The BEST Standing Desk on the Market – “Geek Desk” Review

OH YEAH! So here’s my Geek Desk Review… I tried out about five other brands of Standing Desks and without a doubt, Geek Desk came out the top by a long shot. Pound for pound, this desk is a beast and gets my stamp of approval.

Go check them out at … tell ’em I sent ya!

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Brian Van Peski says:

Did you check out UpDesk? The seemed to be the closest competitor when I was researching standing desks.

Logan5nx says:

What width of desk did you get? 

VanAwesome says:

Scratch that, the Jack Slobber solution is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. That should really be a stand alone video. Trust me. Millions of views.

lonnie says:

de scrolls, de scrolls. de buttons, de buttons, de scrolls so smooth like de butter on de muffins.

VanAwesome says:

That framed photo of you and Jack is the greatest thing of all time.

ClarkReviews says:

remember when strong bad played that duck simulator? it was like he was really there.

michael john says:

i just started using a standing “tall entertainment center that made a person standing desk and i have found it life changing.. better posture. less back pain, and one thing i noticed was when your busy on your computer standing, you often forget your even standing. its weird but scary… sitting kills you! 

catahstrophic says:

Homestar runner ftw

017ShyGuy says:

This is great but where the hell is Duncan?

paperstarjar says:

does it adjust with a lift like this one??

pokernubz says:

Have you tried/heard of nextdesk terra. For me, its between one of these two, I live in Vancouver, and am currently saving up for one. I too have lower back pains and am 29, i’ve been working at a computer full time for too many years, and I want to transition to a adjustable desk.

Travis max says:

Sweet Strongbad shirt!!

pokernubz says:

You got the max version right?
I’m looking into buying the v3. Shipping to Canada is an extra 120 $ 🙁

Day Martin says:

Have you checked out the Stand Steady It is very sturdy and only costs around $150.

Anonymous Hippo says:

Does this desk wobble at all? I would have it at set at 40-41 inches tall for my height.


Johan Gutierrez says:

If you are experiencing leg-feet pain from standing for long hours using a standing desk, I would check this out. It’s supposed to take up to 30% weight off your legs:

Adfix Ro says:

what’s that laptop stand the Macbook is sitting on?

Chris L says:

Have you guys seen this sit-stand desk? It’s actually portable and can even fit into your laptop case! Wow really cool

TJ4kicks says:

I just went back to homestarrunner(dot)com for the first time for what seemed like forever. What’s your favorite episode of Strong Bad Email?

7hird3ye says:

We have these kind of desks at work. When i come home to play games i feel like I’m cheating on my beautiful work fling when I come home to my old peice of crap from the 60s desk at home. SO yeah i completely understand your excitement Dan. Cheers for continuing the quality vids and as always…SHAKESPEARED!

Shining Through says:

rock and roll desk

mikefalzone says:


Cesar Ramirez says:

I got back problems too. Great video Ace! Love the dog too. He sold me on the desk. Twisted my arm he did.

Paul Wasneski says:

Now you need to add a treadmill. Walking at a desk is easier than standing.

NormanVsNorman says:

This is great! I heard about this for the first time by the guys from FilmRiot and i thought it was really cool!… Yes, bit expensive but it seems worth it. Great video, great review! Keep on!

Leftyloveshuskies says:

I never thought I would hear a man saying that you should read the directions before building 🙂

JoshRimer says:

So what do you do for work at that awesome desk?

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