The Best Standing Desk You Can Buy! (2017)

▶ Fully Website (Filled with Standing Desks)

▶ Jarvis Standing Desk (W/out Accessories):

▶ Power Grommet

▶ Fully CPU Holder


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wowmagic wowmagic says:

Christ sake!! thats not a/the CPU!!

Mary Varn says:

Hi! Did you have to hack the Fully CPU Holder so it fits your case? I noticed your case is listed as 11″ wide, but their holder only accommodates up to 9″ wide. I’m asking because I’m considering getting this desk and the Fully CPU Holder too, but my Fractal Design Define R5 case is just over 9″ wide and their official answer is that their holder really doesn’t fit anything wider than 9″.

Impervious says:

0:27 How does it make it easier for typing or moving the mouse? Shouldn’t your arms be at 90 degree angles, in line with the surface, and therefore any kind of lip shouldn’t be relevant as you won’t be touching it?

i0n kol says:


Бесей Нургалиев says:

“Medium density fiberwood which is basically wood fiber…” thanks xD

Gavin Pinto says:

You should do a “What’s on my Android” video, its been a while!!! @howtomen

Vivek Sahu says:

i love the autonomus Desk for the system but my focus was more on the gaming cpu and keyboard……… i think ur true gamer……hi its LT. VIKAS from the Coc

Beep Beep I'm an Sheep says:

What happened to ur new video?!?

manuel belloso dorado says:


Bessie Kaine says:

Very good review. Now I’m considering this brand over others I was so ready to purchase from. Thank you!

Mikayel B. says:

Nice setup man! 😉
BTW; can you please give me a link to where you bought your android statue (the one on your table)(I looked up on the internet but I couldn’t find the original green one)

Daniel Tischler says:

Nice setup I’m impressed!
How do you do that with the moving desktop background? What program is it?

rain wav says:

I thought this vid was coming out next year

Arham Jain says:

are you planning on doing a setup video. if not you should. great vid btw

manuel belloso dorado says:

good it’s vert ship

Abdulla Haris says:

Great video!!

Steve Arellano says:

Bro your still doing YouTube?!? Damn bro good job remember me? Steve from middle school man. Good luck with YouTube bro

James Wilson says:

just researched for days but ended up still buying the largest jarvis. omega steadytype looks awesome but didn’t want to sacrifice desk space with grommets or even a curved front. geekdesk looked cool but didnt have the memory presets and I guess the crossbar isnt really necessary

0711zeke says:

what’s your keyboard and mouse

Peter Tran says:

Have you looked into the autonomous desks? The are going for a lot cheaper – $299. I just wanted to know how they compare.

F ab says:

whats the point of having your computer go up with the desk? Mechanically speaking, it seems like a bad idea to have your tower moving more than it needs to.

Z-RAX 55 says:

this is lovely table very smooth and really classic table but how much this table could be?

cid2580 says:


Jaswanth Raidu says:

how can I get this if i’m living in Australia 🙁

Jerome Leung says:

Love your videos Facundo. This desk is lit. Is there a referral link to give you credit for bringing this desk to my attention? Thinking of getting it when I move.

The Hunting Party says:

i like your wallpaper can u send me a photo or link?

Abdulla Haris says:

Great video!!

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