Ulikit L shaped Desk review

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If you are interested in a desk 50%


Micah Powers says:

Your link to the desk doesnt have a discount applied to it. I saw another video of the desk that the person who did the video had actual codes to put in at checkout and that dropped the price. Looks like a decent desk though even though they increased the price on it lol.

DeerBeer says:

Nice wholesome video as usual. Good luck guy!

Robert Harvilla says:

I want to see more videos of Choochi. She could have her own channel, and she definitely has more talent than a Twitch thot. LOL

ravenjehuty says:

this video had more personality in it than any titty streamer on twitch ever had.


Gundom notice me senpie

LinuxMaster9 says:

i myself have been exploring replacing my current desk

Jelani Wood says:

Gundam the old school carpet and floor model TV made me man crush on you even more bro. It looks like my old Aunt’s or Babysitters house in there and I mean that in the best possible way!

Clay Mann says:

The blurry reflections on the table top were very realistic. I particularly liked the way you saw some real fresnel action as we saw the desk at different angles. RTX is impressive but still slapping nvidia’s paw for the price. Overal I give this desk 4 out of 5 Choochi’s.

m B says:

All that FUR kept me distracted from that L shaped Desk XD

Denox99 says:

My guy

Nagolbud says:

I’ve never been a flashy guy.

Nerdvana North says:

Love you Gundam <3

Charles Dunne says:

Please tell me you have Avacado colored appliances in your grandmother’s apt.

Libertatem says:

Whats the coupon code it says it 120$ for me.

Westile says:

0/10 absolute shit tier ergonomics. Unsubscribed until you start taking life seriously and upgrade to a standing desk.

Hozza says:


Baldorias says:

Building gunpla? Can we expect some kit reviews? Maybe you can get something going on like mecha gaikotsu with HLJ.com or usagundam to get free kits for review ✊

funkyguh says:

you know you’re baked when you sit and watch a full video of Gundam building a desk you have no intention of buying….

Blood-Lord says:

I’d buy one, but living in a college apartment I can’t get rid of the desk they gave me. :/ $50 for that isn’t bad.

Lilian Pose says:

Soon Chuchi will help you..! Please be carefull with the plastic wrappers on the floor. She could swallow them… 😉

Anders Kyhl says:

super cute doggo

Cold Work Ken says:

You gotta upgrade them kicks bro. Unless you use them as Birth Control.

Großly incandecient says:

Gundam is that 50% deal still available?

WishTheKid says:

How do I get it 50% off it say $99 for me

DarkSilV says:

This the comment Gundam is talking about.
How are you the most Savage man on earth when keep defending PCSheepRace who like to be hammered by nvidia, look at the prices of the RTX20 series, 2080ti are sold out, where are from these sheeps, you slam consoles gamers all the time. You didn’t talk about this problem at all

HippoZoned says:

That dog is adorable

wreck 1990 says:


Mike T says:

More vids with Chuchi pls. That dog is adorable!!

Shogunate K says:

Your dog’s lovely lol; what breed is she Gundam?

JormungandR says:

Dead blow hammer to be exact, not technically a mallet. They have lead shot inside to help prevent any recoil, whereas a rubber mallet will want to bounce.

Kitty Hawk says:

It’s honestly kind of strange hearing you so… calm.

But it’s a welcomed scene! It’s good to know that society hasn’t driven you completely mad yet! Haha


What’s his main monitor

Hozza says:

My $35 el cheapo is still kicking. Draws dont open properly and i constantly hit my legs on the desk support. wouldnt stay together properly so had to drill some proper screws in to keep it from collapsing.

Wade Sharvon says:

broh i have that white case

Ink man ro says:

Home shopping network eat your heart out. Hope this type of gig gets you the funds you need. Keep up the good fight.

Hey, It's Colin! says:

he sounds like the dude from New York Jaded

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