The Ultimate RGB Desk Setup? 😍 – ROG Aura Terminal & Halo Review!

Want the best gaming setup? You’ll need some RGB! The Asus ROG Terminal is a setup lighting kit that’ll make your pc gaming station shine! Join PC Centric for the Aura Terminal and Halo review.
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Aura Terminal: (Overclockers UK)

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My PC & setup gear:

(US only) Complete list of my equipment:

My PC:

My Keyboard (ROG Flare):

My Mouse: (Logitech G900)

LG UC99 Monitor:

My wallpapers:

Logitech Speakers:

Noblechairs ICON Leather chair:

My Camera – Sony A6500:

My lights – LIFX RGB Bulbs:

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Simon Fuller says:

£70? Wow that’s a lot of ROG tax…

Hieu Nguyen says:

The Tree behind him is my most favorite wallpaper engine!

Gavin Jones says:

I love Asus products but their software is hot garbage for rgb.

HR-Foss says:


The Joker says:

Nice Intro.

Tim Wildschut says:

Just buy “Razer Chroma” way more cheaper + also syncable via keyboard and mouse and your mobo.

Paul says:

I think you can over do RGB.
I’ve got a Phanteks p350x, an RGB mobo and two fans and my mouse and keyboard light up red. I was going to buy more for the case and buy an RGB cooler and keyboard and some kratos speakers lol.
But i shook some sense into myself first and realized I was crazy.

Ruben E says:

Any other site that sells it?

Michal Bondos says:

can you sync these lights with game effects?


Kill the rgb with fire, jk.

PSPKriz says:

So my DIY reactive monitor backlight is cheaper and better. *IMAGINE MY SHOCK !*

Gears442 says:

spoiler for me was the molex connection

Xmans___ says:

make problem.. sell the solution. business nowdays need abit trick yah?

Jerome Ley says:

LEDs on a wireless mouse is worse than pointless, it takes away from the experience (drastically less battery life)

TheBritishUnknown says:

Nice one Marcus! Is the Squadinator around tonight?

Sam Munir says:

I’m fully invested in Aura Sync but fuck, so many softwares to do the same thing, it’s stupid.

ZenZory Overload says:

Is your gpu sagging?

Hayden Gibor says:

what is a node…. i think you mean diodes if your referring to the individual led’s within the strip

ian santos says:

i want that asus aura terminal 😀

Saint Jiub says:

3:00 where can I get this wallpaper?

윤준영 says:

What is the name of this monitor?

PcGaming MasterRace says:

Nice vid

Jake LaRue says:

Any way you can get information about whether these can be daisy chained or multiple can be used? Say if I wanted to use the Halo effect and case lighting strips and backlighting on desk for example?

Everaz says:

You are an Asus Fanboy so much haha (nothing wrong with that)

Deon Spates says:

This is nice!

TheTechNerd says:

Good video as always

jar puppy says:

i got pussy grabbed two rgb strips in my pc and all they do is flash different colours lol evil pcspeciailists

Wulliee says:

70 quid!!! That’s ridiculously expensive.

Segretezza01 says:

I can’t even get their aura software to recognize my MB.

Rogerio_Br says:

Monitor LG MODEL?

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