Top Z-Lift Standing Desk Converters – Review

We review the three top Z-Lift standing desk converters head-to-head. Which is the best way to stand at work? “Z” answer is clear.


v1nce n7 says:

400 dollars for this junk?? for that price you can actually get a proper desk!

23caterpie says:

I’m thinking about getting some sort of standing desk. I’m interested in the z-lifts since I can still use my desk at work while being able to stand or sit on a whim. What I am most worried about it weight capacity though. I’m using a 27 inch 2011 iMac and 2 external monitors. I was thinking I could fit the iMac and one of the monitors on the surface while using a monitor arm for the other external monitor, but this will go over the weight limit of 35 lb by quite a bit considering the iMac itself is 30 lb.

I use a cube like setup so the amount of desk surface depth would fit the products in this video but not z lifts by varidesk that are bigger and support 45lb without the feet sticking out.

Is the 35lb limit on these a hard limit or do you think my planned setup could work. The Ziplift sounds very appealing to me.

Jason Donahue says:

The names are hilarious.

Georgeos Korakianitis says:

The weight capacity of the Varidesk single and dual monitor arms are 19.8lbs per arm.

The groove on the keyboard tray isn’t for looks, it’s there for ergonomic purposes. If the groove wasn’t there, you would sit/stand further away from the unit itself. This groove allows you to get close enough the desk so that you do not have to hunch over when elevating the desk.

MJ D says:

Most of these I’ve looked at are way over-priced. I can buy a whole IKEA stand/sit desk for a little extra

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