The Best Gaming Desk – Workfit-D Sit-Stand Desk Unboxing + Review

Hey guys. Today we’re going to take a look at a truly amazing piece of furniture that often goes overlooked when it comes to gaming hardware and performance.

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Johnathan Griffin says:

To get here I youtubed ‘BUDGET’ computer desk rofl.

NutOnTheSucc says:

this bf4 gameplay is so interesting.

The Human Eye says:

Nice cable management.

Drew Dank says:

those wires tho

Alter says:

Desk looks pretty bad and has very low space. The best way probably is to make something like that by your self.

jesus sandals says:

where did you find the armrest attachments?

Brennan Spaulding says:

I got a heart attack when I saw the price

PANDA says:

it look like a school table

Gavin says:

that cable management is fucking horrifying .

Joseph says:

saw this and was like damm i need this its perfect. then i went on amazon….

Kirby Jayme says:

rip cable manangement

Nico Da whale says:

700$!? Hellllllll nooooo

Alec C says:

this is way over priced!
i’v seen an adjustable height desk that was bigger, looked nicer, was electric powered and you could save different height settings for only $500

Charbs says:

First thought, looks ok but a bit small. Lets check the cost.. Oh kay we didn’t compare desks before we purchased did we.

Sport/eSport And Much More says:

Jesus fucking Christ if I can have all items for this table, I can just go to fucking forest and build it my self. fucking 700 eu for table ???????? are you fucking totally retarded ?????

Colderest says:

that desk is way to small and has not enough serface area the only thing that is remotely good about it is that its height adjustable everything else sucks

Curious Chicken says:

Noobs use screwdrivers, pros use a power drill

Silas Mullan says:

how much does it cost?

Robbie Maryain says:

Love it? What is the lighting? Is it a Lumiy

daniel says:

fucking 800 for that bullshit desk hahaha

udaysaleen says:

BUYING THE LIFT DESK INCREASED my kd by 1.78 because i was standing

TOX11K X WASTE says:

WTF I DONT HAVE 800$ DOLLARS WHI DO YOU THINK IM AMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SstealthH says:

so…. its a non motorized up-desk that costs 750? cool?

hjhokke says:

1:50 Are you a hardcore gamer if you spend 4 hours a day infront of a computer? Lol hahaha

JustAnotherUsername says:

“Hardcore gamer like me that spends 4 hours or more a day”

Kristian says:

its not beneficial to stand and play
sure its better for you health, but it makes you worse when playing

Monte says:

God that cable management…… It makes me cringe

BDO The Orphan says:

No way! going to lowe’s haha! il go make one for 10% of that price. give me $70 and il make it better 2.

Hofy says:

Not a desk, it is a table.

Muhammad Zafar says:

please please show a desk which is best for unboxing videos for youtubers

nick v says:

lmao at all the people who can’t afford it

Zipz says:

That cable management tho

ThePuttrik00 says:

All i need to buy this is a small loan on 1 million dollars

Gamer Guy says:

get a tredmill desk its only about 1k

Kekistani Militia says:

*turns fedora sideways and washes down a fistful of Doritos with a chug of Mountain Dew straight from the 2-liter Places Dew bottle next to piss bottle and wonders, What kind of fagget would stand up whilst gaming?

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