk from amazon for around $95 the price has gone up since then and i think its around $105 plus tax. This is a very easy desk to put together and it is not made out of cheap material. It is a very professional looking desk and the sleek glass makes it look amazing. I decided to switch the sides of the desk so the keyboard would be on the right instead of the left which ended up causing myself some confusion but it came together quite nicely. if you enjoyed this video PLEASE Subscribe, Like, Share and Comment if you didnt do the opposite and as always, THANKS for WATCHING!! Also check out my Social Media!!!

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Sergiocrivelin says:

This is a beautiful desk, the only problem, is the place where you rest your keyboard, is too small, mouse and keyboard must be side-by-side specially for playing games. I whish they made it bigger. 🙁

Kuro Shepherd says:

got this baby for like $70

Justin Grant says:

Mine should be here tomorrow. Super excited

Nate Twardy says:

What mic arm do you use

backlash67 says:

Did not think I’d enjoy a desk up boxing and review this much ! Cheers dude xD

Marcus Flapper says:

your a snail

Michael says:

Can you not attach the keyboard slide out tray thing or does it come pre-attached?

F7 ReZy says:

how strong is the glass?

GeckoMkII says:

I don’t know if you’ve bought the area 51 but if you haven’t please don’t buy it

BK says:

Nice camera shots of the overall desk fucking idiot.

yerroc says:

thinking about getting this desk not sure if i should go with the clear glass top or not… why the hell wouldn’t u build your own pc though seriously its way cheaper so u can get better parts for the same price and you learn a lot about computers.
Check out pc partpicker it will help when assembling a part list if u do go that way. Either way welcome to the master race.

DCkreations says:

would this desk comfortably fit 3 monitors?

Toivo Väätäinen says:

I think you deserve more subs

MajicDJCHD says:

Your music makes me wanna die

AddixHD says:

i shall kms now because i dont have hearing anymore so there is no point in life

shamang says:

ok but how’d you take the tray slider apart

Lizard reptilian says:

i want this so bad but doesn’t ship to finland ;_;

AKU says:

does it comes with screws?

SlumbrJack says:

What are the dimensions? Like how far does it go out from the center piece

Wemngb says:

little cunt

Luixty says:

How did u make the keybored to get there I need help make a vid plz

GrizzlyTube says:

I have a question I wanna get this but it’s glass and I’m scared it will break because I’m going put a ps4 3 monitors a wii u and my 2 laptops on there can it even hold that much weight ?

vai says:

what confusion did you get when switching the left and right side?? cuz i need my keyboard to be on the right side too and i was wondering if its easy to do

Maxx Finesse says:

this song makes me want to slit my neck

Ecovatic says:

Do you have to add the keyboard part to it? Or can you just not build it on?

Logan Green says:



Is the glass slightly see through….I want to put LED stripes on the bottom of it

Jai Sareen says:

I want to switch where my keyboard slide is as well how did you do that? Thanks for making this video it helped me out a lot

Charles O says:

i ordered this and not knowing it was glass i wants to desk mount a monitor on it but i think it is a very bad idea lol fml

KeyBreezzy says:

How big is this desk I’m thinking of getting it ?

CyborgTechie says:

Have you experienced staining on your desk? I used winded on it and now there are stained spots everywhere

DisZee says:

Dat dance

SwaZy says:

.Lel it’s 79 dollars rn

Depression's Phantom says:

I have one question for anyone who has gotten this desk. Can I fit a keyboard and a mouse on the keyboard tray? Thanks. By the way this video helped me out a shit ton.

Alexmath725 says:

I’m getting that desk for sure

J. Harris says:

I just got this desk and I was wondering how you got the keyboard try on the opposite side?

Gaige Tyree says:

do not buy ailen ware a wast of money if you want to go the pre built way for a pc go with CyberPowerPC or iBUYPOWER or just look on ebay thats haw i started 🙂

Crusader VIP says:

wait. so the keyboard space doesnt have room for a gaming mouse.. ?

EquInoX Ech0 says:

6:44 you mean making us listen to that music

Luis Quintana says:

music….. 1:35 – kill me now D:

HyPE YoLO says:

I need bleach bad music

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