UpDesk PowerUp Standing Desk Impressions

Should you be using a standing desk? If so, is something like the UpDesk worth its high price when compared to its competition?

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Title: Laszlo – Supernova
Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKfxmFU3lWY
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Viktor Lindeberg says:

6:18 what’chu lookin at there Linus?

Andrew Larson says:

dude when Linus started talking on the phone it made me jump though someone was behind me x)

SWITCHFliP says:

my mom works at mayo clinic!

山洞人传说 says:

I cant hear anything you share about this updesk noise when its motorized elevated? Is it noisy?

Ryan Money says:

I really want to see this become the standard desk at homes and in offices.

John Erbert says:

Hi What kind of orange chair do you have in this video… Do you like it? Thanks Johnny

[GD]pfriars14 says:

when your rich

Em1L says:

6:30, Bekant is not friend.
It’s someone you that you know who is. 🙂
I dont think there is a English term for it. 🙂

Slobodan Dzikoski says:

There are so many cheaper desks with same quality

minecrafter 1234 says:

too bad im poor and sit pretty much all day 🙂

na1du says:

Nothing beats Jarvis from fully !!

Kris B says:

I find it ironic that we’ve built all this infrastructure (roads, bridges, public transportation) and technology (cars, elevators, phones, Internet) to make our lives easier so we don’t have to move so much, then we find out it’s killing us.

Gorelander says:

I’d recommend evodesk or uplift – many more options and cooler looking. Updesk looks more like the ikea ones.

TheCyborgCast says:

What Linus desk has? IS it medium or large?

Robert Thomas says:

That looks a little like the Arozzi desk just without the mouse pad top

reanimax87 says:

please stop yelling

Irish Joker says:


brad says:

Did I see a goldfish in that workstation?

Yonas Getu says:

UpDesk? What’s Up Desk?
Nothing much, how about you?

Eric Green says:

#theShaft #phrasing !!

MLG kaloszek says:

socks and sandals XDDD are yo XDu from poland !!!

joshua teichman says:

What are those

Get Like Me says:

What’s up-desk?

Bill Overbeck says:

I found a great bargain. I bought a giant hydraulic industrial desk worth 1770 $ for 200 $ and it has worked great for over a year now 😀

Scrublord says:

is there any desk than comes with crank handle? because that will be a bit more exercise for fatsos out there.

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